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Uncanny Valley – Demo horror game – jack incongruente

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Cowardly team Creations has free demo of their game called Uncanny Valley, this can now go through his dark laboratory full of weird stuff, weird mannequins and metal structures, hide behind servers and escaping horrible things.


In the video game Uncanny Valle be the watcher Tom, responsible for the security of some laboratories which are located at a remote site, Tom makes his rounds normal watch, but gradually anger exploring parts of the building should not start experiencing horrible nightmares where shadows chase him, which will take even psychological terror and wonder if all that is happening is real or not.


Uncanny Valley is an excellent adventure inspired by games like Eternal Darkness, Alone in the Dark, Forbidden Siren and a hint of silent hill. It has a very curious which to die in the game system does not make you repeat the mission, it takes you to another stage leaving you to wonder what would have happened if he had not died? That you hooked to pay more attention to the game and avoid dying to go further, revealing more secrets, more clues, because if you die you may not know everything that hides the game.


The music, darkness, light effects and generally the whole atmosphere of Uncanny Valley do great, is a clear example of a good indie game. Try the demo that developers have made available and live this great experience. It is available for Pc and by the time you buy the pre-game that costs $ 8.99Dlls even give no official launch date.

Demo Uncanny Valley

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