Install and Configure System on a USB Tails 2014

Instalacion de tails usb 2014

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The “The Amnesic Incognito Live System” better known as Tails, operating system is a system specifically to provide security and protect the privacy of users who surf the Internet and your files and things that take place in an operating system.

System properties Tails

It is a system that keeps track of your actions and not record anything from your internet activities. Tails is based on Debian and it is supported by anonymous hacktivists in order to maintain the privacy andanonymity of users.

The use of this system does not modify any operating system that is installed on your computer, as this set to not use the hard drive of the computer or the Swap, the only thing used is the Ram memory, which once system is turn off or reset erases absolutely everything that I use.

Tails can be installed on your pc as a second operating system, but the most used is the installation on a usb to wear tails to wherever.

Tutorial to install the system on a usb Tails

What we need is the Iso operating system, which can be found here: Iso system of Tails

We will also need Unetbooting

Now the first thing to do is open Unetbooting and select the following options:

  1. Mark the box Iso
  2. Select the ISO option
  3. Find Iso system we downloaded the Tails
  4. Under Type select usb
  5. Put the letter assigned to the USB device
  6. finally simply click on accept, here a picture of the steps you must follow:

Install USB Tails

Now when the process is complete, we must restart the computer and boot from the usb for the operating system start Tails.

Tails system

The Amnesic Incognito Live System System

When the system boots we click Login.

Tails start system

Now initiate the operating system, and yet we can not use the browser until the system is configured everything, if we try to open will give a warning that is not ready yet, so we must wait about 3 to 5 minutes for the system configure the Tor network.

Tails browser system Ice

When the system is ready, we will get a notification that Tor now and is ready to use.

Tor is ready

Now we can open the browser and access the Internet.

Tor Tails

If you want to join the Tor network simply have to go to the Onion logo and select settings.

Vidalia settings

A window where you must select the Sharing option is now open, check the second option “Relay traffic inside the Tor network (non-exit-relay)” below and choose the bandwidth you want to donate. this way you help the Tor network that is more secure and faster.

Relay settings Vidalia

Do not forget to browse disable javascript and especially not install or download anything, and you could lose the Tor anonymity brings.

Tails javaScript

With these simple steps and you will be using the system on any computer Tails, just remember that when you shut down or restart the system any document or configuration will be deleted and you may not recover any files.


And encryption tools anonymity Tails offers

  1. Tor and Vidalia interface to surf the web anonymously and protect TorButton for possible malicious code.
  2. I2P, a network to communicate securely and anonymously.
  3. HTTPS Everywhere, which requires navigating safely access https sites
  4. Pidgin with OTR module (“Off-The-Record”) which is an optimized way to provide privacy.
  5. GnuPG encryption of e-mails and files.
  6. TrueCrypt, which lets you create encrypted partitions.
  7. PWGen, is a generator of solid high security passwords.
  8. Florence, a virtual keyboard, to protect programs that record the keys pressed our computer.
  9. MAT to protect metadata files, especially images.


Also check the option to install Tor from windows 7 and use it without installing the OS Tails, if you’re interested click here: Install Tor in windows 7 and 8

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