40 Fun facts of the film It, clown pennywise Stephen King

Pennywise datos curiosos de Eso el payaso diabolico

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Surely many of us who were kids in the 90s, remember the terrifying be created by Stephen King called IT, a clown at first appeared to be good, but actually hid a cruel intentions.

Tommy Lee Wallace Sthepen king

The director of this mini series is Tommy Lee Wallace which is based on the book by Stephen King called IT 1986 Stephen King commented in an interview that for the book and represent ESO in the way clown was inspired by John Wayne Gacy, called “the clown murderer” was a person doing social services in parades, parties for children and visiting sick children in hospitals dressed as a clown for you brighten the day; he called himself “Pogo the Clown”.

That John Wayne Gacy clown

It was a very loved and respected by his neighbors person and a great example of successful man, and that economic problems had not also always had a smile on his face to say good morning.

John Wayne Gacy clown pogo

Until everything changes one morning the police searched his home after receiving several warnings that a strong smell coming from the grill room of Mr. John Wayne Gacy, reviewing the scene found three bodies in an advanced state of decomposition and others buried in the basement, to get home John Wayne Gacy was arrested and sentenced to 21 life sentences and 12 death sentences.

John Wayne Gacy clown paintings

Even John Wayne Gacy in prison was very famous because it was dedicated to creating paintings of himself as a clown, which are even sold for $ 300,000, bought by collectors. Then in 1994 he was executed for his crimes committed between 1972-1978.

That Sthephen King It Clown

IT Interestingly this book which is very bizarre and contains much gore, Stephen King they are dedicated to their children.

The performance of the actor Tim Curry that portraying Pennywise the Clown, was about to become something unhealthy for the actor, since it was uncle so much in his role, who spent clown dressed almost all the time, even on days where rest, which came to a little inconvenience to fellow recording is not filming.

curiosities clown Pennywise
For the development of this series was invested 12 million dollars, which was a very big to be a TV series and not a film lot.

Various parts of the history of IT caused controversy as it is said to contain subliminal messages and reference to child abuse, as in the bathroom scene several remember because at the time if it was something creepy, where apparently several messages are read as “This is very close to me” and “Down here I have something for you” and the clown IT guy call “Girly Boy” has many meanings, but it could be said of an effeminate and delicate person.


They also consider harassment in the bathroom and the father of beverly trying a rare scene with her. But then the controversy did not stay there, because in the book there is a detail not mentioned in the film, when the boys manage to beat first IT, these are lost in the sewers, because of that everyone is afraid and lose the union kept safe, so Beverly believed to bind the trust of his 6 friends again, should they surrender to their friends, and so does the history of the book, sometimes in his books Stepehn King is rare and sadistic means, but his book was not banned in countries where there were some complaints.


In the TV series the children make a small dam, which ends rains flooding the city. This is a reference to an event in the life of Stephen King, in his autobiography He told that with his brother Dave built a small dam, with which inadvertently caused a small flood in a part of town where Vivian.

curiosities of the clown ESO
In the scene where Beverly is cucha a strange voice coming from the sink drain, which is identified as Vicky Burrows, is actually the name of which he was commissioned to do the casting for the film.

Stephen King george-a-romero
To direct the film was initially thought George A. Romero, but ended up discarding by the producers, as they feared that the blood exaggerated and grotesque scenes mentioned in the book. If you do not knowGeorge A. Romero directed films like “Dawn of the Dead”.

pennywiase fears the murderer clown
This film came in his years cause many childhood fears, that even in the united states came to do a psychological study to most people who saw the film. Revealing that even after years of adults felt more a rejection of clowns and a smaller part of people experiencing fear and anxiety when they saw a clown.

Curiously one Argentina Rock band called Minions, interpret a fun song based on the film of the same name IT. In the description you can find. And equally American rock band called Pennywise began as a tribute to the clown ESO.

The actor who plays Henry Bowers hates racism and black not want to call the guy who plays mike hanlon, but the script had to do, so after each shot apologizing for it.

In the book salemt’s lot, also written by Stephen King, story ESO reference is made ​​in several sentences, highly recommended by the way also salemt’s lot.

Stepehn trivia king clown ESO

And in the dark tower comic identical to Pennywise clown appears. And in the last book of the Dark Tower is a robot character named Stuttering Bill same name and nickname is the guy in the movie.

Trivia pennywise stephen king 1990
The cover of the movie IT, is much like the book cover Tommyknockers, another horror story by Stephen King which would then also in film.

That tv series stephen king
When I program the television series IT in November, he got a surprising record audience, prompting other Stephen King books were adapted for television.

The scene where Ben Beverly embraces and kisses and then realizes the mirror and she is not being deceived, is very similar to the scene from the glow, where Jack Torrance embraces and kisses a woman but seeing his reflection in the mirror you realize that is not what he thought.

ESO curiosities fucking clown 1
When ESO means that down there where everyone wants to take float, really just are suspended in the air, because they are stuck with a web, which can be seen almost end of the movie.

That’s terrifying voice in Latin America was conducted by Master Jesse Conde, was certainly a good dubbing.
The film that the kids are going to see the film is a 1957 horror film called “I Was A Teenage Werewolf.”

Diabolical clown Pennywise

This film was very memorable scenes, such as when Georgi sees ESO in the sewer, the bathroom scene where the showers start to life spitting burning water to corral Eddie, but particularly the scene to me was when I charm Bill in the cemetery located ESO digging tombs to be for your friends, and make you choose the offer that you like, except the last, because it was already occupied, a very black humor, but funny in the movie.

It the clown fun facts
There are many scenes that were not carried out for being very cruel and treat child abuse, plus high-Gore in deaths because in the story there is even more grotesque beheadings among other things.

Curiosities that the diabolical clown 3

THAT was a being who could take the form I wanted, in the movie most of the time we see it as Pennywise the clown, but in the book had many forms eg bill younger brother named George. In a giant bird like a crow, a mummy, a werewolf who tries to attack Ritchie in lumberjack Paul Bunyan statue, which is a traditional legend in America. Even able to become the moon, and many more.

curiosities of the diabolical clown 4 ESO
When Bill is an adult, he is very successful as a writer of horror genre and his book called “The Glowing” (The brightness or flash) Referring to the success of Stephen King and his book “The Shining”.

jonathan-brandis That bill in
Well Bill talking about the actor who I play is Jonathan Brandis who really had some young exist, participated in movies like the second part of “The Neverending Story”.

Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis

It was next to Chuck Norris in “Sidekicks” 1992, participated in shows like Saved by the Bell, one of his last girlfriends was Tatyana Ali, which starred as Ashley Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Rap” but 2003 committed suicide at home by hanging and not leave any note explaining his decision, but some close friends he commented that he was very depressed because his race ever grew worse and no longer hired, even their scenes I filmed in the movie Hart’s War of 2002 were deleted, which further depressed him thinking it was not a good actor.

Pennywise Annette O'Toole
The actress who I play as an adult is Beverly Annette O’Toole, who also interpret the breast of Clark Kent in the series Smallville.

Beverly Emily Perkins
And the actress who I play small Beverly was Emily Perkins, who performed films like 2000 Feroz playing Brigitte, and a small role in Juno, as Punk receptionist.

Pennywise Richi is Seth Green
The actor who I play Richi is Seth Green, who was one of his works also as the Son of unwell doctor inAustin Power’s movie.

John Ritter Ben pennywise
John Ritter who performed the role of Big Ben, also performed the role of Ben Healy in the movie my poor devil, the actor died in 2003 from a congenital undiagnosed illness.

tim-curry pennywise clown
Well that was Tim Curry ESO, we also saw it years later as the hotel concierge in Home Alone 2.


Now that is really ESO, or IT or Pennywise, Good truth this is crazy, but in the original Stephen King story tells that all originated in an empty universe called Macrocosm, where there were only two things it wasTHAT bad one , “which is not your real name or your form is known” and another good to be it was a turtle,which one day he got sick and threw up all over the universe we now know, these two beings were created to maintain a balance between good and evil, and its creator is a being called “OTHER”. One day theturtle died (vomit into its shell and choke) and ESO travel to the land and there was even millions of years before man existed. I know this is crazy and do not know why Stephen King did this happen, but here’s the original story. ESO feeds on people and their fears for their food prefer children because their fears are easier to create, therefore its preferred form is a clown, to get close to children.


At the end of the book when ESO in your face spider, discover that it is a female and has put several eggs which destroys the Ben stomping while fighting against ESO. Funny thing is that ESO is very powerful and can kill people just because they see directly as happened in the film Henry Bowers, showing the wisps.


In the book called “Dreamcatcher” is a reference to Pennywise which show that did not die, the protagonist of this book called Gary Jones, is possessed by an evil entity and taken to a warehouse to spread a deadly virus, in reservoir cap are written 7 team names losers, those who faced ESO, and there is a spot that says spray-painted “Pennywise is alive.”


There are rumors that a remake of this series is on the way, the rights that had Warner Bros, have moved to New Line Cinema, which arrangements are still wondering if and only will be a remake or a new story from scratch.

That the clown video game

The only thing we missed this story was a video game, which was never developed.

And finally if you want to take a look at the film try to get the full version, which lasts 192 minutes there is another version that lasts only 180 minutes, and of course keep in mind to read the book because it is the only way understand the history of ESO.


curiosities that the clown IT 1

When the “Team of the losers” in the sewer is inhabited by Pennywise, a paper boat approaching them, then the shadow on the right side of the camera that is filming that scene.

When Ben flees the band Henry Bowers, runs to the drain tube which water is flowing, however when it comes to this drainage and water is not coming, even Ben is sitting on the edge of the drain.

When in the library and find out what happened to Stan, Beverly gets up from the desk, but when the scene changes is still sitting on the desk.

When they come to see Stan, is found dead in the bathtub, but you can see where your hand is no blood, making the switch under the hand of Stan blood appears.

Being gathered in the library is supposed to ESO starts throwing all the books off the shelf that are in the front row, but changing decision there are still several books in the first row.

In the scene where Beverly argues with her boyfriend, you can see it takes a glass bottle, but to throw it turns into a bottle of cream.

Beverly also when he exploits the globe, you can see how he splashed his face, but in another shot face is clean.

In the cafeteria when Richie meets Henry Bowers, can be seen as the mashed potatoes on the plate leading switches from the left to the right side in divided doses.

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