Friday , May 29 2020

Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows 7

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Microsoft begins to warn users that suddenly stop support your Windows 7 operating system, not even when entering the phase of “extended support” which is the last stage before leaving the system without security updates and support.

Windows XP has-ended-
As happened on April 8 with Windows XP, which was understandable as well that his years have XP and it was difficult even to hold assets that system services, but to do that to Windows 7?

But they remind us that Windows 8 is at version 8.1, which for the moment will put all their efforts and attention, but did not want to admit Windows 8 was not as popular as expected and gradually try to encourage more people to are encouraged to use it, because believe it or not has fewer users than what was in his time the failed system Windows Vista.


But you need not light the torches as the support extended to Windows 7 even last a couple of years.For those who installed the service pack 1, we can still receive support until 13 January 2015 and extended service until 2020. Still have Windows 7 for a while.

What does extended support?

Well the main support we receive is free, receive service pack and patches to correct security problems without paying anything, but that we will end in January 2015. Then began support to Windows 7 by which we must pay for a few new features emerging under license.

What do you think of this story? know that nothing is forever and it took some work to abandon Windows XP at the time, but hopefully that changes bring benefits to users.

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