Tutorial Tor Bundle on Windows, Linux and Mac 2014

Tor bundle windows 2014

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This small Tutorial Tor Bundle download tor bundle as indicated, measures must take the time to browse the tor network and disable elements to not compromise our anonymity.

What’s sector and to work?

The Onion Router Tor is best known as a network is divided into several layers which are encrypted to keep your data safe, so browsing the network will anonymously. Tor is a free software that everyone can install on your computer and gives you anonymity and privacy on the net, when browsing with Tor are directed to a worldwide network of thousands of servers which pass information, which makes it very difficult to discover who is browsing or connected to the Tor network.


Download and configure Tor Bundle for windows

For download should go to the website of the Tor project and show us different operating systems areWindows, Apple, Linux and Android. Here we select the Windows.

Download Tor bundle

The logo of an onion when it is downloaded, displayed, we double click on it to unzip the tor browser. We must choose the language and the place where we want to decompress the files.

2014 Tor Browser

After a folder where the program files will be created, performed twice on the icon that says Start Tor Browser to start the program.

Tor Browser folder

Then we show a configuration window, in this select the first option “Connect”.

tor settings nerwork

Now connect to the Tor network began this may take 2 to 3 minutes, so have a little patience.

Connecting to the Tor network

When connection we will get the firefox browser to confirm us that the connection is correct and functioning.

tor firefox

When browsing must ensure not to allow the scripts, so the S mark not permitted “to forbid NoScript scripts globally”.

Tor scripts

You can do a test to see that motor is running and you see that IP is assigned at the time.

Test Tor Network SettingsTor IP test

If you need it you can get a new ip making a click on the logo of the onion and a click more on new identity.

Tor new identity

Disable javascript in Tor bundle

Something we need to take into account is disable javascript because it could jeopardize our anonymity network. to write it in the address bar: about: config we

It goes a little warning, but we click “I’ll be carefull, I promise!”

Tor javascript

Now put the search bar: “javascript.enable” and showed us two options, the first of which is java script and as you can see is enabled, to disable double click javascript.enable perform

Tor enable javascript

By doing this because javascript is deactivated and will be shown as false in Value “False”.

Tor javascript false

Now we can be more assured that our anonymity will be safer, but remember that only by using Tor does not mean that we will already be undetectable, so that everything works well you should give up several things, which are as follows.

Precautions when using Tor Bundle

. 1 – You have to be careful not to go when clicking on links you do not know where you are sending, because once out of the environment that ensures your engine, you could be exposed to disclose or ip real.

2 -. Disable JavaScript, it is important not to give your location data.

. 3 – not allow flash, ActiveX, Java or any other plugin and especially not in the firefox install Tor gives you already configured, otherwise your anonymity would not be safe on the Internet.

4.-One of the most important, do not download anything or document or otherwise applications would be useless to use Tor.

Install Tor Bundle Mac / Apple OS X

To install on Mac, is very similar to windows, simply go to the page Tor Project Mac and download the file.

Tor Bundle MAC

Unzip and click on the file that says Start Tor Browser. You see it is the same as in windows.

tor mac os x

And ready we must follow the same directions as in windows, disable javascript not install plugins and especially not downloading.

Tor in Apple MAC

Tor Bundle Install on Ubuntu / Linux

To install Tor in ubuntu just follow this series of commands:

. 1 – Here we would be adding the repository tor.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: upubuntu-com/tor64

. 2 – Now updated a
sudo apt-get update

3.-And finally with this install Tor Bundle
sudo apt-get install tor-browser

Tor bundle linux ubuntu

With this we easily installing Tor Bundle.

Install Tor / Orbot proxy in Android

It’s just like installing any other application on your phone just go to the PlayStore, download and install the application. But if you need the link below you will find the application and a video installation.

android-activated TOR


[appbox googleplay org.torproject.android]

It might interest you to know how to install easily and quickly the operating system called TAILS in a usb.Tails is a Debian-based operating system that provides a lot of security and anonymity alt, in fact it is the same as Edward Snowden used.

Click here to learn how to install a usb Tails

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