Thursday , July 9 2020

Microsoft and their future Windows 9

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Windows 9

From the beginning with Windows 8 Microsoft wanted to bring a modern and innovative look to your operating system, but this could be different for the new Windows 9 operating system on which we will see a simpler as we have in the Windows 7 interface.

For comments WinSuperSite site, the new version of Windows 9 is going to completely eliminate the homepage showing us the tiles.

tiles windows 8

And it could be replaced by something more traditional and which are used for win 95, a taskbar to your start menu. But not mean that they will take a step back, have in mind include those tiles in the menu active, which could expand and fill the entire screen and Windows 8.

Windows-9 interface

9 may indicate that Windows automatically identify the type of computer you have, to bring you the best menu options, depending on whether your monitor is touchscreen or a touch device.

WINDOWS 9 touch screen

Changes are being made for their hard effort of users to use Windows 8, which apparently does not please everyone, so you better go back and be happy to accommodate all users and give them what they really needed. Currently still needs to be made official the new operating system changes, but certainly will be watching.

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