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Tv Series – Reviews and curiosities

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20 Fun Facts sabrina the teenage witch Serie Tv

sabruna 2015 Melissa Joan Hart

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was a very popular series in the 90 years that several of us safe even remember the adventures of this inexperienced witch, played by actress Melissa Joan Hart. He was a teenager at the age of 16 finds out she’s a witch, the wardrobe where towels are stored is a gateway for travel to another realm, …

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13 facts about dinosaurs Tv series (Family Sinclair)

13 facts about Dinosaurs Tv series (Family Sinclair)

Surely many like me, remember this sitcom called Dinosaurs, originally issued in the year 1991 by the ABC Television Network. (24 long years ago). In this series we presented the daily life of a family of dinosaurs (which was actually a parody of our society) so had human features, was the mother who took care of the house, her husband …

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Gotham TV series “Batman” 2014-2015

The Fox television network asked a commission to Bruno Heller (‘The Mentalist’) to be responsible for carry out the “Gotham” series based on the city protected by Batman. But in this series we will not see the man-bat, this series will focus on the city and have the main character of Detective James Gordon, who will be fighting as a …

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