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Curiosities of the actors in the movie Back to the Future 1985

Michael Andrew Fox is a name and adopted the name of Michael J. Fox in homage to actor Michael J. Pollard, he is Canadian and from 18 years traveling to America to try his luck as an actor, was not easy and step by many economic problems, but found his first opportunity in the series Family Ties, which was also where he met his current wife, actress Tracy Pollan. while doing this seri was called to shoot themovie Back to the Future 1985.

Christopher Lloyd Doc Emmett Brown
Christopher Lloyd was elected as Doc Emmett Brown, after the main option John Lithgow is not available, were also tested with actor Jeff Goldblum, but they did not seem appropriate, so they proposed it to Christopher Lloyd, who unexpectedly rejected the paper at first, but after reading the script and at the persistence of his wife to accept the role, change of heart.

Lea Thompson was cast as Lorraine Baines
Lea Thompson was cast as Lorraine Baines, thanks to her performance in the film The Wild Life, and the film The key to success in 1983 with Tom Cruise. In back to the future makeup you put to make it look like lady 47 les Volume 3 hours of makeup, then she was 23 like Michael J. Fox.

Bob Gale back to future

Most of the story of Back to the Future came screenwriter Bob Gale, leafing through a yearbook to her father and wondering what would have happened if I had gone to school with him.

Eric Stoltz back to the future
As the film was to premiere at a fixed director Robert Zemeckis began filming the movie with actor Eric Stoltz as the protagonist, who was working a week and several scenes were filmed, but the director was not convinced by the performance of Robert, so I decided to re-record everything again but with Michael J. Fox, he felt it was the best paper, so I leave it as an actor, but Michael J. Fox was working on the series Family Ties while filming the movie. I recorded the show in the morning and then at dawn the movie, which is why most of the film takes place at night Can you imagine no Back to the Future Michael J. Fox?

Ralph Macchio back to future
Ralph Macchio, famous for the movie Karate Kid, turned down the role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future 1

Steven Spielberg back to the future
The person with a hat that will run the truck at which Marty McFly grabs to get to school, is actually a cameo of director Steven Spielberg.

The parking lot where Marty McFly and Doc Delorean test the first time, has the name “Twin Pines Mall.” But when Marty travels back, tumbling down from the farm of Mr. Peabody a pine, returning to 1985, You can see how that affection hisoria as the pine along with the demolition that was left standing was the reason why he was given the name to the mall, now just “Lone Pine Mall”.

back to the future Bullwinckle Show
Speaking of the farm of Mr. Peabody, Sherman has a son named, are the names of a dog and a guy from a cartoon called “Bullwinckle Show” in which they travel through time.

Red Thomas back to the future
When Marty McFly back to 1985, we can see a tramp sleeping in the square of Hill Valley, he was the mayor in 1955 we saw Red Thomas doing propaganda for his re-election.

The Time Machine, initially was to be a “camera time” shaped refrigerator, but this was changed thought that children might try to get to their homes cooler to see him in the movie.

Sidney Sheinberg--back-to-the-future
The Universal Studios executive Sidney Sheinberg, performed the suggestion to change the title of themovie Spaceman from Pluto “Pluto Space Man” nobody listened, but to not feel so bad if you remember Marty travels back Cundo and impinges on the farm, a boy draws a comic called “Space Zombies from Pluto” a little gag to laugh at the proposal of the executive of Universal Studios. But not all his proposals were so bad and thanks to him, he got the Doc mascot was a dog and not a chimpanzee, as it was in the script.

When Marty McFly arrives at the 1955 goes to the local coffee shop called Lou’s, which in 1985 was a school aerobics and 2015 was called Café 80’s in honor of the business that was in 1955.

jigowatts back to the future
In the part where the Doc, see a video of the same future for explaining time travel DeLorean needs an electric shock of 1.2 jigowatts, to which exclaims that is impossible to produce 1.2 jigowatts and asks Marty which is a jigowatts, since that term does not exist, it will in any case 1,2Gigawatts, but those who wrote the dialogues (Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis) and put it in the script and so pronounced throughout the film.

Huey Lewis you back the future
The song that plays Marty McFly and his band the “Pinheads” is the song “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News. Courthouse And the person that refuses to be a pretty loud theme is the same Huey Lewis. We also heard one of their songs on the radio called “Back in Time” in the morning when Marty McFly back to 1985.

Bulldogs vs. Indians back to the future
When Marty McFly and George walk by the school you can see a sign that says “Bulldogs vs. Indians’ teams that sign is due to the writer back to the future “Bob Gale” because your child juice in such equipment.

Johnny B. Goode back to the future
One of the best scenes is when Marty McFly touches on “Johnny B. Goode” with Marvin Berry’s band, who heard the song calls a cousin named Chuck, saying he found the sound I was looking for and makes it listen to “Johnny B. Goode” good referred to Chuck’s Chuck Berry who wrote and performed the song in 1958 Considered at No. 7 of 500 subjects as the best song of all time.

When Doc goes to the clock tower a piece of the cornice, which will remain so in the year 1955 in the year 1985 and 2015 breaks.

Early in the film we see an amazing amount of watches, all put in the 7:53 hour, for an experiment of Doc, the funny thing is that in one of them and will see what happened near the end of the film, and there is one that has a doll hanging from the hand of the clock, as it will happen to the Doc’s future history.

Bob gale back to the future
In the school of Marty McFly in 1985, there is a graffiti with the name of Bob, referring to the writer of the film, Bob Gale (Apparently this writer wanted to appear everywhere).

Marty McFly and mom
At the beginning of the film when Marty McFly is having dinner with his mother Lorraine Baines, she says he never chased a boy or courting some because that’s wrong. But when Marty travels back in time we see that the opposite is true and Martyn was amazed at how much the attitude of her mother in the past. Also asks George was doing on the tree the day we got hit, if watching birds or something, but actually was spying out the window.

back to the future Billy Zane
One of the bad guys in the band Biff, is played by Billy Zane, best known as his role as Cal, Rose’s boyfriend in the movie titanictony hawk back to the future.

For the film Michael J. Fox had to spend a week learning to balance on the skateboard, on the advice of a great skater, Tony Hawk, who at first was going to do the double in some scenes on the skateboard, but it was too high so they hired someone else to do double Marty.

DeLoreans back to the future
For this film 7 DeLoreans total were used,

The main street Hill valley, is the same as used in the films “Gremlins” and “Sneakers”.

Ronald Reagan back to the future
In the years when the movie was released, was president in United States Ronald Reagan that he loved the scene where he talks about it, so much so that even in an official speech made reference to the film by saying a phrase from Doc “A where we’re going, we do not need roads. “

producers back to the future
Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale to convince executives to buy the film, telling the story of a boy who was traveling to the past and his mother falls in love with him. But later they were not sure they deal with this issue, as it would be frowned upon these scenes, plus it was a family film.

back to the future The Honeymooners
The television family watching Marty in the past and present of the movie is called “The Honeymooners”

Crispin Glover steven spielberg
Crispin Glover, who played George McFly, for other films demanded a higher salary, which was not accepted and replaced by actor Jeffrey Weissman, who in most of the scenes left back or side to not look like a different actor, but there was the need to use your image fragments of the first film, so Crispin Glover sued the producer Steven Spielberg and win the lawsuit, making her pay.

Miller Texaco back to the future
In the parking lot of 1985’s “Texaco” Miller is a service van when Marty travels to 1955, you can see that also comes a Miller car.

delorean outtime
In case you had not noticed the plates DeLorean says “Time Out” timeless.

back to the future doc
What the Doc actually carried in his suitcase to travel to the past is underwear, a hair dryer and a magazine.

biff bacf 3d match Skinhead

Biff’s friends have over 1955 name Skinhead, Match and 3D.

back to the future Chroma key
For creating the grooves left by the fire when DeLorean achieves time travel, 80 gallons of a flammable liquid is used, and the scene where they are on fire, actually used a chroma key.


In some scenes of the film can be seen as indicator Speedometer DeLorean model changes, this may be because for the filming of the movie Delorean used 7 different cars.


Before traveling to the future when Marty writes Doc a letter warning you to avoid a terrible disaster, it can be seen that the last word is disaster. When it reaches 1985 Doc shows him the letter he gave in 1955, but you can see that is not the same because now in the final line is “terrible disaster.”


When Marty goes to wake his father, 1955, dressed in his anti radiation suit, you can see as it has in the waist with a hair dryer, making changes to afraid George and then take back to Marty, but ups the dryer hair has disappeared.


The line painted on the road doc initially this looks blurry and almost ready to be deleted, but a scene later, magically this line is freshly painted.


Skateboarding takes Marty can see it has a metal frame and wheels are red, but in another take, the metal structure disappears and the tires are not the same.


Indeed it appears that the skateboard scene repeated several times because there were many brands of wheels before Marty went through the sidewalk.

Curious data back to the future movie

When marty reaches past saw a truck carrying presidential propaganda, in the top carries an ad looking straight ahead, making changes to Marty and now can be seen as the announcement this side.


When Marty comes home you can see a candy jar is almost full, but changing the vase now making this semi vacuum.

When they are about to send Einstein can be seen ahead of time that the circuit is October 10th but whenEinstein returns and Doc shows Marty the circuit now has the month in abbreviated form.


At the beginning of the film can be seen as George’s father Marty has three pens, but a couple of minutes later one of them disappears.


When Biff’s car collides with truck looks like manure does not reach the windshield, in the next shot in shopping Biff is further back.


It can be seen in a scene at double Micheal J Fox when the Libyans chase him.

curiosities back to the future marty mcfly

In a first shot you can see that the edges are fire between the legs of Marty and Doc, but in another shot you can see that this is not so.


When Marty talks to his father can see how are the bags of his shirt, takes on another one of his bags is different.


When Marty and Biff are discussing in school can be seen as Marty grabs her shirt, but changing decision this is not so.


When Marty McFly enters the coffee business can see a hanging coats, minutes after the change takes the wraps are now upside down.


When you drop things Marty shelf you can see that is a big book on his head, making the book change disappears.


When Biff crashes his car you can see in the corner boy Marty off his skateboard in the next shot the child appears next to Marty.


When Marty arrives in the past can be seen as the scarecrow takes flight, but in the next scene falls on the windshield.


When Marty collides with the two people you can see that beneath it there is no paper in the next scene there are papers under the person.


When Marty is released by the loud sound of the amplifier becomes visible safety belt to be thrown back.


When George and Marty are in the cafeteria can be seen as the menu design changes between feeds another.
During the chase scene was Marty could as Biff’s car model changes. A logo and a few small foci appears.


Bloopers from the movie Back to the Future

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  1. Doc Brown never said Jigawatt. He was actually using the US pronunciation for Gigawatt which uses a soft ‘g’ which happens to sound like a ‘j’. Just like how giant doesn’t sound like giggle. If you read up on it you will find that the pronunciation was established in the 60’s. Both pronunciations are deemed correct.

  2. The Honeymoones was a TV show from the 1950’s starring Jackie Gleason, I’m not sure why this site references a movie made in 2005 that was made 20 years after the original Back to the Future movie

  3. The Honeymooners was a TV show from the 1950’s starring Jackie Gleason, I’m not sure why this site references a movie made in 2005 that was made 20 years after the original Back to the Future movie

  4. There are several mistakes. Some big. 1 of which is, Dangerous Bob on the side of the school does not refer to Bob Gale, but to asst. Prop master Dangerous Bob.

    Ralph Machio was NEVER offered the part of Marty, but did read for it.

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