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10 mysterious unexplained photographs – 2014 (mystery)

misteriosas fotografias

Lady babushka There are far many mysteries surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but certainly one of the most intriguing is the mystery of a woman named Lady babushka, which wears a headscarf singular style of Russian grandmothers. This strange woman was filming when I pass the caravan and the exact time of the assassination of President John F. …

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UFO Sightings / UFO 2014 – Real or Fake?

BREMEN GERMANY An unidentified flying object was seen flying over the stadium as confirmed Werder Bremen police and authorities in Germany. The UFO, with green and red lights stopped on the stage of Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga at 6:30 pm Tuesday about 300 meters from the stadium and then disappeared. The ship was spotted by radars airport and flights stopped …

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