The Exorcist 1973 Curiosities and Recording Errors

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One such standard works whose fame refuses to die, The Exorcist (1973) is still considered, to more than forty years after its premiere, as one of the greatest films that horror movies have given us.

The Exorcist Book

The film is based on the book The Exorcist author William Peter Blatty. The writer was commissioned to adapt his work to the script, a job well done as he did deserve an Oscar in 1973.


A film in which evil, represented by the devil himself, is present in every frame, every grisly detail (images desecrated the church, the blind eye of a metal worker in India, the finding of a relic Satan in the desert) and the like in all the great films of the genre, is inserted into a scene of complete normality makes the matter even more frightening.



An innocent and sweet child gradually becomes a demonic entity through the possession of a spirit that claims to be the devil himself.

Director William Friedkin

The Exorcist 1973 directed by William Friedkin and the U.S. based on the novel by William Peter Blatty was definitely one of the films that was one of the strongest and most criticized in those years themes.

Real Exorcist

The film tells the story of a real exorcism occurred in 1949, but moved to the present and mixing, with great success and effectiveness, terror and religious beliefs.

Therefore there were many issues to be addressed and the running time grew to about 2 years to complete and be ready for release.


Not without going through a review by Warner bros executives was the only company that dared to finance the film, but after seeing executives were not quite sure distribute in commercial cinemas.

exorcist movie 1973

When “The Exorcist” was released, the social impact was unprecedented: some viewers, after watching the film, heading straight to the nearest church to pray, others less fortunate failed to stay the course and they left physically and psychologically affected.


The reactions of the people in the film were so diverse, people with nervous breakdowns, tears, you desmalladas, people puking, maybe it was not ideal to accompany many movie popcorn and soda.


There were even people in mind so soft that at the end of the premiere of the film thought they were possessed by an alien being.


And from the most conservative positions of the U.S. government began a campaign against the film, see where they believed “a power of evil.”

Paul the Sixth

On one hand it comprises the year was 1973 and the Pope who was sixth at the time Paul started to say that evil was brewing in the Vatican itself. People were still innocent for this kind of movie based on real events, real people and a real city.



The site of the archaeological dig that we can see the beginning of the film is actually the ancient Nineveh in Hatra located in Iraq.


The statue of “Pazuzu” representing the devil then has the girl was mistakenly sent to Hong Kong and not Iraq that is where it was recorded, which forced him to delay filming a couple of days.


And interestingly that statue goes in another movie called “Wishmaster” (1997) which represents one of the Seven Evil Demons, is usually shown with the palm of the right hand up, left and down. This hand position symbolizes life and death, or the creation and destruction.


Despite being Pazuzu in principle an evil being, was not altogether hostile to man, for his picture you used in amulet taking it to the neck to ward off his consort and enemy Lamashtu, a female demon that fed newborns and their mothers .


Students at Georgetown University overcharged them $ 5 to each of the curious, so they could see from the roofs of the movie recording.


The Prospect Avenue apartment where the story takes place, was once inhabited by the author of the novel, William Peter Blatty, as it was used as a student residence when he was at Georgetown University.

The owner (whose identity is unknown) called more than two million dollars for the property. This mansion is always surrounded by a small group of tourists taking pictures


and of course the legendary and near steep staircase that borders the property of the house which is also visited by many tourists.

Exorcist Prospect Street Northwest.

The house has no curse, is completely habitable only an allegation of assault occurred at home in 1990, performed by a student who woke up with a guy recording his room. But then we must remember that Washington is the city with the highest crime rate in the United States. Otherwise it remains a normal house.


The Greek song playing on the radio when Father Karras leaves the home of his mother, is called “Paramythaki mou” sung by Yiannis Kalantzis.


Years later, the writer of the letter, Leyteris Papadopoulos, when he met with economic difficulties, asked some compensation for the rights of the song.


In some scenes you can see a black and white demonic face that comes and goes very quickly (in the uncut version of it subliminal images included).

Eileen Dietz

Face that belongs to actress Eileen Dietz (also made twice Linda Blair) who I needed 4 hours of makeup for characterization.

Onibaba 4

For face William Friedkin was inspired by the demon mask used in the film “Onibaba” Kaneto Shindo from.

A version of the film for television, in which the obscene scene of the statue of the Virgin Mary painted by a close up of the face of the broken statue is replaced and painted.


The nurse enters the office of Dr. Taney, after doing arteriography is the actual mother of Linda Blair.



For the scene where Regan is shaken violently for three separate three movements of the same beds were constructed separately.


The contortionist Linda Hager was hired to perform the scene Regan down the stairs like a spider. William Friedkin deleted the scene in the original version, because I thought it happened too soon. Almost 30 years later, Friedkin decided to add in the special edition.


Hager made the scene on April 11, 1973 using a harness attached to the ceiling by wires and barely touching the steps with his hands and feet.

That same scene 3 different versions of the final were filmed.
1) The we all know that is Regan ending with blood pouring from his mouth.

2nd) more faithful to the novel, Regan moves his tongue like a snake and pursues Chris and Sharon.

3rd) which is the same language as Regan has just snake bites in this scene Sharon leg


And years later that spider scene was copied in a Call Ruby film starring Piper Laurie.

Ruby (1977)


And after came movies that copied the exorcist just very low budget, the film as Abby and Seytan seemed parodies rather than anything else, but hey made the attempt.

Abby Movie

seytan movie

Mercedes McCambridge, who voiced the demon. He had a very unique voice They promised that his name appear in the credits of the film, but, before the premiere, decided to delete it. I had to sue Warner for his name appearing in the credits winding, also Friedkin refused to work with her.


For masturbation scene with the crucifix and the subsequent assault on the mother of Linda Blair double was used to film it, except at the beginning of it, when you see a close up of the actress. The mother of little cute Blair not allowed to perform that scene.


Actress Ellen Burstyn suffered a permanent spinal injury during filming. It was in the scene where her daughter possessed the spear away from the ground, the harness that was attached, after several attempts, gave him a stronger pull than anticipated, and fell violently. He let out a loud cry of pain that was filmed and then employed by Friedkin film. So the cry of pain was Real.

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Gonzalo Gaviria A Mexican audio technician who performed many of the sound effects in this film, because that part in the movie The Mole doing sound effects, drawing the attention of Hollywood

Gonzalo Gaviria

In 1973, director William Friedkin called him to join the team sonoristas film. For example, when the girl turns her head over her shoulders the thunder makes her neck with a comb. And also mention that the film won an Oscar for best sound.

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-12h00m02s130 vlcsnap-2013-10-30-12h00m27s136

For the scene where Regan turns her head, latex doll life size which was controlled by remote control was made.


The set of Regan’s room was cooled with four air conditioners that allowed reducing the temperature to about 40 degrees below zero. End was so cold that the breath of the technical team arrived solidify time to time the team had to clean the set as snow moisture forming on the ceiling. This system is built to capture the authentic whiff of breath in those years because there was the technology to do a computer.


The green vomit expelling Regan, was in truth pea soup brand Anderson. The effect did not go as planned technical team, as the actress Linda Blair, hated vegetables and shook his head up which caused disgust that this was to give the actor’s face, which did not specify the script.


In the audio lab scene, you can see a white sign with red letters written on the wall above the glass that says: “Tasukete”, the word means “Help me” in Japanese.


The famous scene from the arrival of Father Merrin’s house and stopped under a streetlight, was filmed on the first day of shooting and is also inspired by the Empire of Light by Rene Magritte painting painted in 1954.


Some of the scary scenes, the hum of bees as background sound was used to create a tense atmosphere.


The scene in which a father karras falls down the stairs, the specialist had to repeat the scene 2 times also put some mats that are visible in the film.


The original movie poster that the studio created, was a picture of the bloody hand of Regan with crucifix and beneath the phrase: “God help this girl! (God help this girl). Friedkin rejected on the grounds that the word God should not be used in any film poster.


The original trailer, which consisted only of images flashed a demon with white face and black background, was banned in many theaters, felt that it was “too gruesome”


Director William Friedkin during filming, fired shots from behind decorated with blank gun to get the actors to startle; slapped an actor in the face before shooting a take, I put harnesses actresses Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn strong pulls to them when needed in a scene.


When in 2000 he turned to premiere in theaters on Director’s Cut, was invested one million dollars to improve the picture and sound, original film’s budget was 12 million. dollars and has raised total (counting reassembly) worldwide 441 million. dollars.


Lalo Schifrin came to compose a soundtrack that ultimately was not used in this film (the director preferred the classic Tubular Bells Exorcist song we all know)


but years later I use for “The Amityville Horror” (1979) by Stuart Rosenberg, where he got her an Oscar nomination.


He thought the actors Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman and Gene Hackman for the role of Father Karras, before it got Jason Miller.

linda-blair Golden Globe

“The Exorcist” not only meant the release of Linda Blair to stardom, but also a nomination for “Oscar” and the “Golden Globe” for best supporting actress.


As we know Linda Blair after a good audition was chosen for the role of Regan who would later become the devil himself.


Linda was a normal girl and smiling that loves animals, was beginning his career, was advertised on posters and dolls out as supporting characters on TV.


During recording, the consenting much, not everyone would be encouraged to film the movie, which treated her very well. But after the movie ended, people began to recognize in the street as he left people avoided walking near her, she changed sidewalk, but were afraid there were others who even came to spitting and physically assaulting they said it was the devilish girl.


But good people do not understand that it was just an actress. All of that greatly influenced life linda Blair.

born innocent

After I make more films like Born Innocent 1974 The Exorcist 2


longer a big girl and Roller Boogie 1979 is also a parody called Re-possessed strong But no success and was becoming less engaged.

I even went in magazines Bunny 1983. And in a Turkish magazine that would being the same.

As I mentioned the Exorcist was not removed from the pure imagination of a writer or filmmaker. The idea of ​​The Exorcist, was born of a fact, was the case of a 14 year old teenager named Robbie Mannheim. As is known, Robbie was a normal boy living with his family in Mount Rainer, United States. However, strange things began long after the death of one of his aunts in late January 1949. That aunt named Harriet, was a medium who instilled a love for Robbie Ouija sessions to contact the spirits.


After the death of his aunt changed his personality began to show symptoms of all possessions: xenoglossy, lack of respect for Catholic objects, among others. It was in these conditions when Robbie is visited by the Jesuit Father Bowdern, who assisted by other priests, began to practice the ritual of exorcism. It is said that robbie began attacking the priest, insulting and revealing secret details of his life, some of these insults and comments, made even in Latin. Exorcism sessions lasted up to April 16, Good Friday. Bowdern father, managed to save the life of the young.

On the other hand it is said that there is a curse Exorcist because it was the source of many of the misfortunes that befell the people who were close to the production of this film. Or just might be coincidence, but the facts were so tragic that it is impossible that such a string of events could occur without pure evil is behind it.


The first incident happened to Linda Blair, who during the shooting of the film, learned of the death of his grandfather.


Also, it was learned from the death of a movie actor Jack MacGowran after filming the death of his character in the film and the death of a vigilante study who died, murdered. The body was found inside the set and never the reason for his death was known.

Such was the string of deaths and accidents that occurred during the filming of the movie, the director, William Friedkin called a priest to give his blessing to the entire production team of the film.



In the scene where Chris falls to the floor we can see the small, thin rope pushes.

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-13h04m01s135 vlcsnap-2013-10-29-13h03m52s42

Similarly when Regan levitates in bed you can see the rope that holds it.

vlcsnap-2013-10-28-16h05m55s209 vlcsnap-2013-10-28-16h14m14s67

At the scene of the fourth Regan you can see a small connected device, was one of the small freezers can keep the room very cold so we can make the effect of the fog, after the father dies the freezer and not and atmosphere room back to normal.

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-13h18m41s228 vlcsnap-2013-10-29-13h18m17s224

When Chris talks to the detective and lifts the spoon we can see the reflection of the cameraman.


When Regan starts moving by vendita water, turn your head and you can see the part where the makeup on her face and an ear without makeup ends.

vlcsnap-2013-10-28-16h37m48s141 vlcsnap-2013-10-28-16h37m56s213 vlcsnap-2013-10-28-16h38m03s27 vlcsnap-2013-10-28-16h38m31s44

When REGAN mother is talking to the father has a cigarette, then throws it and see that it has nothing, and in the next shot the cigarette reappears on.


One of the best films of the horror genre against evil and to date never overcome personal opinion or maybe a little Evil Dead (1981), a brutal film.


The Exorcist not need special effects generation, and costly scenarios all I need is to tell a good story hard to forget.

Hope you liked the post them there



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