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The Hacker WarKitteh cat getting free WiFi

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Gene Bransfield cat wifi

Here’s how Gene Bransfield, who is an employee of computer security and set about building a device to call ” WarKitteh“which seems a simple necklace cat, but inside has a base plate Spark Core, added a GPS, a WiFi card and a small rechargeable battery.

What is WarKitteh?

For the uses to spy and Hacking Wifi networks in your city, once puts the collar on your cat and shows to be around the neighborhood from the roof of the houses, the security consultant will identify wifi networks that the sensor in the cat collar he analyzes to discover which is vulnerable to access these networks and enter your wifi network.

cat necklace wifi warkitteh

Once the cat returns home from Gene Bransfield all neighborhood data, using a system based onGoogle Maps to locate and analyze information about where they are vulnerable to attack networks to program.

Although these things makes Gene Bransfield is a professional and just doing it to get people thinking more on the security of their networks and especially their data, so enter once achieved gives notice to the owner of that for improve her safety.

DefCon WarKitteh

Many of these things are present at meetings and conferences DefCon, where several techies, hackers most highly advanced, have several curious things how are you. WarKitteh can be done with less than $ 100 dlls.

What do you think? Since you can not trust cats :)

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