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The Fifth Element (1997), a film that we all know of French origin in Co-Production with the U.S., a film in the style of cyberpunk, where we had as the year 2263 approached the evil to Earth to destroy it in 5000 years between two dimensions door is open there is a side of life and the universe and the other element, which is neither water, nor wind, nor fire, nor earth, it is the fifth element.


This is a film that I love because each character is unique, each has a special feature, only appoints to do some very long topic, but since the guy who tries to assault dallas selling old Chinese food at its airship seem great.

korben-dallas taxi

Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) is a former retired military now works driving a taxi (actually a flying taxi), not doing very well financially lives in a small apartment full of strange things and automatic future, his only companion is his white cat, which he cares a lot, but it is very grumpy and did not much like his job as a taxi driver.

The Fifth Element Zorg

Zorg (Gary Oldman) is the villain of the film and gives it to be a bad guy, but the reality does is follow the instructions in the real enemy of the universe. Even on earth is responsible for a large company that secretly make deals with goods of dubious origin.


Leeloo (Lilu) Who does not remember the part of “Leeloo dallas multipass” good beautiful Milla Jovovich is responsible for giving life to Leeloo which is the fifth element and the only hope to save the earth. You could say that is a recreation of the alien who died in the blast, if you remember is recreated from an arm.

Ruby Rhod

Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) is like the epitome of celebrity shabby, a little eccentric and extroverted star, which runs a program and always have to walk on and good humor, has a lot of fans and women go crazy for, must be very green! a phrase used to refer to be great, amazing, perfect and so on.

The Fifth Element is one of the largest European productions of all time, with a budget of 80 million and reached to raise more than $ 263 million.

Milla Jovovich young

Milla Jovovich beat out more than 300 women who auditioned for the role of Leeloo. To others who already had experience as I had done more films than the rest, and was also very famous since he was 11 years old for modeling.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman (Zorg) is a good friend of director Luc Besson has happened so automatically without reading the script. They had already worked together in the movie “The perfect murderer.”

Bruce willis and Jean Reno

Luc besson had in mind putting the actor Jean Reno as Korben Dallas, but the producers made him change his mind to elect Bruce Willis, and that was the best part.

Ian holm alien

Also Ian Holm as Father Cornelius, who had already starred in films like Alien, the eighth passenger.

Milla Jovovich married director Luc Besson

Milla Jovovich married director Luc Besson seven months after the release of the film.

Ruby ChrisTucker

Chris Tucker who played Ruby Rhod, a celebrity in very bad condition, very eccentric and talkative, the real name of the character in the novel is Loc Rhod.


The alleged divine language spoken Leelo consists only 400 words invented by director Luc Besson and in order that Milla Jovovich practiced it sent letters to that language.


As mentioned in some of the film’s full name is Leelo Minai Leelo Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat. If a little exaggerated but it’s your time a little impressed.

Korben dallas and Zorg

This is one of the few movies in which the villain and the hero have no contact, despite going after the same never come to know.

the incal-Moebius

The script for this movie was written by Luc besson since attending high school, he wrote for fun in his spare moments. Also the atmosphere of that world cyber punk this strong mind inspired by a comic Chilean cartoonist Alejandro Jodorowsky, these giant skyscrapers, flying cars and a lot of traffic, it is the same that we see in the film and the comic, much like also we see in the movie blade runner.

+ + Robert Mark Kamen

The original script stretched over 400 pages that would have led to more than three hours of film but with the help of screenwriter Robert Kamen (Karate Kid) reduced it by half.

novel The Fifth Element

By the way there is also the fifth element of the novel which was published seven days before the movie.

korben dallas date

The year that is supposedly the evil arrives in 2263. And March 18 is the day that marks the director Luc besson years.

Plavalaguna the fifth element

The name of the Diva is Plavalaguna, meaning, Laguna Azul. Referring to the return to the Blue Lagoon where Milla Jovovich starred as Lilly (1991). Which by the way the actress who plays the diva, Maiwenn, after watching the film stay a little disappointed with the work of her ex-boyfriend Luc Besson director for the scene of the opera, because it took months to prepare for the role, in addition to the hard shoot that turned out for her (makeup, clothing and everything else), it did not quite match that lasted as little unless your scene and have made cuts while fighting Leelo.

He had thought that the diva out differently, a type of winged alien, a creature to stop people impacted, eventually he opted for something simpler.

The scene of the opera no one had seen, was made as a real opera presentation including Luc Besson, to record the actual reaction of the team and especially Bruce Willis who was impressed to see the Diva on the scene. I personally think that was a great moment in the film.

Jean Paul Gaultie

The costume is made by the famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultie.


police the fifth element

When a patrol comes to trade in McDonald’s and police ask for your order, the officer that you spill soda because it handles dallas taxi has a unique name, is a lot like Mac Macdonald company hamburgers.

September The Fifth Element movie

The explosion in the main hall, was once the largest filmed explosion that had been done in an interior, so they had hiccups since they came out a little control and even the police had to fit their presence in the set.

Dallas manga Sanctuary

Volumes of two manga series, Sanctuary, by Ryoichi Ikegami, and Adolf, Osamu Tezuka, are briefly visible in Korben Dallas apartment.

creatures Mondoshawan

For the creation of the huge creatures called Mondoshawan, large and heavy botargas to which elements are placed animatronics, as the head was controlled remotely with a remote control is built.


creatures Mangalores

To create the Mangalores, initially had in mind that they were zul color, but that idea was scrapped, for processing masks which were also controlled by remote control is used, the detail is that in the back were all cables and connections, resolved by equipping them with a kind of backpack. These creatures 3 different breeds were invented, the principal were the ones with a large jaw, which was usually the commander and after two more with smaller ranges.


The Fifth Element PSone gamegame the fifth element

And who could forget the game the fifth element in his playstation One, which was the same story of the film and throughout the game could play with dallas and Read it, it was an entertaining game, the music was so-so but the gameplay was a little bad, could hardly move the character accurately and moving very slow so sometimes annoyed in some missions. Apart from that we were left with the desire to drive a flying like in the movie taxi.


NYR Game ps2

But years later a racing game acclimated in the same world of the film called New York Race which was released in 2001 is presented. Could we play with characters from the film and each had his vehicle.



Fun Facts from the movie “The Fifth Element”



When read it is locked in that little capsule you can see the close-up shot that shows us small cuts around the capsule, that could break the Milla Jovovich.



If I look carefully at this part, I mean the key that’s on the box, because changing making that key disappears.



In the animation of the spacecraft can be seen around it a green box, is a small error creating the effect of transparency on computer, not managed correctly.



When entering the secret chamber after so many years, you can see a statue with dust, only the left one member of the production put his hand on her.



In the temple when the teacher is talking about holding a charge, making changes and we can see how the rate disappears and now holds a small brush or paintbrush.



Well this is the most obvious of all, what you see at the bottom is a tripod for camera recording, make a change of scene and away from the wall.



This reflexes is always difficult to hide and perhaps can not see very well but this scene is a reflection of a team member recording filming this scene. If you have the movie Take a eye.



If you remember when I read it outside of the buildings he finds a kind of elevator having its rails, but when that elevator or launch your rails are on the take.



The explosion at the airport and had thought that the doll is the doll in pieces but remained motionless.



When making a decision to scan face Leelo you can see it is completely different expression.

The Fifth Element is one of those gems that you have to see if or whether I stay with this movie name Milla Jovovich in the mind and in the retina, there are times when you get bored movie, has action, good humor and interesting villains and characters, although it has some age and see some scenes with 3d effects a bit ugly, still remains a perfect movie.

I hope you leave a comment about the movie do you like? Do not you like? review comments, we will be in another post, Greetings!

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