50 Interesting Facts About Alien (1979) By Ridley Scott’s

Curiosidades de Alien la pelicula de 1979

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Alien is a 1979 film, where we chronicled as commercial ship called Nostromo, it deviates from its target to land because the central computer called “Mother” has detected a mysterious signal that repeats every 12 seconds when to be a distress signal, crews are obliged to investigate.

Ripley Alien movie

Therefore the mainframe, has decided to attend the call, without warning to the crew. Now they are even outside the solar system in a few known boundaries of human and about to run into the unknown, because the signal from the strange craft was not relief, but rather a warning.

Ridley Scott Alien

The film was directed by Ridley Scott, and at first thought to be a failure at the box office, its original title was going to be Star Beast “Star Beast” but that title did not convince Dan O’Bannon who was responsible for developing the script and which would be the final name calling only the film “Alien”.

darkstar Dan OBANNON

Dan O’Bannon had had a near-Alien movie idea while at college, I make a film with John Carpenter as director in the movie called “Dark Star” which Dan O’Bannon reason to make a story more suspense and terror where a small group of astronauts will face a strange being.

Total Recall movie

Another writer was made ​​possible Alien Ronald Shusett, who saw the film “Dark Star” contact Dan O’Bannon to work together, Ronald Shusett was working on a story that later would know as Total Recall or complete challenge in Spain. So who worked together to make the first script of Alien and then worked for the history of Total Recall, “yes it was teamwork, excellent scripts 2”.

Hans Ruedi Giger Alien

For the design and art of the film showed him O’Bannon Ridley Scott, the work of Hans Ruedi Giger, especially illustration Necronom IV, which was the kind of visual representation that they were looking for, to tell the Fox studio Hiring Giger, I do not accept at first because their jobs were somewhat disturbing and rare, having in mind that would not be appropriate for the audience of those years, but under much insistence the term producer accepting hiring Giger, so that out the design, which would include the scenarios, the ship, the planet’s surface and forms of Alien in its 4 stages.


For the trailer for the film and advertising posters we see a very different eggs we see in the film containing the Alien look, this is because Ridley Scott and Dan O’Bannon still had no final idea, all they did is to paint a chicken egg to mount the first trailer and poster advertising in 1979. Subsequently the design change adding texture and top egg placed a hydraulic system to opening more surprisingly, in the part of used fiberglass center so you could see inside where the creature was actually the hand of directorRidley Scott with clean gloves and inside of eggs consisted of livers, stomachs, intestines cow parts was fish and etc, when the creature parts inspected cattle were also used.


Now at first the eggs were to be found in a strange pyramid like those of Egypt, where the crew could remove their helmets because strangely the atmosphere was optimal for humans, in that place they would find statues and hieroglyphics where the cycle showed the life of the Alien and information about the Space Jockey called “Engineers”, but in the end even the conceptual scenes that were done, they were eventually discarded, since the budget was not enough and terminated by placing the eggs in the cellar of the crashed ship, as we see in the film.


The strange light fog and the egg chamber was performed with a laser owned by the British band “The Who”, who were doing some tests for a music event right next Alien movie set.

Space Jockey engineer

If you remember a part where there are either a dead alien pilot, known as “the engineer” which was a big problem, because the Fox producer did not want to spend money on that expensive set that would only be used once and a couple minutes in the film, but the production team finished convincing the studio that would be a scene that will impress the audience and it was, seeing this unknown being and much more than the size of a human being without doubt one of the most enigmatic movie moments. As you see in those years had to practically beg studios spend a little more to incorporate scenes as good as this.


For this Giger design figure of almost 8 feet high, and to apply a height perspective, Ridley Scott wore his nephews with astronaut suits small version to film around the cabin of the engineer, thus giving the impression to be a much bigger alien. So in that scene actually see some children and not the actors.

Alien Space Jockey

In the first story of Alien, Ridley Scott says that the Space Jockey ship functioned as a bomber and released eggs on enemy planets to infect life forms. However the crew were infected by the same charge and that is how are the Space Jockey with open abdomen, the crash being leave the warning not to approach the ship, but as we see in the film crew confused with SOS signal not to mention that the company that wanted to live specimen deception for weapons division. Clarify that Prometheus Movie 2012, added a new story which first were called “engineers”. No comment on that movie to do spoiler for people who have not seen.

ash_Ian alien-holm

For the scene where the android Ash decapitated remains were used spaghetti, caviar cheapest they could find, some milk and a few onion rings. Which by the way this character was not in the guided, was introduced by producers.

abrazacaras alien

The first creature Giger design was the hug faces, a small creature with long fingers very similar to humans, with Ron Cobb O’Bannon made ​​his own version based on Giger, with the difference that this would have a strong acid such as blood, which would make it a more dangerous creature.

Alien Francis Bacon Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion

Then came the so-called “quebrantapechos” inspired painted by artist Francis Bacon in 1944 called “Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion” where 3 anthropomorphic creatures had triptych. That in that scene where the strange larva leaves the actors had seen in trials a brief description, but production would not tell them that a small explosion in the chest and had placed air pumps to eject streams of blood, by which the reaction of the actors to that fact is the most natural and spontaneous film especially the reaction of Veronica Cartwright, who really got scared and thought it disgusting because I touch the blood stream.

Alien xenomorph 1979

For an adult version of Alien, Giger added a vertebra style snakes and manager of special effects Carlo Rambaldi, conducted the head, which has more than nine hundred articulated parts, the problem was that I needed to be constantly lubricated, as it was animatronic.


That fact that this constantly pulling the Alien slime mouth because while lubricated mechanisms of the head, the recording equipment seemed a good idea to implement a system that constantly lubricate as to resemble the more menacing Alien, and initially the Alien would have eyes, but this concept was discarded as a special feature, which was that the Alien could turn invisible, have their own natural optical camouflage, which would be useful for hunting, something like what we would see years later in Predator.

Alien Percyedwards

The actor Percy Edwards was in charge of making the strange sounds of Alien.

Bolaji Badejo alien

The Nigerian student Bolaji Badejo was the person physically interpret the Alien xenoformo or in most of the scenes. At a height of 2.18 meters, had to practice hard to look like the natural movements. At that time impossible to make xenoformo computer.

Alien plane

The recordings took place in a cemetery in aircraft interiors using and thus could save some for special effects.

Alien-1979-budget 11 million

In total were filmed three hours with 12 minutes of material which was cut 117 minutes, and what began with a budget of 11 million term grossing over $ 104 million.

Alien Weyland Yutani nostromo

The name of the trading company who hired the crew of Nostromo, is never mentioned in the film, but can be found in computer screens. The company is called “Weyland Yutani” / this scene is available on the DC.

Cast Meryl Streep Alien Sigourney Weaver

For the role of the official sub Ripley, he had thought the actress Meryl Streep, but I reject it, then made ​​his hearing Sigourney Weaver, which although not well known, Ridley Scott liked his acting. He had already done some things on broadway and a TV mini series.

Veronica Cartwright Alien

Instead Veronica Cartwright already had much experience in acting, since we saw little in the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” a classic. At first she had the role of Warrant Officer Ripley, but they changed the role of assistant ship Nostromo obviously initially I dislike much had to take the role of the protagonist,

Ian Holm Ash Allen

The actor who had more experience of all was Ian Holm, and had participated in more than 20 films.Which by the way they planned on going killing the characters of the actors depending on his acting reputation starting with the famous Ian Holm up to the lesser known Sigourney Weaver.


The Canadian writer Alfred Elton Van Vogt came to sue the producers of the film, saying it was plagiarized from his book entitled “Discord in Scarlet” and The Voyage of the Space Beagle, once Dan O’Bannon Express: I did not steal it Alien anyone steal it all.


The thing from another world, “The Thing from Another World,” Forbidden Planet “Forbidden Planet,” 2001, a Space Odyssey, Planet of the Vampires, among many other works were the inspiration for Alien. Even the artwork of Moebius, who came to designing spacesuits.


In several parts of the film we see a Krups coffee grinder is the same model that years later would become “Mr. Fusion “in the movie Back to the Future.


Some things in the movie as the interfaces were reused in the 1982 film “Blade Runner” a very good movie.

Lambert Aliem dead

One party censored by Fox was the death of Lambert, as the Alien’s strung between his legs and died, another deleted scene but you can see the version of the Direct’s when Ripley finds Dallas in a human incubator and will begs me to kill him.

Alien Ripley and Dallas

During the plot of the story in the script there was a scene between Captain Dallas and Ripley official sub, but that part was discarded.

Alien Ripley dead

As a final succeeded Alien where Ripley’s head off and took control of the ship, the last thing you see before the credits was the Alien Land contacting imitating the voice of the official sub, you could say that the only serious jones survivor cat, but the producer did not approve that final.

Alien Cat Jones

And speaking cat, the movie itself is called only Alien, so the “eighth passenger” was added by the translators for Spanish-speaking countries, which forgot to count as a passenger ninth crew, Cat Jones, which if remember it is that gave us a scare throughout the film. It reminded me of silent hill cat.

Alien Blade Runner Tyrell Dallas

In the extras from the movie Aliens “return” there is a section where the profiles of the crew of the Nostromo ship, in which we discover that Captain Dallas, also work for the company Tyrell, from the movie Blade Runner is responsible develop replicants. Anyway at the end of both suspense and terror, we give away one cute image of the official sub Ripley, that was the best reward.

References Alien xenomorph in Video Games and other media


After the film there were many references to the Alien xenomorph or some such is the game against Konami where we can find various kinds of xenomorph.

Alien xenomorph Animaniacs

In animaniacs cartoon.


In the Turrican game where the protagonist faces a number of these enemies.


In the anime and manga Dragon Ball Z has frezeer transformation xenomorph.


Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the N64 console, the final boss is a xenomorph called “heinrich”.


In the Megadrive game “Ecco the Dolphin: The Tides of Time” is a strong influence Giger’s designs.


And even some of my favorite Metroid games, the same development team itself freely expressed that were inspired by its atmosphere, even a mini-boss in metroid is named Ridley. In tribute to the director of the movie Alien, “Ridley Scott”.


And Alien video games have had since the Atari 2600, which was a basic mind pacman.


A version where we could see all the crew of the ship and followed the original story of the film, it was a strategy game where you had to move around each room, collect weapons and even captirar the jones cat.

Alien-Isolation gif

And it’s amazing how this saga continues to the years with Alien Isolation, just launched in October, a horror game but it has a lot of stealth, where protagonist is the daughter of the official sub Ellen Ripley, in this case Amanda Ripley I personally have not played it but I’ve heard great reviews of the game and the developer comments were based on the same technology that was on the ship Nostromo 1979, so it’s the same in the game.

Errors and Mistakes of 1979 Alien Movie


Something very funny happens is when Parker is beheading Ash, if we pay attention to your shirt is in great condition, once he realizes that Ash is an android, his shirt breaks the funny thing is that the production made it a pin to hold your shirt, which can be clearly seen, the decision to change the android and return the camera to Parker, this one has a new shirt, disappearing and pin breakage.


A small continuity error is that spacesuits are complete and within a few hoods used when face-hugging creature attacks Kane, bears the hood, and when you open its hull, is not in your head where was supposed to be.


Almost to the end where Ripley is leaking from the ship, a shot to the scalar is done and the camera moves towards them, at the bottom you can see the rails of the camera, for those who have never seen that, it’s something used, where they put up the bed of a cart which moves on rails so get a move on softer shots and no sudden movements. He is known as Dolly or Travelling.


In Brett shots, you can see it has a cigarette near completion, the change takes Parker when some words and return to Brett, his cigarette is enlarged.


A small typo that they escaped the production is when Ripley is talking to the computer “Mother” misspelling the word “void” because override is written with 2 R’s. if put into the google translator he corrected.


Near the start when Dallas goes to the cabin “Mother” you can see a light on the left does not work, but making the change from the inside can be seen as the light is on.


When Ripley can not stop the self-destruct sequence runs down a corridor where you can see the silhouette of a cameraman filming from another angle, “this fact was mentioned in the comments Extra Dvd film by producers.”


By the time Ripley runs to the closet you can see they are two axes, when you put the suit, one disappears and when the helmet gets now no.


When the official sub attempts to cancel the destruction of the ship can be seen on the monitor has 4 minutes, unable to cancel explosion will hit one of the monitors, the camera takes an approach to monitor, but this brand more than 10 minutes , when it should be at least 4 minutes.


Where is dallas in nursing can be seen wearing a dark blue patch, but leave the hall now bears a golden patch.

How actors look Movie Alien 1979 to 2014?

Alien Tom Skerritt as Captain Dallas

Sigourney Weaver as Warrant Officer Ripley

Ian Holm as science officer Ash

Veronica Cartwright as Lambert's assistant general Nostromo

John Hurt as Kane commanding officer

Yaphet Kotto as Parker Chief Engineer

Harry Dean Stanton as Brett engineer

Bolaji Badejo as the alien main antagonist

That’s all for now I hope these have been your delight, see you soon.

Alien xenomorph dancing

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