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Fire in study Kyoto Animation of Japan 23 dead 40 wounded

Fire in study Kyoto Animation of Japan 23 dead 40 wounded

The anime is in mourning, because this morning a fire caused in the Kyoto Animation studio located in Kyoto, Japan, leaves at least 40 injured and 23 people dead. It is said that the fire was provoked, as reported by police sources. 12 people with cardiac arrest were found on the ground floor and the first floor of the building, which has three floors, …

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12 unpublished Fun Fatcs of dragon ball super: BROLY Movie 2019

12 unpublished Fun Fatcs of dragon ball super BROLY Movie 2019

According to the director Tatsuya Nagamine, Akira Toriyama had written a script that lasted 3 hours, but the film only lasts almost 2 hours, so Nagamine and animation director Naohiro Shintani collaborated with Toriyama to analyze what was to be kept in the movie. However, extra scenes will be included in the Blu-Ray and DVD releases. The Planet Vampa to which the sayayin broly was exiled …

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First official trailer of the movie Poltergeist 2015

película Poltergeist 2015

They have returned! Poltergeist was an excellent 1982 film directed by Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg was producing.De truly is a film that anyone who likes horror must-see. Now in 2015 the remake of this film is closer and has released the first trailer of the movie Poltergeist directed by Gil Keenan (in latin america known as diabolical games). Which …

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A mysterious drone falls into the courtyard of the White House

White House Secret Service officers drone 2015

A drone (quadcopter) has crashed and fallen in the gardens of the White House, this has alarmed the Secret Service by inefficient safety still has against these drone vehicles, now have become more fashionable. Another similar incident happened two weeks ago in the French presidential palace, where a vehicle of these drones flew over the palace without authorization. “I think …

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Chloe Grace Moretz in the movie The Last of Us?

Chloë Grace Moretz As Ellie - The Last of Us

Since it was confirmed in March that it would be a movie adaptation of the video game The Last of Us (created by Naughty Dog) began circulating a lot of rumors about who might be in the casting, of which one of the rumors which have outweighed in recent days is that Hugh Jackman and actress Chloë Grace Moretz could be …

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Philae is in trouble, could be without power

Problems robot-philae-cometa 67

A few days ago Philae successfully managed to reach the surface of the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gersimenko (something no doubt go down in history), but at the meeting of the European Space Agency (ESA) has discussed several points that were analyzed after to meet the target. And the anchor system Philae not complete successfully its mission to keep the firm …

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The Ebola virus, classes and ZMapp cure for ebola virus

Virus ebola

Apparently the world after so many years has your attention Ebola virus, a terrible virus that causes viral hemorrhagic fever, and also affects multiple organs in the body, once symptoms appear, death follows between about 3 or 8 days. This virus was named as such in honor of a river called Ebola located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) occurred where one of the first outbreaks …

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Germany World Cup Champion Brazil 2014

Germany Champions World Cup 2014

World cup 2014 brazil. Germany I managed to score his goal and at the end of extra time, making it difficult to make Argentina more annotation such short, ending Germany Champion of this world. Argentina had its chance but as fate palace could not finish the ball, and it was a clear opportunity.   Well also a prankster makes crazy jokes videos on …

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Inauguration of World Brazil 2014 -The Good and the Bad

inauguración del mundial Brasil 2014

About 26 minutes was the time that lasted the inauguration ceremony of the World Brazil 2014,Jennifer Lopez was the main opening to give this feast of football, full of bright colors and rhythms to Carioca style that moved us to feel the essence of Brazil. At center stage Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Claudia Leitte carioca interpreter, were willing to put in the whole world environment under …

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New Stargate film – 2014 Warner Bros and MGM

Warner Bros Studios and MGM are working a trilogy based on the 1994 film Stargate, which will be directed by Roland Emmerich and produced by Dean Devlin. Once finished filming Emmerich ID Forever, which will be a sequel to Independence Day “Independence Day” will be free to put all your time in the new trilogy stargate. Although it has not been confirmed …

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