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free games of the moment, action, adventure, strategy, terror. Indie games for PC, Android and many more platforms.

Free Game: Lost Constellation

indie game Lost Constellation

Lost Constellation is an indie video game developed by Alec Holowka, Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry. In this adventure pass through a frozen forest, we will encounter ghosts, dead and unexpected traps throughout our journey. Which is a story told by grandfather Mae, the protagonist cat Night in the Woodsvideo game. The game has excellent quality, lots of color, good …

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Remake LSD: Dream Emulator by Figglewatts – Demo

playstation dream emulator 1998 Hiroko Nishikawa

A developer named “Figglewatts” is working on a small remake of the game that originally came out for the console Playstation One in 1998, simply called LSD (LSD: Dream Emulator). Basically this game was based on dreams Hiroko Nishikawa, who was a worker Asmik Ace Entertainment (a video game company formed in 1997). Although not a commercial videogame or known …

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Uncanny Valley – Demo horror game – jack incongruente

juego de horror Uncanny Valle

Cowardly team Creations has free demo of their game called Uncanny Valley, this can now go through his dark laboratory full of weird stuff, weird mannequins and metal structures, hide behind servers and escaping horrible things. In the video game Uncanny Valle be the watcher Tom, responsible for the security of some laboratories which are located at a remote site, …

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Dungeon Nightmares – Free horror game 2014

Dungeon Nightmares videogame 2014

Dungeon Nightmares is a horror game third-person, live in so you have to spend a tormented and deranged man, who has uncontrollable nightmares every night that make travel to a dark and sinister dungeon full endless hallways, voices is heard in the distance and strange wall decorations that will make us feel a creepy place. As we move forward in our quest for …

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Download [Babysitter Bloodbath] PC Game of Terror

BABYSITTER BLOODBATH SYSTEM: WINDOWS, MAC GENRE: Survival Horror, Slasher Babysitter Bloodbath is a free game inspired by horror films of the 80s and in horror games console PSOne, is a survival horror game style Clock Tower, created by the team of pigfarmergames,   which are fans of the horror genre. The story begins when a nanny sore to do their work of caring for a …

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Download SnowStorm – Indie PC game –

SnowStorm is an indie survival 2d type game, where he tells a short story of the main character who was wounded in the chest, your mission will get it to its destination, but because of the wound will not be easy. We have to move forward carefully to prevent your character dies, it will have to go to her heart …

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Hyper Dragon Ball Z – New Indie Game 2014

In the world of indie games, this curiosity is abut, is HYPER DRAGONBALL Z, a game developed by fans for fans of 2D fighting games. Based games like Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, but adapted and tuned to represent a action film Dragonball. This full of combos, aerial hits, projectiles power special moves. All this developed under the engine fighting game …

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