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10 Fun Facts About Minions Movie 2015 Throughout the film we find that the minions speak several languages, such as when Stuart give his award perfectly says “Thank you” just as we hear the word “terima kasih” in Indonesia also means thank you. Besides words in French and Russian. The little bob is an anomaly known as heterochromia ophthalmology, which makes the iris is a different …

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Curiosities and Secrets 1984 Terminator Movie

Terminator movie directed by James Cameron, who as a child due to see the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick was mesmerized and fascinated by the visual effects and grew his interest in film. The idea of ​​the film exterminator came a night when James was in Rome for work, but fell ill with a high fever, which caused …

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Bloody Roar 2 Review, Curiosities and Tricks

Now we travel to 1999 where because of the success of the first game again Eighting and Hudson Soft, brought us the second installment of Bloody roar entitled “The New Breed”, which became one of the most successful of the series and is that it was the best known, more than one met the existence of this saga for the …

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