Top 10 best free android games-April 2014

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Note: The list does not matter, all are very good!

Block Legend

Block Legend Launch

Block Legend is a pixel-art puzzle game based on the company Dot Warrior Games. The creators of the game wanted to remember the mechanics of Puzzle Quest (Infinite Interactive, 2007)

And using skills during combat with pixelated graphics clásicoal style Dragon Quest “-Enix SquareEnix” and 8 bist music is great.

Summon Masters


This action RPG Bicore is a mixture of action and RPG battles RTS. Build your battalion with several units that can be upgraded, each unit has different abilities and powers.

There are over 150 units in total, a battalion may have a total of 7 units, and an aide to rival battles. It has lots of action online game where you can work with partnerships to defeat bosses summoned. You can even work with all users to beat the hardest bosses of each world. The characters have an anime style, beautifully designed and best of all, it’s FREE! So go to Google Play to play.

Extreme Bike Trip

Extreme Bike Trip

Always racing on bikes are a fun and madness that this extreme paa Bike Trip, a fun motorcycle game where you can customize your rider, choose your favorite from a collection of scooters, motocross, motorcycle and bicycle cruises. You can customize your vehicle with paint jobs, use power-ups to get top scores and all this we add the new “multiplayer” mode to compete against friends. Y is free on Google Play .

FIFA 14 Android 2014

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS android

One of the best games of futball, Matches of the Week and penalty shots. For a small fee, fans can upgrade their game and three game modes add more: Manager, Tournament and Quick Game.

Face off against real opponents worldwide in online seasons. Reach the top flight with your squad and earn coins, papers and envelopes. ‘s free, download google play .

Shadow Blade


Do you like ninja games? the first games Speedrun exquisite platforms are highlighting in this section, “Shadow Blade a nimble ninja see” jumping through levels of compact design, this game is very good.

But not everything is there, there is also a generous pinch of violence, so if you are someone like slicing things, agility and fighting, this is for you. Download from Google Play .

Mikey Shorts

Mikey Shorts

A fun platforms game Speedrun: Run, jump, and avoid picking at Mikey Shorts, here the speed and quickness is paramount.

Mikey Shorts is an attractive game, and incredibly addictive. has a simple control, but do not trust that is not easy. Take a look at Google Play .

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Delve into the adventure swapping and matching candy through more than 400 levels in this delicious and addictive puzzle adventure. What little is not the most delicious game there? Free Download on Google Play .

Minion Rush

Minion Rush

Play as Minion and compete with your friends in this social game with fast and hilarious to impress your boss challenges, ¿ex? supervillain Gru. Jump, fly, dodge obstacles, meets Bananas, be naughty and defeats the villains to win the title Minion of the Year .. All the sweetness and humor in a single game. free download from Google Play .

Max Axe: Quest For Loot

Max Axe Quest For Loot

Max Axe puts you in the shoes of a Viking wielding the ax, who dares to enter the forest for the most sought treasure any Viking could want.

With his trusty ax, must plunge into the forest for fortune and glory, but it will not be easy, lots of things will stand in his way. Giant bubbles limo, crows murderers, dragons and explosive giant mushrooms are just some of the things you will find. Run through the forest as long as possible, while pulling your hachacontra enemies. Multiplicadoresde find combos, gold and precious stones … and of course loot. The game is free, and comes with some sweet chiptune music. Download on Google Play .

Robo Rocket

Robo Rocket

Imagine that someone built the classic Lunar Lander game atari using the LittleBigPlanet level editor, for this mixture gives this game as the affects.

At each level, a guided rocket-powered robot to the exit of each level. By touching the screen, unlimited impulse starts. Tilt the phone left and right you direct your course. It is a very intuitive way to get into these engaging environments, where momentum and gravity make fun. Google Play

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