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10 Fun Facts About Minions Movie 2015 Throughout the film we find that the minions speak several languages, such as when Stuart give his award perfectly says “Thank you” just as we hear the word “terima kasih” in Indonesia also means thank you. Besides words in French and Russian. The little bob is an anomaly known as heterochromia ophthalmology, which makes the iris is a different …

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23 Fun Facts about Hellraiser 1987 Movie

Doug Bradley Pinhead Hellraiser

  Hellraiser an entire cult film that combined themes of sadomasochism, death, love. With a little grotesque images for season 1987. This film is inspired by horror novel called “The Hellbound Heart” “The damned heart” written by Clive Barker in 1986 and who a year later would lead to the same film as director writer, so faithful to the history …

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13 Real Predictions Back to the Future 2 (2015)

Back to the future Predicciones 2015

The future is here, and is perfect to have a look at some predictions of this excellent 1989 film is Back to the Future Part II / Back to the Future Part II. It seems that there was much optimism about the technology at that time, so begin by flying cars that according to the film many would have one …

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70 Fun Facts and Mistakes about Jurassic Park 1993

Jurassic Park logo 1 curiosidades

As Jurassic World is increasingly closer to being released, this time we have secrets and curiosities of Jurassic Park 1993, the first installment of the series that made ​​us love and fear while dinosaurs. Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park was directed by Steven Spielberg, which is based on the novel byMichael Crichton, who let me tell you that Michael Crichton …

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Fun Facts from A Clockwork Orange – 2014

A clockwork orange

Fun Facts from A Clockwork  1971 film by stanley kubrick A Clockwork Orange is a novel of  antony burgues published in 1962 and adapted by stanley kubrick a movie in 1971, the book was inspired by events that occurred in 1944 to the wife of anthony burgess author himself when he was the victim of a rape and robbery by 4 …

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