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Matrix 1999 film directed by the Wachowski “Larry and Andy” brothers born and educated in the city of Chicago, after seeing finished high school decided to leave school and start earning a living as a carpenter, while his free time engaged in what most fascinated them, create comics.

Wachowski-brothers-before-wool jackincongruente

After several minor works was presented a unique opportunity to work alongside Clive Barker, one of the masters of horror. They were commissioned to write some of the comics ‘Hellreiser’, ‘Nightbree’, ‘The Damned’ and ‘Ectokid’ series.

Clive Barker

Some time later began to get into the world of cinema and scriptwriting in 1995 won their first accreditation in Hollywood to write the screenplay for “Murderers,” a thriller directed by Richard Donner who was starring Antonio Banderas and Sylvester Stallone.


Film was not very successful but several producers were interested in following the footsteps of the Wachowski brothers. So they managed to direct his first film ‘Ties burning’ in 1996. A virtually unknown film but over the years has been considered a cult film and its style is inspired by the black film.


Three years later they achieved international success thanks to “The Matrix” (1999), a sci-fi-influenced cyberpunk, Japanese action movies, anime, video games, comics and references to many movies .


And in an era where having a cell was only for people with money, computers GUI mostly existed only in school computer labs and internet came over the very IP that World Wide Web or Network World amplitude we now know.


In Matrix we have as main character Thomas Anderson employee of a computer company respected software developer.


But in his spare time is dedicated to earn some extra money by selling highly rated software hackers, known in the network as a hacker named Neo.


But for much of his life he has had a strange feeling that something in your reality is not correct, I even something more.


As Neo spends hours researching and risks giving information that allows you to contact the legendary Morpheus, a hacker wanted by the police and government agencies worldwide.


Finding Neo pays off and is contacted by Trinity a character from the world of hackers under the command of Morpheus, who offers you a choice to know the truth about what he has so troubled.


But knowing the truth is not as simple as it seems, because suddenly knows one odd government agent named Smith when captured, showing him that his suspicions are true.


Neo finish waking up to a totally different reality his wildest nightmares, being in a world devastated by men, where machines have taken over and humanity is nothing more than a simple source of energy for them.


People are no longer born, they are artificially cultured and used as batteries to the world of machines to survive.



In this world so wonderful and scary at the same time we jutted the matrix, where you could load a program or Kung fu jujitsu install it on your brain and become an expert in the subject matter of minutes.


But put us think What you perceive with the five senses is the only reality? Is it better to ignore the truth that “wake up” and realize that what we thought might not be true? Do we have a different survival purpose in the material world? What is mind? What is freedom? And you really are?



In the movie Matrix, nothing is by chance and in the first example we have the names, NEO protagonist, who comes from neos, NEW Greek and yet is an anagram of the word “ONE” one in English.


And his name in the real world, Mr. Anderson, Anders comes from the Greek man and is son of man. We see for the first time in her apartment # 101, referring to “the one” the “only”.


-George Orwell-1984-7634-F-MCO5250088544_102013

Which by the way also the room number refers to the novel by George Orwell entitled 1984. In room 101 which is a place of torture, where suspects are subjected to that which causes them more terror. Not to get away from the big brother.

Trinity means Trinidad and first appears in room 303, the same number of the room in which “rises” to Neo from the ship.


Is a direct representation of Mary Magdalene, this represents the union through love between the son of man and mankind. In numerology, 33 is a master number, under which usually born very advanced people.

Morpheus is the god of dreams in Greek mythology. A premise of the film is the relative difference between the real world and the world of dreams. Represents a father figure to Neo, responsible for helping to “wake up”.


The Oracle, alludes to the famous oracle of Delphi, was a sanctuary where ancient Greeks came to know its future. At the entrance, like in the movie, the phrase read: “Know thyself.”


Smith is a very common name in English, which hints that it may represent any or all at once. And so we see in the film, Agent Smith found in any part of the matrix, Smith is a program, but then it looks like a kind of virus that ends up infecting the entire matrix, in other films.


Other names with biblical references, as Nebuchadnezzar (King of Babylon) is the ship where all the crew and Zion (the promised land) are also used.


Cypher: It means zero or worthless matter. Is the story of Judas, because he betrayed Morpheus and Neo.


All that said, back to the beginning, where Neo wakes up and tells you to follow the white rabbit, seconds after knocking at your door and we can see a group of people who are on their custom software pirate.


Neo opens a fake book with the cover of Simulation and Simulation which has some records. That book actually exists and is the author: Jean Baudrillard.



In it, is awake and lucid French philosopher, describes the simulation as the creation of the Real through conceptual models or mythological that have no connection or origin in reality.

vlcsnap-2013-12-06-16h30m19s146LA Police Shootings

But a serious curiosity, what kind of software worth $ 2000? Well actually in the movie is not discussed because it has no importance in the plot, but it was a program developed by neo hacks database of police to clear traffic tickets.


Now the couple who knocks, Choi and Dujour is in french “Choi du’jour” means the choice.


Choice that Neo has to choose that day realizing that your door is actually the white rabbit.

Walt Disney Screencaps-Alice-walt-disney-characters-23448910-2560-1536

White Rabbit refers to Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll, where Alice the white rabbit looking out of that fantasy world. Also say that the author Lewis Carroll has a dark past and curious someday try in another post.


By going to the disco Neo meets Trinity hacker which is known to have hacked into the database of the IRS. At that time he asks the question “What is the Matrix?”


whatisthematrix-com www-was the first official movie page. That today you can find it, not from the official address but from other Mirrows.


The cell that reaches neo Mail, Nokia 8110 is a slider casing, this detail only took him a few limited editions in Europe and Australia (where the movie was filmed).


Jean Baudrillard

When Morpheus shows Neo the Matrix teaches you a scenario about how the real world and says the phrase “Welcome to the desert of the Real.” It’s a quote from the book “Simulacra and Simulation” by Jean Baudrillard, the same as used to hide their Minidisc Neo.


To the scene of the woman in red took days because there is a small detail. All listed on it (unless the players) have two, for which they had to make castings looking for partners of people who are physically or twins seem to be possible.


Before the start of The Matrix, the main actors spent four months in a rigorous training with martial arts experts, was not easy since most have never practiced anything related, they even see a couple of injuries in practices as in the stunts.


The Matrix movie was about to come off as a low budget film, I would not give much support, it was logical since in Warner Bros he was known to the project as “the script that no one understands” When producers are got the money for the movie, which was very little, the Wachowski brothers risked a great ploy: spend all the money in the film in one scene was when Trinity propinando that legendary kick time-bullet we see the beginning film.

the matrix (262) Animated Gif on Giphy

Something that had never been seen in that way in the movies. Seeing this executives changed their minds, but it was not enough to convince the producer Joel Silver to loosen the money.

In order to make him understand what was expected of the film, the Wachowski invited him to see Ghost In The Shell, the classic cyberpunk anime where we can see that several things to create based film and entry to the top we see the rain digital which is based on the anime Ghost in the Shell and several key scenes from the movie.


The casting of Matrix did not have many complications, except in two cases. The first, Morpheus: Laurence Fishburne before had been done in the role was offered to Sean Connery who said (“I do not understand the script”)


If NEO was more complicated, including the candidates included Val Kilmer, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage.

neo paper

Also among other actors who refused to participate in Matrix, was Jean Reno, first candidate to embody the Agent Smith, who preferred to go with Roland Emmerich to hunt alligators in the movie Godzilla.


The second was Will Smith. Already a star thanks to Men In Black, Independence Day and Public Enemy, the actor turned down the role of Neo and better accept for Wild Wild West.


After seeing his mistake, and no good could be given the role of NEO in the following films, but found his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, keeping the family flag high. Too bad the sequels were not as good.

Jada Pinkett-Smith-as-Niobe-1600-1200


As we know matrix is ​​a Remix of many films, but hey, you can not deny it was a great movie that became fashionable effect bullet, after countless movies use, even in video games, as the game Max Payne on the which uses much this resource.


For the scene where Neo dodges bullets, was performed in a separate study with many cameras spiral to capture many angles and then computer had to clean up the image and put it on the stage of the building where NEO fight, there we can see a editing error in neo shadow appears and disappears in the next shot.


There are many nods to other films such as rooftop scene where the police chase and agents Trinity is very similar to a scene from the movie vertigo alfred hitchcock and some scenarios and ideas of the film Dark City were also used (director Alex Proyas) as roofs and buildings, takes, symbolism, color palette and even scenarios.



Stopping bullets against Neo recalls us to the final fight in the movie Dark City when the protagonist stops a knife with his mental power.


The scene where Neo meets the gifted children in the department of Oracle, is identical to the final sequence of the animated film Akira 1988. Even black clothes officers of this picture we can see on matrix, which also refer to John F. agents Kennedy.


Gloria Foster (Oracle) died before filming ended Wachowski Matrix Reloaded. But had already left lists all of his scenes. That’s why we could see even the second film in a very interesting paper.


Before his appearance in The Matrix, the technique of ‘buIlet time’ had been used. The first to do so was the Frenchman Michel Gondry, who applied the sequence of cameras in a commercial.


The software company which is called Neo works “MetaCortex” (sometimes also called MetaCortech), which can be translated as “Transcending the barriers of the brain.


In addition to command Nebuchadnezzar II, Laurence Fishburne was captain of a ship in Event Horizon, science fiction movie director Paul Anderson.

even horizon

In the embodiment of the Animatrix artists as part of Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop), Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninfa Scroll), Koji Morimoto (City Hunter), Mahiro Maeda (Gate Keepers) and Andy Jones (Final Fantasy).

Shinichiro WatanabeNinja_Scroll_ProjectiBMSGz8WuJwEd47761-gatekeepersjones_thumb

Neo using guns in the lobby of the building where Morpheus is kidnapped, Skorpion are VZ61s model.


All references made on streets and corners on the tapes belong to real places in Chicago, residence of the Wachowski.


While Neo waits for the Oracle, can be seen in the 1972 television film Night of the Lepus, in which we see a giant rabbits.


When Neo is in the elevator to visit the Oracle, the wall can be read KYM acronym referring to the costume designer Kym Barrett.


The date on the tracking program that appears at the beginning of The Matrix says 2/18/98, which appears at the end is 9/18/99, so the story takes place in 19 months.


The Matrix is ​​based, among other sources, in Plato’s Cave, where it is mentioned that ordinary appearances do not reflect reality and know the truth alters the life of the individual.

cavern carmencita

Besides the role of Neo as the figure of Jesus Christ, Morpheus takes John Baptist (who expected the second coming of the Messiah), and Cypher, the Judas Iscariot, who betrays Neo and his disciples.


The term Matrix as an information network first appears in the book Neuromancer by William Gibson in 1984.


Matrix, Morpheus, Trinity, Neo, 101 and 303 are all old models of synthesizers.


On the first page of records Neo Agent Smith laying on the table we see that was born on March 11, 1962, and the names of his parents were John Anderson and Michelle McGaney (which is also one of the directors of art of the film).


After absorbing Neo Jujitsu program, Tank says “Hey, Mikey, I think I like it.” (Hey, Mikey, I think that you like) sentence of a cereal commercial “Life”


Among the Neo learns martial arts is “Drunken Boxing” (Drunken Boxing) nod to the films of Jackie Chan “Drunken Master”, of which the Wachowski fans are a large number of martial arts movies. The martial arts choreographer of those films is the same then would the Matrix: Yuen Woo-Ping


Neo is challenging touches the nose with his thumb. Characteristic gesture of Bruce Lee.


When Neo Cypher surprises, this was communicating with agents, why rush to change the image on a monitor.


And finally at the end of the titles give us a clue (steak) to unlock extra content on the official website of the Matrix.



As I have already mentioned the concept taking Matrix, was nothing new, but had the idea to put it all together, knead and so many movies, series and books had raised Such as:


The movie Tron (1982), Reboot (1994), Automan (1984), Ghots in the Shell (1995), Nirvana (1997), Dark City (1998) Level 13 (1999) game ender (1985) and a many more …


In 2002, Ashley Lynn was found not guilty for reasons of mental health after murdering his home in Ohio.A year later, Joshua Cooke, who had killed his parents, received a similar verdict. What is the link between the two cases? For the respective defense attorneys I used the “Matrix Defense”, a legal ploy by which the defendant committed his crimes after seeing the film repeatedly, convinced inhabit an electronic simulation. The most famous trial in which it has used this reasoning is Lee Boyd Malvo, the younger age mate of John Allen Muhammad (nicknamed the ‘Beltway Sniper’, responsible for 10 murders). Malvo was sentenced to life in prison, said he saw the film “over 100 times”


In the original story of the Wachowski brothers, the machines did not capture humans for use as an energy source, but to use their brains as processors. But felt that was too much for the public who barely knew computers and would not understand, so they changed the script.


But good now let the world of conspiracy, there’s a key image in the movie and is where the passport NEO shown, was born on September 13, 1970, it makes a September 12, 1991 do they sound good? If so, day after George Bush announced the New World Order.


But there is more, this expires on September 11, 2001, to remind us, that day was the attack of 11-S where hijacked 4 airliners and two of them went for the twin towers, which by the way no one believes the official version of what happened, but that is another matter sand.


In the scene where NEO panics that has sealed mouth, you can see a NEO in the corner, but in the next shot you can see the reflection in the lens of Agent Smith to Neo sitting in the chair and is those shots were made separately and was an editing mistake.


When they open the door where the Oracle, the knob is in the reflection of the camera tried to hide with a leather trench coat, but still very noticeable.


In the scene where Neo goes out the window of the building and you drop the phone you can see many people on the road, in the next shot people disappear like magic.


When rescue Morpheus is visible safety wire, but when Agent Smith fight, you can see that breaks a brick wall and another wall making this again as usual.


NEO How this with the oracle, we can see that takes four cookies, but another take when given a cookie to NEO, now we can see 6 cookies.


In the scene where Neo dodges bullets can be seen pulling their weapons on the floor, in the next shot there is nothing on the ground and in the next scene the other weapons that appear and as we said is that this scene was shot separately in a studio full of chroma key.


In the scene where the helicopter crash with the building, you can see all the shock wave that causes a huge explosion and lots of smoke and the windows are broken. But in the next shot the windows have no damage and smoke and barely noticeable.


At Oracle, we can see some glasses and a pitcher of orange color, and in the next scene orange pitcher now in a different place.


Des matrix because of the brothers were producing another great movie in my opinion called “V for Vendetta” (2006), a dystopian sci-fi about totalitarianism directed by James McTeigue who adapted a graphic novel by Alan Moore.


Directors went on “Speed ​​Racer” (2008), an action film with traces of motorized game that was based on an anime of the 60s. Best known as a meteor.


Producers also murderer in a 2009 Ninja martial arts story starring Rain.
And Cloud Atlas were in 2012 and are like directors that was released in July 2014.

Ninja AssassinCloud-Atlas1

Well there are a number of little things that have happened to Larry, who now became Lana.


other controversial cases the daughter of laurence fishburne Morpheus bone and daughter say Montana is star in another film class, there’s nothing left.




the matrix (262) Animated Gif on Giphy

Well hopefully this little post you liked and remembered the movie, although it’s been many years is still as good and interesting.

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