40 Fun Facts and Mistakes About Kill Bill (Quentin Tarantino)

Curiosidades de la pelicula Kill bill pelicula

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Kill Bill Volume 1, directed by Quentin Tarantino film in 2003, which initially had in mind the premiere of the film lasting just over four hours, however in the end the decision was taken divide this history into 2 parts, which would see the release of the 2nd volume in 2004.

quentin-tarantino-Making movie

Originally the idea was to film Tarantino, “Inglourious Basterds” before Kill Bill, But not finding an inspiration to help him write an acceptable ending to this work, decided to give him a break and go completely to Kill Bill.


This movie makes tributes to endless Hong Kong’s martial arts films in which was very unusual to see impressive jumps, movies yakuza (Japanese mafia are), even this film is dedicated to Kinji Fukasaku, which is a director Film responsible for movies like Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970 and the film Battle Royale, which is considered a cult film.

Chiaki Kuriyama-Gogo-Yubari-Battle-Royale

That certainly Chiaki Kuriyama who played a Gogo Yubari, the schoolgirl uniform bodyguard. It was dangerous from Battle Royale where Takako Chigusa serious, which interestingly also use a similar yellow uniform would use Beatrix Kiddo. In this case in kill bill is a reference to Bruce Lee movie called “Game of Death” Game of Death.

Kill bill Blood The Last Vampire

Then again Kill Bill is inspired by the movie Blood: The Last Vampire, one Ova anime and manga of the same name. That made the little animated scene we see in the film, was made by the IG production studio the same charge of Ova Blood: The Last Vampire and anime like Ghost in the Shell, The End of Evangelion, and many more projects.


Also the Japanese film Lady Snowblood 1973, served almost as a template for all the movie kill bill, which referred to many shots of very similar camera to film Lady Snowblood, where a woman takes revenge on the gang murderer to his family.

Kill bill Samurai Reincarnation

Similarly referenced in several of his dialogues Samurai Reincarnation film, and television series Kage no Gundan, where the actor played the legendary Sonny Chibba Hattori Hanzo, and that too would see the same actor in kill bill as the legendary smith swords, Tarantino made a connection between these films and tv series, ensuring that your character Hattori Hanzo, is one of the descendants who appeared in seasons of Kage no Gundan series.


Recall that this character has appeared in several anime and video games where reference to it is made, as Samurai Shodown, HunterxHunter, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Brave 10, Samurai warriors and etc.

But what is it that made Tarantino before becoming a director’s leading independent film?

Tarantino was never good in school, so I leave school at an early age, about 16 years since that age was very fond of movies, so was in a theater school because he wanted to be an actor, but after a while I also leave class to go to work at a video, though the pay was not good for him, that place was a sanctuary, and I could learn cinema, watching all the films that he liked him, even in Once a reporter asked, where are studied film? to which he replied “I do not study film, I went to the cinema.”

It was certainly a strange method of obtaining knowledge of cinema, but it seems that Tarantino worked.

Tarantino my-best-friends-birthday

The first project was director Tarantino was my best friend’s birthday a very low budget film, only around $ 5,000.

Kill-bill-Yuen Woo-ping

The manager of the martial arts choreography was responsible for Yuen Woo-ping, major Chinese film director, which Yuen Siu Tien his father, mentored Hong Kong kung fu big stars like Jackie Chan is.


At the end of the film we showed a strange message, which was “based on the character of the Bride” creed: and put the initials Q & U. which correspond to the initials of Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman. Since the initial idea came from kill bill 2 while they were filming the movie pulp fiction.

Kill bill pulp fiction Fox force five

Even in this movie pulp fiction and gave us a preview of what will happen in ten 10 years, there is a discussion of Mia Wallace in which that was in a pilot program to TV, which was a team of secret agents called Fox Force Five. Where she was a lethal blonde bone Bride call Kill Bill which states that was skilled with knives and also refers to the other that will appear in the movie kill bill as a brunette who was expert in demolitions, referring to Vernita Green of kill bill. That scene is very curious, fails the video link in the description.


For the role of Bill, it was thought at first to Warren Beatty, but do not accept the role, so I was told Kevin Costner, but chose to reject the proposal to participate in the film Open Range. Finally the paper was obtained by David Carradine. “Carradien” who in his youth, participated in films with chuck norris, The David actor died or was killed in Bangkok, Thailand in 2009, and I say this because his death was never clarified, found him dead in the hotel room hotel where he was staying, initially the authorities in Bangkok said they had committed suicide by hanging himself after he was from natural causes and after he had suffocated, the FBI came to investigate performing an autopsy, which confirmed that he had not committed suicide, but by lack of cooperation from Thai police never could clarify his death. There is a hypothesis that was murdered by followers of a secret society, because David had information to spread their illicit activities with authorities in Thailand.

Trivia-kill-bill-Lucy-Liu-O-Ren Ishii-

A Tarantino I loved the role performed actress Lucy Liu in Shanghai kid’s film, even had to make changes to the original story that really suited him the role of O-Ren Ishii.

Gogo Yubari and Yuki Yubari Kill Bill

At first character Gogo going to have a twin named Yuki, which would be known as the Yubari twins. Gogo die at the hands of the bride, and her sister Yuki would have a chapter called “Revenge of Yuki” (Yuki’s Revenge), but eventually the idea was canceled.

Kill Bill Shaw Bros

Tarantino had seen many movies with seal Show Bros studios located in Hong Kong, he decided to shoot there, because it seemed an important study, at the start of kill bill, we can see the logo of this study.


Some of the sets of Tokyo that were used in the film Kill Bill, were recycling Godzilla movie that was filmed in 2001 “Godzilla: Giant Monsters All-Out”. All these buildings are actually cardboard and set miniature Godzilla movie.

curiosities-kill-bill-Zoe-Bell --- Mailbox

The poster mailbox we see the beginning of the film that tells the name “Bells” refers to Zoe Bell, who was the double of actress Uma Thurman in the action scenes, Tarantino will present the mailbox at the end of the film, which is what gift to their parents.


The scene sunglasses on in the order of Sheriif is a tribute to the film 60 seconds, but the original 1974 version as you know there is another 60 seconds with nicolas cage and angelina jolie.


The scene where Beatrix Kiddo fight against manic and only 88 of them silhouette is seen is a reference to Samuari Fiction: Episode One.

Facts-Kill-Bill-Beatrix Kiddo-

That certainly talking about Beatrix Kiddo, throughout the film its name remained hidden, and referred to it simply as the Black Mamba or girlfriend. Even if you put the name of Beatrix Kiddo in the google translator, which censured as the bride.


The masks used by 88 Maniacs is a reference to the Green Hornet, where Bruce Lee Kato interpret.


Even the battle against manic decal is a scene in the film Bruce Lee Fist of Fury and Fury 1972 cuffs.


The style of writing names in a notebook, is a reference to the movie “mercenary” the mercenary 1968.


In conversation where Vernita Green offers you a cup of coffee Beatrix Kiddo, it is served with milk and sugar, with reference to Pulp Fiction especially to Mr. Wolf. They also make a reference to Mia Wallace to draw the outline of a square in the air.

Kill Bill curiosities red-apple-tarantino

The cigar brand called Red Apple, is an invention of Tarantino, which can be found in several of his films, as in kill bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Four Rooms, Death Proof. And of course could not miss the classic scene recorded from inside the trunk, in the films of Tarantino’s character always picks something from the trunk.

In total 500 liters of fake blood was occupied for shooting kill bill volume 1 and volume 2. These exaggerated blood spurts are tributes to Japanese films, which is normal especially in animes view this exaggeration.

There are 2 versions of Kill Bill, which came in the us this uncensored showing part of the fight of the 88 Maniacs in white and black (this to avoid being forced to delete the scene), European and Japanese version show those scenes full color.

Kill Bill Tennis written message

The tennis that uses Beatrix Kiddo have written on the sole insult


By the time of release of the film it is said that Tarantino offered 1 million dollars to anyone who could provide you with a list of all films to which reference is made in Kill Bill. (That … basically is a film made of scenes from other movies, but good is a rumor that emerged in those years).


The restaurant where was held the bloody battle against 88 maniacs really exists and is called Gonpachi located in Tokyo, the description fails them a link, if you want to see the menu (when they prepare the portfolio because they say It is very expensive)

Fun-Facts-Kill-Bill-Gogo Yubari-Tarantino

When Chiaki Kuriyama was filming the scene of the battle against Beatrix Kiddo, accidentally hit in the head with Mangual Tarantino, luckily it was prop, so I did not cause any damage.

Kill bill

The curious Japanese band that’s playing in the restaurant, Tarantino’s first heard while in a clothing store, I felt great music to incorporate into the film, is a trio of girls group calls ‘s. Do not know about you but I loved his music.


The entire cast of this film especially women, received a hard workout 3 months of Kung Fu and kenjutsu also learn the essentials of handling different weapons like the Katana, Tarantino also took the opportunity to take classes with them, as it says from 12 years always had the desire to learn martial arts. Even after a turn basics, Tarantino also was part of the 88 maniacs wearing his black suit and the Kato mask style. Which already had experience in martial arts was an actress Chiaki Kuriyama, who played a Gogo.

Kill bill Kaboom cereal Curiosities

Interestingly cereal where Vernita Green has a hidden gun, has the name of Kaboom!

Tarantino Kill bill Itchy and Scratchy cereal

There is also a simpsons episode where Tarantino comes on the adventures of Itchy and Scratchy, saying that violence is everywhere, even in the cereal, referring to this scene.

Trivia-to-Kill-bill-Trix cereal-silly-rabbit

In the film there is a reference to cereal for children called Trix, if you got to see commercials that cereal on television, know very well that the Trix rabbit, always without eating cereal, and end the slogan was “silly rabbit The Trix cereal is just for kids “that phrase is also said in the movie (omitting of course the name of the ark of cereal).

Mistakes and Facts Kill Bill (Curiosities and errors Kill Bill)


The scene where Hattori Hanzo Bill writes the word was repeated 2 times, even if you look closely, you’ll notice that you have a clean slate. As you would after Beatrix Kiddo clear the word from Bill.


When Beatrix speaks for first time with Hanzo, you can see how the black stripes of Japanese headband bearing head resized into a wall and another. This is obviously the scene filmed by having more than once.


Similarly there is a knife spear against Hanzo bar magnet, which is straight up, but changing decision, you can see that the knife is in a different position.


When Beatrix is ​​talking to Vernita Green, we can see in her blouse is wet with sweat, but in a change suddenly takes the amount of sweat on her blouse decreases significantly.


In the scene where Vernita Green shoots the black mamba, you can see the mark left the bullet in the wall, which is a medium box on the shelf. But when beatrix throws the knife, the bullet hole in the wall disappears completely.

Errors-and-curiosities-de-kill-Bill-katana-de-O-Ren Ishii-- change-in-place

O-Ren Ishii When is defeated and falls in the snow, his katana is near his feet ,, but Air Katana change takes place and is now at the height of his head.


When preparing injection Elle Driver, you can see the syringe placed in the tray without the cap, but to reach the syringe Beatrix is ​​covered by a cap.

Errors-and different-trivia-de-kill-bill-style-of-write-

This happens in seconds at the end of the film, when Beatrix writes List death, if you pay attention to the number three one, now a tap change is made and again making the list but has changed the way on which were written the numbers.


In another scene you can see the belt sheath knife is far below Beatrix leg, but in a quick-change, that mail suddenly appears above and adjusted.

Mistakes-and-fun-facts-Kill-bill - red-car-in-the-parking-Disappears

In the scene where Beatrix Kiddo out with the wheelchair to the parking you can see a red car, which is between a black and a gray car, however when passing through these two cars, the red is gone.


When Beatrix Kiddo cuts his arm Sophie, you can see how it ends blood soaked the entire front, but in another take the blood is distributed differently.


During a battle Vernita Green Beatrix pours over to a shelf, which you can see that also falls on a basket, but on a quick tap change, the basket now appears even side of the shelf.


When Gogo fight against Beatrix Kiddo, there is a moment in which failure and is hit by his own ball of metal, when giving a pirouette to fall, you can see their legs outside the actress who plays Gogo It is a double which makes that scene, and in fact was a man with wig.


When O-Ren Ishii cuts the head of the chief Tanaka, O-Ren shakes his sword splashing the head of another head of the organization that is your right, but within minutes to change the decision, the blood leaves your head.


In the scene where Beatrix Kiddo fight against the leader of the 88 maniacs, there is a moment in which a decision is made at the foot of the leader and Beatrix Kiddo is the short, obviously it’s a doll and I saw sleeve doll to which has no hand and get to see in the shot.

Finally the director Quentin Tarantino has stated in several interviews that are already thinking about retirement, says he would like to retire after making 10 movies. For now just go by the eighth film will be the film: The Hateful Eight, which will premiere in 2015.

Tarantino The Hateful Eight

He believes it is better to withdraw when still a good job, to wait for people to tire of his films and asked to withdraw is made.

So for now enjoy even 3 more Tarantino films and for the tenth has in mind to make connections or references to his own films, especially Reservoir Dogs.

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  1. At the beginnig of the film when she killed Vernita she drew a line on her name which was written in red and we could see the name of O-Ren Ishii too that was in red either
    But at the end of the film when she killed O-Ren she drew a line on her name which was written in Black
    The name writting was the same exactly so it couldn’t be another list

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