James Cameron’s 12 Cameos Revealed in Titanic Movie (Photos and Video)

fun facts about of-Titanic-Cameo-number-twelve-of-director-james-cameron-is-on-the-stairs-in-the-last-scene-of-the-movie

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After seeing the 100 fun facts about titanic, we now have the 12 cameos of director James Cameron in the titanic movie, which have finally been revealed.

According to comments from the director James Cameron, he performed 12 cameos in the Titanic movie.

Throughout the film James Cameron makes several cameos. Did you notice? Let’s see what they are:


James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 1

facts of-Titanic-Cameo-number-one-of-director-James-cameron-with-his-beard-fake-on-revision-of-lice

We started very early in the beginning of the film where we can see James Cameron with a fake beard, playing a third class passenger, who is in a lice inspection.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 2

fun facts of-Titanic-Cameo-number-of-the-director-james-cameron-seeking-his-room-and-also-Van-Ling

In the scene where Jack looks for his cabin, James Cameron returns to be seen in this scene with his fake beard, but not only him, also his partner Van Ling who is his creative assistant, comes on the scene with a dictionary in hand.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 3

facts of-Titanic-Cameo-number-three-director-james-camero-clapping-on-the-background-in-the-dance-scene

At the polka dance, while Jack Dawson and Rose are having fun, we can see the mysterious bearded man in the bottom, it is James Cameron clapping to put the party into atmosphere.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 4

fun facts of-Titanic-Cameo-number-four-director-james-cameron-on-the-bottom-when-bailan-polka

Same place same dance, but now much more in the background while Fabrizio and Helga spin endlessly, James Cameron, the man with the fake beard, makes a short appearance on screen.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 5

facts of-Titanic-Cameo-number-five-director-james-cameron-spilling-jack-dawson-beer

I think it’s been too many drinks for you James, playing a different third-class passenger, James Cameron steals the camera again, this time crashing into Jack Dawson’s arm, causing him to spill his beer.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 6

fun facts of-Titanic-Cameo-number-six-director-james-cameron-laughing-at-the-scene-of-the-scene

Same place, different shot, when Rose finishes performing his ballet demonstration, holding her body with just the two toes, you can see James Cameron behind rose laughing and chatting with his friends.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 7

fun facts Titanic-Cameo-number-seven-of-the-director-james-cameron-crossing-the-door-of-boat-titanic

At the front door of the Titanic behind Tommy Ryan, James Cameron returns to use his peculiar beard, in the subsequent shot is one of the first to pass.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 8


In the scene where Carl gets angry and steals the weapon to Spicer Lovejoy, James Cameron quickly passes behind him with a briefcase.



James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 9

fun facts about of-Titanic-Cameo-number-nine-of-director-james-cameron-happens-behind-a-scene-when-titanic-se-hunde

When a first-class crew member watches terrified that the Titanic compartments were flooding, James Cameron goes behind him for a moment.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 10

fun facts about of-Titanic-Cameo-number-ten-of-director-james-cameron-appears-together-to-jack-dawson-and-rose-dewitt-climbing-the-stairs

Just as Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt are climbing the stairs, they pass by James Cameron carrying his briefcase.




James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 11

fun facts about of-Titanic-Cameo-number-once-of-director-james-cameron-happens-together-to-Cal-Hockley

In the scene where Jack Dawson and Cal Hockley are trying to convince Rose DeWitt to get into the boat, James Cameron stops quickly next to Cal Hockley.


images and videos of the moments in which the director James Cameros appears in screen in the titanic film of 1997

James Cameron’s cameo, Titanic Number: 12

fun facts about of-Titanic-Cameo-number-twelve-of-director-james-cameron-is-on-the-stairs-in-the-last-scene-of-the-movie

And finally, the best-known cameo, which is in the dream that reunites Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt again, deep down we can finally see James Cameron with his famous fake beard.


According to director James Cameron’s comments he made 12 cameos throughout the film, so we can say that this has been an accomplished mission.

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