Luth Research your information in exchange for 100 dlls

Luth Research Datos de navegacion en internet

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As we know the issue of Internet security has always been many problems, most of us users do not want to share our information on social networking sites or pages where we ask for certain information to check in, but the reality is that we give a lot of information through social networks or using smartphones without realizing or being aware of it.

NSA monitors information

Not even know of the existence of the NSA plans which had watched and got enough information to users in different social networks or applications without our consent, these illegal acts we learned thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden few years ago.

So a company called San Diego Luth Research has decided to seek information from users who surf the Internet, and other applications that use legally (so to speak) as you propose a deal to see where you surf, you investigate in google and applications using your phone in exchange for $ 100 dlls monthly.

monitoring activities facebook and google

But do not panic do not think this is new, the company already has about 20,000 users who have accepted the deal through your computer or cell phone and within major companies that are clients of Luth Research, since this is commercial purpose are Netflix, Microsoft and Subway, to name the most popular because there are many more.

In this agreement the company Luth Research has no access to your private messages or telephone conversations, but if you see the pages on the internet and what you want, plus the time you connect to Facebook or twitter and other social networks.

What do you think of this? There are thousands of applications, games and social networks that take your information and sell them without getting anything you think it would be better to sell them personally and get something in return ?.

Well this is what the company proposes Luth Research, said that if you change your mind you can uninstall the software from your pc or cell and this will stop monitor your Internet activity and clear will leave you paying too.

Luth Research

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