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The smart TV Samsung recorded audio from your conversations

smart TV de Samsung's voice recognition system

The company Samsung warns customers that their smart TVs recorded conversations that are close to their televisions smart TV, recorded data are shared with the company Samsung and other third parties. These recordings are performed when the customer uses the system voice to control your TV, then the smart TV Samsung recorded all the sound around them. Within the policies …

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Netflix develops series Legend of Zelda (Live Action)

Netflix serie The Legend of Zelda 2015

An adaptation of the popular Nintendo games are plans to leave as a television series by the company Netflix, and is about “The Legend of Zelda”. Netflix is developing the series where we see the adventures Link will have to spend to save Princess Zelda and the world of Hyrule. Currently Netflix is looking for writers to develop all the adventures, …

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Borderlands 3 confirmed by Take-Two

borderlands 3 confirmado 2015

The company Take-Two has confirmed the existence of the upcoming video game Borderlands 3 have also commented that will be exclusive to the next generation consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and of course also for PC. Indicating that the video game Borderlands The Pre-Sequel will be the last in the series to visit the previous generation consoles (PlayStation …

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Top 10 best games of 2014 – Time Magazine

Revista TIME 10 videojuegos del 2014

Time magazine, one of the largest in the United States every week is published, this time gives us a list of the most important games of the year 2014. The year 2014 is nearing completion and are at this time (November and December) where different media released their top 10 of which in his opinion were the best games of …

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Bayonetta 2 for Wii U in Japan already plays

bayonetta 2 Link

Bayonetta 2, and is enjoyed in Japan and to celebrate Bayonetta director Yusuke Hashimoto has published two small images that some have been posting on social networking sites like: Also for his part in the youtube channel Nintendo UK have published a short video where we can see the beautiful witch dressed in the costume of Link and armed with …

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Super Smash Bros for Wii U and figures Amiigo

super smash bros and Amiigo Wii U

Today Nintendo has revealed the release date for Spain Super Smash Bros for the console Wii U (5 December 2014) and the new surprises that will bring as different figures Amiibo, there will be packages that bring a Amiibo figure Mario bros. And as to acquire individually Amiigo figures will be available in late November. These figures Amiigo have special …

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RoomAlive your room in a 3D game environment


Microsoft Research has upgraded its prototype illumiRoom formerly and now called RoomAlive which is able to make all your interactive room, through projection mapping and RoomAlive using video projectors plus a Procam can turn any room in an interactive whole world. Using Kinect sensors can recognize every inch of your room and the process of projected images in 3D is performed …

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Dexmo F2 the sense of touch in the virtual world

Dexmo F2

Recently on Reddit Oculus a fantastic device is being developed by a technology company Dextra Robotics, which have called Dexmo F2 your device, an exoskeleton that is placed in our hands able to recreate the sense of touch in a virtual environment. Dextra Robotics have explained that in the thumb and the index of this device finger have a special hardware …

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windows 10 available Technical Preview

windows 10-version Technical preview build 2014

Microsoft has just officially present the operating system that will replace Windows 8, will be the newWindows 10 and as we had seen months ago back the classic desktop we all know Windows with your start button, but integrated into the right side an interface that remind us Windows 8, the charms bardisappearing but now find the functions in the …

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Scissors Project new game Clock Tower 2015

Project Scissors game 2015

Hifumi Kono, who is the general director of “N.Maker” and who directed the first video game Clock Tower for the SNES and Playsation One console, announced in Tokyo Game Show a project called“Scissors Project” which will like them call it a spiritual successor to Clock Tower, this game will be released on the 20th anniversary of Clock Tower in 2015. …

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