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12 unpublished Fun Fatcs of dragon ball super: BROLY Movie 2019

12 unpublished Fun Fatcs of dragon ball super BROLY Movie 2019

According to the director Tatsuya Nagamine, Akira Toriyama had written a script that lasted 3 hours, but the film only lasts almost 2 hours, so Nagamine and animation director Naohiro Shintani collaborated with Toriyama to analyze what was to be kept in the movie. However, extra scenes will be included in the Blu-Ray and DVD releases. The Planet Vampa to which the sayayin broly was exiled …

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James Cameron’s 12 Cameos Revealed in Titanic Movie (Photos and Video)

fun facts about of-Titanic-Cameo-number-twelve-of-director-james-cameron-is-on-the-stairs-in-the-last-scene-of-the-movie

After seeing the 100 fun facts about titanic, we now have the 12 cameos of director James Cameron in the titanic movie, which have finally been revealed. According to comments from the director James Cameron, he performed 12 cameos in the Titanic movie. Throughout the film James Cameron makes several cameos. Did you notice? Let’s see what they are:   …

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Leon the professional: Fun Facts and the dark side of the film

  LEON THE PROFESSIONAL 1994 t’s movie time, and on this occasion we will remember a controversial 1994 film starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and an unknown girl, back in the day, Natalie Portman. So be comfortable, prepare your glass of milk, and do not forget to take your little plant out for a little sunshine, because we’ll talk about …

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10 Fun Facts About Minions Movie 2015 Throughout the film we find that the minions speak several languages, such as when Stuart give his award perfectly says “Thank you” just as we hear the word “terima kasih” in Indonesia also means thank you. Besides words in French and Russian. The little bob is an anomaly known as heterochromia ophthalmology, which makes the iris is a different …

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20 Fun Facts sabrina the teenage witch Serie Tv

sabruna 2015 Melissa Joan Hart

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was a very popular series in the 90 years that several of us safe even remember the adventures of this inexperienced witch, played by actress Melissa Joan Hart. He was a teenager at the age of 16 finds out she’s a witch, the wardrobe where towels are stored is a gateway for travel to another realm, …

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23 Fun Facts about Hellraiser 1987 Movie

Doug Bradley Pinhead Hellraiser

  Hellraiser an entire cult film that combined themes of sadomasochism, death, love. With a little grotesque images for season 1987. This film is inspired by horror novel called “The Hellbound Heart” “The damned heart” written by Clive Barker in 1986 and who a year later would lead to the same film as director writer, so faithful to the history …

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40 Fun facts Back to the Future 2 (1989) – (2015)

Curiosidades de volver al futuro 2

  In this second film Back to the Future 2, according to the director Robert Zemeckis states that had not planned a sequel, in the special edition DVD says that the act of putting to end a flying car with Doc, Jennifer and Marty It was just a gag, something humorous to the audience, but the film was so successful …

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40 Fun facts of the film It, clown pennywise Stephen King

Pennywise datos curiosos de Eso el payaso diabolico

Surely many of us who were kids in the 90s, remember the terrifying be created by Stephen King called IT, a clown at first appeared to be good, but actually hid a cruel intentions. The director of this mini series is Tommy Lee Wallace which is based on the book by Stephen King called IT 1986 Stephen King commented in …

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