70 Fun Facts and Mistakes about Jurassic Park 1993

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As Jurassic World is increasingly closer to being released, this time we have secrets and curiosities of Jurassic Park 1993, the first installment of the series that made ​​us love and fear while dinosaurs.


Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park was directed by Steven Spielberg, which is based on the novel byMichael Crichton, who let me tell you that Michael Crichton before publishing it had a price on copyright for 1 and a half million dollars.


Columbia Pictures, Richard Donner, Warner Bros, Tim Burton, 20th Century Fox and Joe Dante, competed for such copyright of Jurassic Park.


But the winners were Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg in May 1990 who paid $ 2 million for the rights to the novel, which had not yet been published. And as Michael Crichton Extra data takes me two years to write the novel. (That writing books takes time).

Jurassic park Alan Grant Sam Neill

To play Dr. Alan Grant, Spielberg had first choice to Sam Neill, but do not accept the role because he was busy at the time, next on the list were Richard Dreyfuss and Kurt Russell, but his recruitment was very expensive, so Spielberg was looking for William Hurt, but turned down the role, went in search of Harrison Ford, but also refused. I did not stay for another one month Spielberg to delay shooting the film for Sam Neill was already available and could play Dr. Alan Grant, which is inspired by the famous paleontologist Jack Horner.

Jurassic park Ellie Sattler Laura Dern

To play Dr. Ellie Sattler at first the role was offered to Juliette Binoche “Juliet binoch” but I refuse to participate in the movie Trois Couleurs: Bleu. So finally the role is performed Laura Dern even went to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, to learn more about fossilization.

Jurassic park Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm

Jeff Goldblum, sure many will remember from the movie “Fly” was selected from the beginning for the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm, as he and Spielberg shared a certain interest in dinosaurs.

Jurassic park Richard Attenborough John Hammond

Well Spielberg finally convinced Mr. Richard Attenborough John Hammond to play as the popular actor Richard 2 oscar was removed.

Jurassic park Sean Connery

He was also an option to play this role Sean Connery who played a bond james in the movie “From Russia with Love” 1963.


Now what does the series Lost (Lost) with the film Jurassic Park? Well what happens is that initially the scene sick Triceratops in the Hawaiian island Kaua’i.Pero filmed by climate caused by Hurricane Iniki.


Had to go to the island Oahu to film the scene of the stampede of Gallimimus, in that place many years after production of the series Lost, they recorded many of the episodes of the series, we can even see the features mountains were a tourist attraction on the island.


For the peaks of these mountains are the famous steps called “Stairway to Heaven” were used by military today is forbidden to pass around, although some tourists ignore, but show great pictures how are you.

1993 Making of Jurassi park

In the same movie we see and hold the material on “The Making Of Jurassic Park” same material was released later.


There is this little video that is not included nor special dvd of the film, it’s a small fragment was part of a kit for the press, in which we can see Spielberg drawing and imagining takes to be carried out talking and joking with the actors in the scenes that take place, finally a rarity video.

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Detectives book Alan Grant

This is the cover of the fictional book that Dr. Alan Grant had written in the history of the movie, called “” Dinosaur Detectives “”


Now they go with the Fantastic Four is that Spielberg originally had in mind to create the vast majority of dinosaurs using animatronics, to see that this idea was very expensive, with the Fantastic Four special which effects were: Stan Winston who was commissioned to create the Terminator exoskeleton, Michael Lantieri who is in charge of the effects of the film Indiana Jones and Back to the Future, Phil Tippett responsible for the effects of the film Return of the Jedi, and Dennis Muren who supervise effects for the film Star Wars and ET


This quartet took to film the actual dinosaurs of that time to the big screen, obviously also animatronics were used in some scenes. As the dinosaur T.Rex which was one of the larger and heavier animatronics, nearly 6 tons.


But still Spielberg was not so sure that the effects and animations seen real dinosaurs, so the team of this work put to work to create the stampede scene and the scene of Velociraptors, for it had to get into the skin of dinosaurs, created botargas to dress and act like dinosaurs for a moment, not that they were crazy, what happens is they needed to investigate the movements that have to fit into a 3D animation.

Jurassic Park Phil Tippett extinct

At the end when they saw the scenes and especially the T. Rex created by computer Tippet was amazed but also a little disappointed because his Go-Motion animation, not going to compete with these effects, so I said something Spielberg “I think I’m an extinct species”. Which Spielberg seemed funny and incorporated in the film.

Jurassic Park Spielberg triceratops 1993

The favorite dinosaur entire film Spielberg was the triceratops, since it says that as a child his parents gave him a toy one, and for the film wanted to do something special and was one of the few dinosaurs that were built so animatronics. That scene was one of the best texture of your skin and breath, looked really real.


Those who did chemistry during the recordings of the film was Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern who pledged after finishing the film, but not hard thing much just a couple of months, and who say that Jeff Goldblum is a very eccentric person .


Even young at that time Ariana Richards says Jeff Goldblum did not study their scripts silently as others, rather the read aloud almost screaming, looked like a crazy talking about dinosaurs.


The sounds and roaring dinosaurs are an invention of the special effects team, which made ​​a strange mix of sounds crocodile, tiger and elephants, and his breath is a whale.


Say that the hardest part was making the noise would call a dinosaur Dilophosaurus, his strange croaking was the result of combining the swan song, the sound of a rattlesnake viper, howler monkeys and the sound of a alcon.

jurassic-park-sound-of-the-Velociraptor - walrus-and-dolphin

For Velociraptor are just mixing the sound of a walrus and a dolphin.

Jurassic-park-Aerosmith-The-Rugrats-Go-Wild - call-Lizzard-Love

For the movie the rock band Aerosmith was playing a song called Lizzard, but eventually the idea was canceled after the song appeared in the movie The Rugrats Go Wild. But now called Lizzard Love.

Steven Spielberg commented that he would not allow their children to watch the movie of Jurassic park

Steven Spielberg commented that he would not allow their children to see the film until they reached 15 years of age, since at that time considered very terrifying.


Lightwave 3D software that was still not out for PC, operated under the platform of the Commodore Amiga was used for some special effects.


In one of the final scenes when everyone tries to escape through the roof, a velociraptor head pushes the girl, and almost falls to the floor, then that makes the scene is a double, which mistakenly look to the camera when I should not do this, the team put special effects on the face of the little actress on that decision, so the speed of the scene is not very noticeable.

Jurassic Park Jeep 3D

Many of the faults were corrected digitally and in some cases double the actors were also fixed to look like the actors, even a jeep was done digitally in the scene where the T. Rex tries to attack children.

Richard Paul Kiley jurassic park

In the novel it is said that the narrator of the tour is the actor Richard Paul Kiley, when they began to shoot the film engaged to actor Richard Paul Kiley to the story telling in the book, was one of the first instances where a famous actor appears in a book and then hired to play himself in the film version.


The graphical interface displayed on the monitors of the film which called Unix, is only the 3D File System Navigator, Silicon Graphics which let you navigate between directories and system files but in a 3D environment.


By the way the actress Christina Ricci audition for the role of Lex Murphy girl, but failed, and sele stay young Ariana Richards, currently looks like.


And the boy Joseph Mazzello I play in those years younger brother Tim Murphy Lex Murphy looks now as well.

Jurssic glass of water park

Sometimes it seems the easiest thing ends up being the hardest and that’s exactly what happened to the scene of the glass of water, which produces waves T.Rex steps to that effect in charge Michael Lantieri attempt consult with all sound engineers and physicists but could not find how to do this effect, until he came to put a guitar string which passed just below the dashboard where the glasses were as touched the rope that effect was produced in the vessels. This idea was a whim of Spielberg, since when was in his car listening to loud Earth, Wind & Fire, saw his glass of coffee vibrated by the loud music, and thought it could be used when it appeared the T.rex , and boy became a scene remembered.


The film was one of the first to incorporate the system DTS sound, at that time was ua of the latest technologies and Spielberg wanted to use it, so when it came out in theaters the movie many rooms were forced to renew their sound system for this film.


The iconic logo of Jurassic Park we all know, is not really a design for the film, that design was especially for the book, but Spielberg liked it so much that I incorporate into the film and was designed by Chip Kidd which is a renowned graphic designer and writer.

jurassic park George Lucas

George Lucas was also involved in the Jurassic Park Spielberg to be filming the movie “Schindler’s List” did not have much time to monitor the progress of the team post production, so he asked a favor to his friend Lucas to oversee the process special effects.

Jurassic park T.Rex if you do not move does not see you

One of the phrases that remained deeply rooted in the film is “If you do not move does not see you” as the production team thought the T.Rex was based on the movements to identify their prey, years later shown that was false, and that the dinosaur besides being very fierce, had an excellent view.

jurassic park box called pablo Picasso Guernica

There is a curious mural in the offices of John Hammond, who is inspired by Pablo Picasso box called “Guernica”.

jurassic park Ian Malcolm and Hammond black and white

It is no coincidence that Dr. Ian Malcolm Hammond dressed in black and dressed in white, this represented opposing ideas that had everyone.


For pure advertising campaign universal studios invested 65 million dollars and perform contracts with 100 companies to publicize products, were also released simultaneously game made ​​by Sega and Ocean Software and good many toys made ​​by Hasbro. Not to mention after the attractions on the studies. In total the film raises more than $ 900 million.


There is a montage well done recreate the scene where the kids in the kitchen escaping dinosaurs, but with cats, this video is in the description.

Hammond entrepreneur jurassic park

Well regarding the novel there are many differences, such as sick dinosaur found in the book is a Stegosaurus.John Hammond in the book is an arrogant businessman and at the end of the novel is eaten by a group of small dinosaurs, while trying to climb a hill ankle roto.Lex Murphy despite being a girl, has a very risky move and very masculine manners, but in the film we see the opposite, being very fearful.

Animation jurassic park

Another change made ​​to the book, was incorporated into an animation film where the process of cloning dinosaurs and also a change in the attitude of Dr Alan Grant with children explained, since the beginning does not support your company and ultimately ends up being like a protective parent with them. A Nedry a dinosaur eats half his body and then his body is found and the end of all the facilities and the island are destroyed by the Air Forces of Costa Rica, bombard all with only a few survivors which are retained by the government of Costa Rica and mentioned that some velociraptors escaped somehow.

Recording errors and curiosities Jurassic Park 1993


In the scene where Dennis Nedry allegedly viewing images from a security camera, you can see that it’s actually just a video which has given play to play, you can even watch video bar progresses.


Before the T.Rex escape, throws up the vehicle a kickstand, however when making changes, the kickstand and the blood stain disappears.


But we in the same scene, when the T.Rex get tired of playing and breaks the glass of the car, you can see crystal splits in two, but in the next aerial shot glass is full, without a scratch.


And something questioned in that scene is like rays escape the T.Rex, we can see what comes walking quietly passing over the short wall of concrete. But in another scene we can see behind that “short wall” Concrete is a huge cliff, which was higher than the dinosaur. ¿Aliens? Or a wizard did it.


Another curious thing is that the huge screened for climbing, can be seen in an aerial which has only a few meters long, so they could only have been around instead of climbing over it.


Not to mention that the child was able to withstand 10,000 volts and just stay a little disheveled.


When the velociraptor will have the kitchen door, you can see a hand of a member of the production that holds the queue to be incorporated. Some of these scenes was done with Go motion.


Before a velociraptor is released to attack the protagonists, the T.Rex taking a bite, it is curious that among these frames of video, the velociraptor disappears, we can see that there is now, not now, now, and now, remember that sequence was made ​​in 3D and not used the animatronic, a small technical failure special effects team.


Returning to the scene of T Rex, we can see how the attorney will have the door to escape, but in a shot from another car door is closed, and the next shot the guy is going to close the door that is supposed to be already closed.


When are witnessing the birth of a dinosaur you can see the robotic hand that held the egg, but in moments when changing robotic hand that takes away from the scene.


When Dennis meets to receive the briefcase of money, you can see who has it in his left arm, the change takes the briefcase disappears.


When the T.Rex achieved flip the car you can see a lanyard and a tripod with focus to illuminate the scene.


When Dr. Alan and the boys climb the tree you can see that it has lots of leaves around, but in the next scene a lot of leaves appear in the tree.


When Lex is subject of the skeleton can be seen as it is released and apparently falls, but in the next shot inexplicably is still subject the skeleton.


When the T.Rex attacks the lawyer in the bathroom can be like toilet paper orientation is vertical, making the change is now horizontally.


As the material it was made ​​of T.Rex animatronic absorbed much water, prevented from getting wet so this jack can see that weighs the vast rain, the area where it is the animatronic remains dry.


When John Hammond is in the trailer cleaning some glasses, you can see it takes a clean, white color, which in the next shot becomes towel pink color.


During the stampede we can see how various dinosaurs on passing to Dr Alan and children, but in the next shot will not appear before them any dinosaur.


When Dennis Nedry are looking for the way to the boat, you can see that the arrow points to follow the right path, but in another shot the arrow points to another address.


When Jophery is attacked by a dinosaur can be seen as the grate there is nothing you can even see the feet of the actor, which it is not holding any dinosaur.


When Dr. Alan found the shells, you can see how the land is human, but in the next shot, the land is now dry.


The small log that shows Dennis the dinosaur has a straight, making changing the trunk now has a different way.


When crossing the great gate of the park, in the aerial shot may notice eat guardrails not continue, they are just hidden in the bushes.

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