Philae is in trouble, could be without power

Problems robot-philae-cometa 67

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A few days ago Philae successfully managed to reach the surface of the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gersimenko (something no doubt go down in history), but at the meeting of the European Space Agency (ESA) has discussed several points that were analyzed after to meet the target.

And the anchor system Philae not complete successfully its mission to keep the firm vehicle on the comet’s surface, began to make movements bounce on the comet, but later managed to get its three support legs only two succeed in hold fast to Philae.

robot-Philae comet

Rebounds made Philae change places where at first landed, this caused even more problems, because in the place you are currently not receiving enough sunlight to charge and function properly, you need 7 hours exposed to light Solar to achieve satisfactory load power, which only gets 3 hours of sunlight.


In addition to this problem the barbs that make up the structure of Philae are not fixed, which could result in discards of comet 67p / Churyumov-Gersimenko and miss in space (goodbye huge investment) gravity in the comet is 100,000 less than land, so that’s also a danger to Philae, but fail to adequately secure.

The European Space Agency is planning a move to risk, to move carefully Philae to an area where it can receive more sunlight, otherwise there will be a time when communication and control him by not achieve optimal energy charge is lost.

robot_philae ESA

So researchers at the European Space Agency are concerned that the results investigated by Philae, do not reach the ground, however Stefan Ulamec mission director, commented that should not be disappointed in what, and who have achieved a historic feat .

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