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A clockwork orange

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Fun Facts from A Clockwork  1971 film by stanley kubrick

A Clockwork Orange is a novel of  antony burgues published in 1962 and adapted by stanley kubrick a movie in 1971, the book was inspired by events that occurred in 1944 to the wife of anthony burgess author himself when he was the victim of a rape and robbery by 4 U.S. soldiers in the streets of London. Because she was pregnant, had an abortion, that terrible event inspired the author to his work.

Below are some fun facts from a clockwork orange


The original title to clock work orange in which we find the word orange, which means orange, actually comes from another word: “Ourang”, a word of Malaysia where the author lived for many years and its meaning is a person. In this way the writer made a pun and what the title really means is “mechanical man.”


the filming of the movie took place between September 1970 and April 1971 in London, Kubrick did not have a large budget for the film and his team was just 20 people, so instead of hiring a professional writer, Kubrick opted to improvise, and gave the actors the passage from the novel that were filming that day, and asked them do you hear as you do? at the end of that long day of rehearsals cubrick going to clean the end result and that was the script that was filmed.

The milk bar only serves Koroba facade to alcoholizar minors and decoration is made from female bodies.

The novel burgess anthony was edited in united states without the last chapter 21, in which the protagonist Alex regrets his previous life, Kubrick adopted the script directly from that edition that does not have chapter 21, though I never knew I consider to include real end in the film.


The song “singin in the rain” that alex sings and dances during the beating writer and rape his wife, was not in the script, Kubrick asked McDowell, who improvise, actor singing that song because at the time was the one which remembered the letter. The director liked it so much he bought the rights to the song for 3000 dollars.

Milk drinking the droogs, alex gang Koroba in the dairy bar, had to be changed every time that decomposed by the heat of the foci of the set.


It is said that Kubrick requested pink floyd disco music using Atom Heart Mother (Suite), but as Kubrick wanted unlimited permission issue pink floyd refused and never reached an agreement.

Right to the top 1 Beethoven Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven, playing in several scenes, we hear when watching alex hitiler film, when the writer tries to make suicide alex is listening to the song. By the time the ninth symphony came to the top of the most played.

A Clockwork Orange was nominated for 7 awards brianica academia, including better movie, three Golden Globes, and 4 oscars for best adapted screenplay, director, editing and best picture, but ultimately did not win any of them, since in those years was a bad example for society and there were several mishaps caused by young people see the film, took to the streets to cause havoc and performed acts similar to the film, for which he was labeled as a bad example.


Alex Kubrick made the character had a snake as a pet, to learn that the actor mc dowell was terrified of reptiles.


The bodybuilder david prous, then dark Vaider would play in the Wars of 1977 had to repeat 30 times the scene where the writer carries her in his wheelchair, say term upset and exhausted.

The store that comes alex is the Chelsea Drug Store, were magical music houses, crowded with a large local disks of all genres that is how looked in those years, in those years became a McDonald’s.


In this music store, while walking alex can see a cameo of himself stanley kubrick, which can be seen flipping through a magazine. While alex goes through the magazines is the magazine called “Film X” in that magazine aimed at adult audiences, which showed photos of films where there were bare, after the premiere of the film, A Clockwork Orange was on the cover perhaps had dealings with Kubrick, so the magazine they appeared in the film.

Also at the counter you can see the disc of the soundtrack of the movie 2001, a Space Odyssey, which is a film also directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1968. And on top shelves are copies of Magical Mystery Tour of beatles, and a copy of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother.

The name disco band artic monkeys suck it and see llamano launched in 2011 comes from the movie in which this phrase painted on the wall of the building where the protagonist appears alex lives.


During the scene where alex is subjected to treatment ludoviko, eyes open with hooks, you will damage one cornea so was temporarily reaping of an eye, the doctor who appears in the film throwing drops is a real doctor prevented the dryness of your eyes in the film.

The experiment lodoviko that apply to lex actually existed at one time, is based on the law of conditional reflex or also known as bian Pavlov referred to its creator Ivan Pavlov. There is an episode of pinky and the brain that explain the process.


The mcdowell performer nearly drowns in a scene at the pier, where his old friends they try to drown, he had an oxygen tank for the actor, but this ruling, yet the scene was not repeated because it was very realistic.

The famous scene where alex is walking with his friends but annoying, was repeated 28 times because stanly Kubrick did not like.

For the effect of suicide attempt alex, Kubrick shot a camera from the sixth floor, the lens broke, but the camera operation seguió smoothly.

McDowell was 27 when I perform the role of alex, and confessed that came to hate stanly Kubric the extent of wanting to hit, to be a very demanding director, said he did not like, was a perfectionist, and always to work under pressure, but he was the director with the most learned, which thank you.


Also in the simpson reference this movie, which has suffered from bart experiment ludovico unable to make the cupcakes.

Books and Curiosities of anthony burgess

And finally there are over anthony burgess, well, your entire production consists of 33 novels, 25 studies, an autobiography in 2 volumes, three symphonies that also was a composer and had over 150 musical compositions and a lot of newspaper articles. But all this, all that is known of him, and that the Clockwork Orange by Kubrick’s film. anthony burgess began writing to an already great age, his first nobela called “time for tiger” published in 1956 at the age of 39, good is never too late to start.

Book 1985 burguess anthony

Another famous book tube was entitled “1985” which was a reinterpretation of george orwell book “1984”, you know the talking about big brother.

However anthony burgess the novels more appreciation in their ofras were M / F, which is based on the theory of anthropologist Straus, another was napoleonica sinfonia, which was his technically more complicated to do because life narrated napoleon work but in a style of prose.

anthony burguess mechanic will

And finally as his most beloved works were unsuccessful, they retake the Clockwork Orange in a book called “mechanical testament” in which he makes a strong critique of hollywood about movies that makes adapting literary works, he considers trash cinema .

I hope the post has been satisfactory and indeed, I recommend the book and the movie.

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