40 Fun facts and mistakes movies Halloween 1978 Michael Myers – Jack incongruente

40 Fun facts and mistakes movies Halloween 1978 Michael Myers - Jack incongruente

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 40 Fun facts and mistakes movies Halloween 1978

Michael Myers – Jack incongruente

Pumpkins and Halloween ornaments were never as terrifying as in 1978, since it was the emergence of an iconic character in the world of cinema, I bet many believe they know everything about the film, but in this video there may be surprises, or lose a pumpkin, because we will talk about Michael Myers, more specifically about Halloween 1978.

One of the great works of John Carpenter.


jack-incongruent-fun facts Halloween-1978-the-mask-of-Michael-Myers-is-the-mask-of-William-Shatner-actor-of-star-trek


Halloween was a film with a very low budget, since it was an independent project and the reason they had to save money to buy a simple mask, the cheapest one that they could find in a costume shop was one of the actor William Shatner who participated in the star trek television series of the 60’s, that mask was only sprayed with white spray paint, the eyes were cut out and the hair was fixed a little to make it look gloomier.

And the reason the killer wore a mask, was so that the viewer could never relate to him.


fun facts Halloween-1978-jackincongruente-the-actor-William-Shatner-mask-movie


The actor William Shatner did not find out until years ago that his mask had been used for this film, it was in an interview that was mentioned about this, and since then he has said that he feels honored by this gesture.


Jackincongruente-funfacts halloween-1987-the mask clown-Emmett-Kelly-michael-myers

But this could have changed, since there was another mask that the killer could’ve used, it was that of a tragic clown, Emmett Kelly’s character, it was somewhat gloomy for that disturbing and mysterious mask, but it did not give the same creepy sensation that was obtained with the mask of the actor William Shatner.


jackincongrunete-fun facts where the strength of michael myers comes from

Why is Michael Myers a murderer? And where does his strange power and supernatural strength come from? The truth is that the concept of Michael Myers has gone through several modifications throughout 10 films, directed by 9 different directors, who have incorporated their own modifications, without including the novel, the comic strips and the new pending film supposedly for this year 2018.


jack-incongruente-fun facts of-halloween-1978-different-versions-of-Michael-Myers

However in the original idea of ​​John Carpenter and screenwriter Debra Hill, Michael Myers was simply a psycho killer by nature, inside nothing else could fit that the pure evil, in other versions the thirst for revenge and blood of Michael Myers, is due to psychological traumas caused by living in a dysfunctional family, an abusive father and the contempt of his mother, because loneliness begins to hear voices (beginnings of a severe schizophrenia) that tell him and encourage him to kill.



And in the latest versions of Michael Myers  about Michael Myers  is due to the mysticism of black magic, specifically the Curse of the Thorn that is explained in the movie Halloween 4, in which Michael Myers is locked in his body an evil spirit, with a strength similar to the devil himself, with this, in this version of Michael Myers talking about giving an explanation to the fact of Michael Myers never dies.Although in 2018 will eliminate this idea that Michael Myers is a supernatural being, and return to the origins of a murderer by nature, with severe psychological problems.




Of all the girls that appear in this film, the script was supposed to be high school teenagers, but only the actress Jamie Lee Curtis was really a teenager, the other actresses were over 24 years old.


FUN FACTS of-the-movie-halloween-1978-halloween-was-the-first-movie-and-performance-of-Jamie-Lee-Curtis


This was one of the performances that made Jamie Lee Curtis famous, they will surely remember her in the film of true lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in the comedy movie called Freaky Friday.



FUN FACTS halloween-1978-John-Carpenter-contract-to-Jamie-Lee-Curtis-due-to-what-is-the-daughter-of-the-legendary-Janet-Leigh-Psycho-1960-Alfred-Hitchcock- 1


And the director John Carpenter, I consider hiring this actress because she is the daughter of the legendary Janet Leigh. Who participated in the film Psycho 1960 director Alfred Hitchcock.


fun fcats halloween-1978-jack-incongruente-youtube


Halloween became a classic, the scenes of killing hot teens, which by the way the subsequent films of the genre slasher as Friday the 13th, among others, it was common for the murderer to kill teenagers while tthey have the hormones up.


fun facts of-movie-halloween-in-the-genre-slasher-always-morian-teenagers-with-the-hormones-to-stop.

The director John Carpenter has said that it was never his intention that other films of the genre slasher took as reference the scenes where murders of young people are incorporated while they maintained sex, nor had it been his intention to implant the young people the idea that if they maintained relations with hidden, a criminal could appear and kill them.


jackincongruente information-the-killer-of-zodiac-halloween-2018

Although similar murders had already occurred, remember the criminal the zodiac murderer, who committed a crime in a town near California to a teenage couple, David Arthur (17 years old) and Betty Lou (16 years old) who were with his car parked late at night to the city limits of Benicia, so that no one would bother them, the zodiac killer took advantage of the circumstances to surprise them with a gun and shoot the boy in the head, Betty Lou tried to escape but he received 5 shots in the back. Cases similar to this there are many of that time where especially teenagers were killed by criminals, hence the films of the genre slasher took many references.



fun facts of-halloween-the-idea-of-michael-myers-emerges-when-the-director-John-Carpenter-visited-a-psychiatric-hospital-found-with-a-child-who-had-a-one look-evil

The idea of ​​the script and Michael Myers is based on an experience that had the director John Carpenter, in his college years toured a psychiatric hospital, John Carpenter was with a child who had an evil look, confess that that child frightened him enough.


jackincongruente-fun facts halloween-1978 real name movie babysistter-murders

Neither pumpkins nor Halloween, the original name of this film was  (The Babysitter Murders) and the story was developed in several days, unlike this Halloween movie that everything happens in a few hours. The decision to change the title and the story was for the low budget that was had, they would save money in costumes and decided to take advantage of the decorations of the day of witches for this film, it is for this reason that the story takes place in the most terrifying of the year, the night of Halloween, in addition to his surprise the director Irwin Yablans discovered that no previous movie had taken that word, it was a great opportunity to take that title.


jackincongruente-fun facts halloween-michael-myers- the movie only had a budget of 300mil dlls

And imagine, the film only had a budget of 300 thousand dollars, half was spent on buying Panavison cameras, and 20 thousand dollars were paid to star actor Donald Pleasence, for only 5 days of work.


fun facts of-halloween-John-Carpenter-rhythm-of-metric-irregular-of-5-4-the-director-John-Carpenter-learned-this-from-his-father-and-I-apply-it- theme-main-film

The musical theme of this film is made in an irregular 5/4-meter rhythm, the director John Carpenter learned this from his father and applied it to the main theme of the film, it took only 4 days to compose the song.


curiosities fun facts halloween-michael-myers-in-the-room-Laurie-is-found-a-portrait-of-the-painter-James-Ensor

In Laurie’s room, we can find a portrait of the painter James Ensor, which has a lot to do with this film, since in the creations of this expressionist painter, he used to portray human figures using horrible and grotesque masks.


But in the same room there is something equally curious, a doll, if you saw the Annabelle horror film, you will know that this is the real appearance of the doll that the parapsychologists Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated, since that doll keeps a curse, this type of doll corresponds to the brand raggedy ann doll, were very popular in those years, but the one that appears one of these dolls, has no relationship with the cursed doll Annabelle.


fun facts halloween-1978-Dr.-Sam-Loomis-is-the-psychiatrist-of-Michael-Myers-this-name-makes-reference-to-the-old-movie-of-Psycho-of-1960

In this film Dr. Sam Loomis is the psychiatrist of Michael Myers, this name refers to the old film Psycho of (1960), where Sam Loomis is the lover of Marion Crane, the character of the famous shower scene.




Where does the name Michael Myers come from? 2 years before the film Halloween director John Carpenter directed the film called Assault in the precinct of the 13th district, this film was an international success in those years thanks to the European distribution chief named Michael Myers, for this reason the director John Carpenter chose this name as a thank you to such person.


fun facts of-the-movie-halloween-1978-michael-myers-jack-incongruente-youtube

Nick Castle who played Michael Myers at the beginning was only on the set to see how the film was filmed, it was at the suggestion of John Carpenter that Nick Castle term representing the murderer, only charged $ 25 per day for his performance, was replaced in some scenes by tony moran, we can see it in the credits, as well as the name of the shape, that way it was as it was written in the original script, since it was like the salem witch judges (Salem Witch Trials judges) they were referring to spectra and paranormal things.


fun facts of-halloween-1978-the-producer-Debra-Hill-I make-the-scenes-of-the-little-michael-myers

To shoot the first scenes of the film, the director could not get a child to film those first shots, the producer Debra Hill (already deceased in 2005) volunteered, for that reason in the scenes where you see the hands of Michael Myers, a blur effect was applied, so that the painted nails of the producer Debra Hill could not be seen.



fun facts of-the-movie-halloween-1978-the-movie-was-filmed-in-spring-and-they-had-to-paint-leaves-of-color-coffee-to-give-the-impression-what- was-autumn

As all the production of this film was done in the spring, they had a lot of difficulties in getting pumpkins, they had to bring them from another state, as well as they made false leaves of paper painting them brown, to give the impression that it was autumn, something that it does not coincide in any way with the scenes, since all the trees are full of green leaves.



The house of the Mayers is located in South Pasadena, in those years it was an abandoned house, for that reason the production invested money in the reconstruction, after finishing the movie they left it totally de-sheltered.


fun facts halloween-1978-El-millionaire-syrian-producer-from movie Moustapha-Akkad

The Syrian millionaire film producer Moustapha Akkad, was very interested in this film, for that reason he helped John Carpenter to finance his project, after the great success of Halloween 1, Moustapha Akkad did not hesitate to continue funding the Halloween saga until the year of 2005, year in which he died in luxury hotels with his daughter Rima Akkad Monla in the attacks of November 9, 2005 in Amman.



In the scene where the 2 teenagers drive the car, they hear the theme of “Do not fear the Reaper” (do not fear death), this scene fits with Michael Myers, he is already driving behind them.


fun facts of-halloween-1978-the-power-of-the-virginity-defeat-a-michael-myers-movie-moral

In the year of the film’s premiere, film experts criticized the fact that Halloween was a moral work, since the only girl who was good at her studies and still a virgin managed to beat Michael Myers, John Carpenter was never according to those criticisms.



For this film John Carpenter was more careful and suggestive with blood, the live had to moderate and not apply his idea to include scenes where Michael Myers killed children, in his previous film Assault on Precinct 13 the audience ended up hating him for scenes like this one, so John Carpenter learned the lesson.



Halloween is included in the list “1001 movies you must see before you die” so hurry up to have a look before that happens.



When asked the 2 famous film critics, what was the most terrifying movie they had seen? Roger Ebert replied that Halloween was so scary that when he left the cinema he had to take a taxi, even though he only lived 2 blocks from the movie theater, when he got home he was so paranoid that he even removed the curtain from the shower so no killer would hide there.



The Lester dog that appears in a barking scene, the production found out a year after the German shepherd was killed by his trainer.



Months after the premiere of the film Halloween, people commented to the director John Carpenter how terrified they were with the grotesque face of Michael Myers when they took off the mask, but in reality what they saw was the normal face of actor Tony Moran , that at that moment he was interpreting the murderer, John Carpenter comments this anecdote in his interviews to show the power of the suggestion, which caused the spectators to see a disfigured face when Michael Myers was robbed of the mask in that scene.



In the of video games field, we had only a retro version of atari 2600, in which you play as Laurie Strode , the goal is to save the children by taking them to a corner of the screen so that Michael Myers does not catch them. The only positive point of this game … is that we had blood … YEAAH.

We also had Michael Myers in more recent installments like DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, in which you take the role of your favorite killer, and also in unofficial indie free game delivery as it is in TERRORDROME , an online fighting game in the which you can deal blows with your favorite horror characters.

Well, having seen this, now if we go to the mistakes .






FUN FACTS and-mistakes-of-halloween-michael-myers-an-english-key-was-used-for-the-actor-break-the-car-window

For the scene where Michael Myers breaks the window of the truck, the actor putted in his hand a wrench to break it, the key was painted flesh to not be seen, but still could not hide it altogether.


fun facts and-mistakes-of-halloween-1978-michael-myers-should-have-21-years-and-not-23-years-as-shown-in-credits-of-the- movie

Something funny is that Michael Myers was 6 years old when he murdered Judith in the year of 1963, now the main story takes place in 1978, 15 years have passed, for which Michael Myers should be 21 years old, however in the final credits Michael appears at 23 years of age.


fun facts and-mistakes-of-the-movie-halloween-1978-John-Carpenter-was-smoking-near-the-camera-and-the-smoke-of-the-cigar-is-visible-in-the- halloween movie

John Carpenter loves cigarettes

During the scene where Michael Myers hides behind some bushes, the friend of Laurie Strode is going to investigate who he is, but while he / she speaks, it is seen passing the smoke of a cigarette, in the commentaries of the director John Carpenter, he confesses that he was smoking very close to the camera.



fun facts and-mistakes-of-the-movie-halloween-1978-you-can-see-a-fan-the-what-was-used-to-simulate-the-wind-in-the-movie

Winds beyond the grave

At the moment where Laurie Strode is about to face Michael Myers , it can be seen that on Halloween night there is a bit of wind, but at one point the curtain is shaken, exposing a fan, which is what the study used to simulate the wind.



fun facts and-curiosities-of-the-movie-halloween-1978-the-pumpkin-of-tommy

The pumpkin

At the beginning of the film, when a group of children bother and make Tommy fall with his pumpkin, it is observed that the pumpkin that the child was carrying already had a cut, this to facilitate that it opened when tommy falls to the ground.


fun facts and mistakes of the movie-halloween-1978-a-member-of-the-production-is-visible-in-the-reflection-of-the-phone-booth-when-the-dr-loomis-this-speaking -by phone

Cursed Reflex

During the call that Dr. Loomis makes to the police, you can see in the telephone booth the reflection of a member of the production holding the camera cable.



Main actors of Halloween before and after 1978 – 2017


fun facts movie halloween-before-and-after-2018-Jamie-Lee-Curtis
fun facts movie halloween-before-and-after-2018-Jamie-Lee-Curtis
fun facts of-halloween-before-and-after-2018-tony-moran
fun facts of-halloween-before-and-after-2018-tony-moran
fun facts halloween-before ans after 2018-nancy-loomis
fun facts halloween-before ans after 2018-nancy-loomis


And that’s how we ended the beginning of this emblematic saga of terror, there is no way we can forget this movie, as children the music that this film had was imbued in our minds, personally from the Halloween saga my favorite is this one, from 1978 and Halloween 2 of 1981, because there are other Halloween 1 and 2, but they are remakes, they have more special effects and Michael Myers looks more imposing , but those films are already directed by the musician and director Rob Zombie , so they lost quite the essence of the first films , but here the important thing is that you tell me your opinion, for you. What are the Halloween movies that you like the most? And what do you think about the new movie that will come out ? It would be good if Michael Myers returns to his origins?

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