Movie My girl 1991 Fun facts amd Mistakes maybe you didn’t know

Movie My girl 1991 Fun facts amd Mistakes maybe you didn't know

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In 1991 a film of the dramatic comedy genre emerged that some time later we would have every year on our televisions, if you lived your childhood or adolescence in the 90s, I am sure you know it very well, it was called, my girl, or in Latin America known as my first kiss.

In this movie they played the theme of death, the main character was an 11-year-old girl named Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky), a very awake and happy girl, however she had an obsession with death and it was not for less, I say her Father Harry Sultenfuss (Dan Aykroyd) owned a funeral home, so his father’s job was to embalm and prepare the deceased to later perform a funeral ceremony there, in the same house, well in a special room, so as a sultenfuss vada , he always witnessed the entry of corpses into his house, although he never dared to see them directly when his father did his job of embalming them, but since he was very curious I always read the causes of death that his father left side of the door on a sheet, this caused him a strange disorder that made him obsess with that disease and even come to believe that he had the same disease and was about to die, so he always and he went to the doctor for an emergency to check it out, this was very common so he was already well known to the doctor and treated her kindly, he knew that the girl was hypochondriacal.

Although his father didn’t care, he saw it as a simple child’s play, he never explained anything about death and maybe he did it to avoid telling him about his mother, Harry’s wife died after giving birth to vada sultenfuss, and the girl sometimes thinks that she was responsible for her death, so in this movie, we may like Harry very much, be funny, nice and even remember actor Dan Aykroyd in his character Ghostbusters, but here is a father of the most irresponsible.

And speaking of the actors, man, does anyone remember how good Jamie Lee Curtis looked in this movie? I really didn’t even remember that I was participating in this movie, and although we love her in the horror movie Halloween 1, here despite being 33 years old, she looked very good.

And we cannot also ignore Macaulay Culkin, despite the fact that he came from the success of home alone, my poor little angel where I play a very active child, who got into many problems, here the actor is quite the opposite, a very quiet boy, very shy, makes you forget Kevin McCallister completely, even makes you think that in this movie Macaulay Culkin is smaller than when I filmed my poor little angel, but no, here the actor is already a year older than in that movie

Several of us remember this movie because we saw it many times when we were children, but it was not really aimed at children, but for a much more mature audience, I bet that when you saw the movie you did not even realize that vada sultenfuss was hypochondriac, maybe you hadn’t even given your first kiss, but you started practicing like in the movie, maybe you hadn’t had your first crush like happened to vada sultenfuss with his teacher, or you hadn’t even thought about death or illness .

You had to have seen this movie a little older to enjoy and remember all the topics that were touched here, such as the first kiss, that memory that is tattooed on our head, there is no person on the face of the earth who does not remember that slimy first kiss, maybe it’s a pretty, unpleasant memory or X, but the memory there you have it and it will be for the rest of your life,

The scene of the kiss of vada and Thomas J. Sennett in this film is considered the most innocent and beautiful kiss in the cinema. The scene marked so much in Latin America that the film ended up being called my first kiss, although the film did not even focus on that,

Let’s say it was more of a pedagogical movie, it played beautiful songs, but it could also be a bit cruel, many viewers of that time were a bit traumatized to see how 2 children gradually forged a powerful and unbreakable friendship, you became fond of them because you identified yourself with the experiences they were living and suddenly puuj !, they cut off all that abruptly with the appearance of death.

When that scene happened, the cinema became a sea of ​​tears, many left the room because they considered the story too cruel, but it was still a film that enchanted the majority of the public.


There are data that are incredible and that to date there is no explanation, such as why does it cost so much to make this movie? Believe it or not, they took $ 17 million in the making of this film, cost more than making the success of rocky 1, which only used one million dollars, cost more than doing rocky 2, which was used 7 million. It was even well above the budget that Mad Max 1, 2 and 3 had, where there were explosions everywhere and special and very expensive sets were created.

The movie my girl, I do not use all of that, was very simple, however the budget skyrocketed, unless Macaulay Culkin, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd have charged 5 million each to make this film, in Finally, it is a mystery to know how many millions of dollars went.

The original title of the film was “Born with jaundice” but what the hell? “Jaundice” What an anti-commercial name they came up with, jaundice is the yellowing of the skin, and so well it appears in the eyes, to have a yellowish view, maybe they thought of this by the character Macaulay Culkin, since in this Thomas J. Sennett is supposed to be a very sick child and is allergic to almost everything, eating a simple chocolate can cause serious health problems. Now, since they did not find an appropriate title, they decided to ask all the employees of the production, whoever gave a good title, would be rewarded with 500 dollars, names like Gloria of Mourning arose, Instead of flowers, my dear deceased, almost all the proposals were related to death, until the proposal came to name her simply “My girl” made by producer Brian Grazer, who in the way took 500 dollars.

Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin had to repeat the kiss scene 15 times, and by the way, this was the first real kiss of actor Macaulay Culkin. So I guess he has a nice memory of his first kiss.

This was the last film by actress Ann Nelson, the actress played Vada’s grandmother, in this film she was supposed to suffer from senile dementia, the actress died a year later in 1992.

Curiously, this was not the first film in which Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin participated, both actors had already had a brief participation in 1989, in the film Uncle Buck, where Anna Chlumsky is simply a classmate and in fact was movie debut

Jamie Lee Curtis and the other cast members usually had talks in which they unwittingly said occasional rudeness, which were sometimes heard by child actors, to avoid using this language, they bet that if someone said rudeness, they had to pay 10 dollars, which they would give to the children, at the end of the movie the children got to accumulate 5 thousand dollars, in fact part of that money accumulated as punishment for saying swear words, we see it in a scene of the movie when Thomas Thomas J. Sennett discovers Shelly DeVoto’s savings in a cookie jar.

As this film was mistakenly directed towards children, the scene in which Vada and Thomas J. become blood brothers, by mixing the blood from their small wounds they had, the British Film Classification Board insisted that the film had that showing a warning that warned children not to perform this blood ritual was supposed to prevent the transmission of HIV. You already know how we were, everything we saw on television, we tried to imitate later.

As I had already mentioned in this movie Macaulay Culkin was already a movie star, so the young actor’s fans protested strongly against the screen death of his character in the movie, since they felt that his young hero should not die Being so young

This was not the first film in which the actors Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee begin as strangers and end up as lovers, in the 1983 film Trading Places, both actors also end up being a couple.

Curiosities and mistakes of the movie my first kiss

curiosities-and-mistakes-of-my-first-kiss-Vada-has-a-humor-ring-but-humor-rings-were-invented-until-1975-and-not-in- 1972

There is a small mistake in this movie and that is if you remember Vada has a mood ring. These rings are supposed to change their mood depending on the mood of the person wearing it, but the story of the movie takes place in 1972, the mood rings were not invented until 1975.


There are scenes in which Vada routinely uses her bicycle, it can be seen that she has slats on both sides, in fact in the vada movie she says she loses the right ribbon, however in some scenes the left ribbon appears and the right one disappears, and In some other scenes both slats appear on the bicycle.


In this vada scene he is talking with father, who later places a stuffed animal on his bed and leaves, but in the next scene that stuffed animal disappears.

curiosities-and-mistakes-of-the-movie-my-first-kiss-the-tree-that-was-in-the-lake-was-not-a-real-tree-was-a-willow-con artificial leaves.

Did you notice anything strange in the tree that is near the lake? I did not realize until recently I saw the movie again, this tree that is supposed to be a willow looks very fake, and the reason for this is because this tree was not a willow, let’s say that on the whims of the script we needed a Willow near the lake, not finding one, they decided to remove all the leaves from this tree and paste fake willow leaves, that’s why this tree looks so rare.

The scene where you take and vada do a fishing, we can see how the moment you take put the fish on the ground, the hook is detached from the mouth of the fish, but when it takes vada, it begins to remove the hook, but That may not be possible, we clearly saw in the previous shot that the hook was lying on the ground.

I film my first kiss before and after the characters.

The before and after Vada Sultenfuss is to say actress Anna Chlumsky is now 38 years old.

The before and after Vada Sultenfuss is to say actress Anna Chlumsky is now 38 years old.

The before and after Harry Sultenfuss is to say the actor Dan Aykroyd is now 67 years old.

The before and after Harry Sultenfuss is to say the actor Dan Aykroyd is now 67 years old.

The before and after Shelly DeVoto is to say actress Jamie Lee Curtis is now 60 years old.

The before and after Shelly DeVoto is to say actress Jamie Lee Curtis is now 60 years old.

The before and after Thomas J. Sennett is to say the actor Macaulay Culkin is now 38 years old.

The before and after Thomas J. Sennett is to say the actor Macaulay Culkin is now 38 years old.

The before and after Mr. Bixler is to say actor Griffin Dunne is now 64 years old.

The before and after Mr. Bixler is to say actor Griffin Dunne is now 64 years old.

The before and after the locations of the movie my first kiss

Locations movie my first kiss 1991 before and after Vada Sultenfuss' house
Locations movie my my girl 1991 before and after Vada Sultenfuss house
Locations movie my first kiss 1991 before and after tree near the lake
Locations movie my my girl 1991 before and after tree near the lake
my girl 2 movie

3 years later there was a second part of my gril 2, starring again by Anna Chlumsky, who in Latin America entitled it as my first kiss 2, which said title no longer had so much logic, because the first vada kiss was with shots, but Well, that’s how they left it, the story of this movie was already more focused on love and vada puberty, it was not as successful as the first, in fact many people to date do not know that there was a second part, the movie was good , I had the majority of the actors of the first film, however I did not have the participation of Macaulay Culkin, it is a fact that many people no longer went to see the cinema, something that I found curious in this second film is Vada still retained the ring for which Thomas died.

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