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Tutorial Tor Bundle on Windows, Linux and Mac 2014

Tor bundle windows 2014

  This small Tutorial Tor Bundle download tor bundle as indicated, measures must take the time to browse the tor network and disable elements to not compromise our anonymity. What’s sector and to work? The Onion Router Tor is best known as a network is divided into several layers which are encrypted to keep your data safe, so browsing the network will anonymously. Tor is a free …

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Install and Configure System on a USB Tails 2014

Instalacion de tails usb 2014

  The “The Amnesic Incognito Live System” better known as Tails, operating system is a system specifically to provide security and protect the privacy of users who surf the Internet and your files and things that take place in an operating system. System properties Tails It is a system that keeps track of your actions and not record anything from your internet activities. Tails is based on Debian and it is supported by anonymous …

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Increase speed internet with Connectify twice-Dispatch “Tutorial”

Increases speed internt twice, joining two wireless networks on one with Connectify-Dispatch. This application allows you to connect multiple networks in a computer to increase the connection. Imagine having 6mb/s -or- 11 mb / s for yourself. To use this tool you will need to have 2 wifi antennas (eg, a laptop has an internal card, also you will need an external …

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Copy text to any image Naptha Project – 2014

Naptha Project  is a useful extention of google chrome, which allows capture text found in any image that is in internet, for example, posters, diagrams, scanned books, memes, including pictures that have some text documents and many etc. This amazing tool was developed by Kevin Kwok, who was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and because she won …

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