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Increase speed internet with Connectify twice-Dispatch “Tutorial”

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Increases speed internt twice, joining two wireless networks on one with Connectify-Dispatch. This application allows you to connect multiple networks in a computer to increase the connection. Imagine having 6mb/s -or- 11 mb / s for yourself.

To use this tool you will need to have 2 wifi antennas (eg, a laptop has an internal card, also you will need an external order to connect to 2 wifi signals)

laptop external antenna

Dispatch Connectify allows you to join different wifi networks (for example the connection of your wifi and your friend, free connections in a cafeteria or free connections at your university, etc.) to make a powerful connection. It is useful for example in universities there are several wifi networks but usually very slow, Connectify-Dispatch will be very useful in such situations. these steps will be very easy to use the program:

1. – Well, it is very simple to use, you must first connect to our network normally.


2. – Open the application and you click on the button below that says “Start Dispatch”, at that moment you really check the speed of your Internet connection in this example is only 1mb / s.


3. – Now we connect to the second network wifi available to us, in this example the second network is 1mb / s as well as the first. Veras as the two networks together and now your connection speed is 2.46 mb / s


It is very useful for example to watch streaming movies or videos on youtube in HD if your connection is slow you can join 2 wifi networks to see your favorite videos without any concern that load fast.

The boundaries of this application will depend on WiFi connections to tell you, you imagine join 2 wifi networks 6mb / s, you would have excellent speed 11:47 mb / s to yourself.

Connectify double speed

Definitely a great app if you want to see more functions you can visit their official site and you get the opportunity to use the Connectify Hotspot tool full free mind. Connectify

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