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Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was a very popular series in the 90 years that several of us safe even remember the adventures of this inexperienced witch, played by actress Melissa Joan Hart.

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He was a teenager at the age of 16 finds out she’s a witch, the wardrobe where towels are stored is a gateway for travel to another realm, and that their furry pet is actually an evil wizard. But to address this are his aunts, Zelda Spellman which is an intelligent teacher who gives good advice and also her aunt Hilda which is …. simply aunt Hilda.

Sabrina is a character created by George and Dan DeCarlo Gladir

Sabrina is a character created by George and Dan DeCarlo Gladir which appears in the Archie comic, created by John L. Goldwater, Vic Bloom and Bob Montana.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch curiosities

In this comic Sabrina was not even a main character, appeared as a silver-haired girl which with his two aunts were witches, but it was not nice and funny witch who you know, this was a bad girl, she used her powers to Grooms steal your enemy and torturing jealousy.

curiosities comic Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Usually at home he was always with little demure suits for the time and full of bad thoughts. It was always presented in a sexy way and rarely beast with characteristic witch costume, like her aunts Hilda eg. And his mother also appeared giving potions.

Sabrina first appeared in comic number 22 named Archie's Madhouse # 22

Sabrina first appeared in comic number 22 named Archie’s Madhouse # 22 (October 1962).

sabrina the witch and her friends Archie

This character was gaining greater popularity in the adventures of Archie and his friends, (do not ask me because … it most likely has been for the sexy touch and little evil Sabrina) so popular that after 1971 had its own comic focused on the adventures of the witch,

sabrina the teenage witch curious caricature cartoon

clear that his personality was changed and now was presented as a good girl. From here, more or less as we had to we all know Sabrina, Zelda aunts, Hilda and Salem the cat, and the whole thing that was half witch, her father was a sorcerer and his mother a human to which Sabrina I could not see because they become wax.

sabrina the teenage witch cartoon curiosities 1970

It also came a cartoon aimed at Sabrina’s adventures, which was a spin off of when Archie comedy, called The show of Sabrina the Teenage Witch “Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Show”. In which we had two witches, Hilda and Zelda gather the necessary ingredients to create an evil witch, but accidentally added another ingredient to the formula, (and no, it was not the substance X) but as a result obtained a teenage witch with white hair and blue eyes, which fight against evil forces who use their powers to harm others.

Sabrina Teenage Witch TV series

In 1996 the comic was adapted into a TV movie, which also serve as a pilot to see if a series or not performed. And he was so well received that same year was begun the series we all know, aired on ABC in America.

Beth Broderick Zelda Spellman

Aunt Sabrina Zelda Spellman was interpreted by Elizabeth Alice “Beth” Broderick, participated in the film called Bad Actress and something important it is that she is the founder of the company called Momentum which was one of the first organizations to help people with AIDS.

Hilda Spellman Caroline Rhea

The other aunt, Hilda Spellman fu played by Caroline Rhea, which came to have his own show called “The Caroline Rhea Show”.

Harvey Kinkle Nate Richert

Harvey Kinkle Sabrina’s boyfriend was played by Nate Richert, who is currently engaged in music.

Jennifer Kelley Michelle Beaudoin

Sabrina’s best friend Jennifer Kelley, was played by Michelle Beaudoin, the last film in which he has participated was in the 2004 film called Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed.

Valerie Birkhead Lindsay Sloane

Another friend of Sabrina was Valerie Birkhead, played by Lindsay Sloane, one of his first appearances was in the series “The Wonder Years” playing Alice. And last participation was in the series called The League “The league”.

Libby snotty Jenna Leigh Green

Libby snotty rival Sabrina was played by actress Jenna Leigh Green, she has participated in series like Bones, Ghost Whisperer, or series Cold Case among others.

Salem witch cat Saberhagen

And my favorite character, Salem Saberhagen (which was a powerful witch 500 years with intentions to conquer the world, but such evil was sentenced to live 100 years like cat and all projects were reduced to purrs and meows.

Salem Salem Saberhagen's voice was conducted Nick Bakay

Salem’s voice was conducted Nick Bakay which is the producer and screenwriter same series.

Salem Saberhagen curiosities

For animatronic puppets Salem, were built by the company of the Chiodo brothers “Chiodo Brothers” which are best known for the movie “The clowns murderers from outer space” directed by Stephen Chiodo, but also worked making puppets for the film Critters 1986.

Sabrina puppet brothers salem Saberhagen chiodo

2 animatronic puppets Salem which were handled by 3 people by radio control or through the mechanism of the bottom were created, there were some problems with the company Animal Makers since they created the puppets for the show first, but later canceled them contract.

Sabrina puppets puppet brothers salem Saberhagen chiodo

And you can see the difference from the first season animatronic created by Animal Makers. As of the second created by Chiodo Brothers and obviously good in some scenes using real cats.

Melissa Joan Hart Clarissa Explains It All

And certainly before the actress Melissa Joan Hart, perform the role of Sabrina, perhaps some will remember the call Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All, series 1989. And good long before the five years since Melissa began to participate commercial.

The success of the series led to be transmitted to more than 40 countries and had the presence of several guest artists of the moment like the Backstreet Boys,

Sabrina the Teenage Witch curiosities Backstreet Boys

‘N Sync

curiosities Sabrina the Teenage Witch 'N Sync

Avril Lavigne

Sabrina the Teenage Witch curiosities Avril Lavigne

Britney Spears

Sabrina the Teenage Witch curiosities Britney Spears tv series

Curiously in the episode where Britney Spears You Drive Me Crazy singing theme song of the singer and namesake of the film where Melissa Joan Hart starred appears.

curiosities sabrina teenage witch series dvd

The series had seven long seasons, from 1996 until 2000 with ABC, and then from 2000 to 2003 in recent seasons with the chain WB Television Network, which decided to cancel the series as he lost a large audience of 10 million nearly 2 million, that could explain because the end was a little bad, in the last episode Sabrina was going to marry his college sweetheart named Aaron, at the altar both agree that they are not the one for the other, and on leaving the church is Sabrina Harvey, with whom he goes on a motorcycle and … .. End.

Pc game Spellbound Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

In this series there was a video game for PC called: Sabrina the Teenage Witch Spellbound.

Playstation One Sabrina the Teenage Witch

And one for the console Playstation One in which salem causes a change in time and Sabrina have to repair everything, it was not a very fun game and controls made it very stressful.

sabrina Melissa-Joan-Hart-Emily-Hart-melissa joan-Hart-
Then again there were several animated series, where Emily Anne Hart’s younger sister Melissa Joan Hart, gives voice to sabrina, and Melissa Joan Hart is responsible for the voice of Aunt Hilda and Zelda.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch curiosities Melissa Joan Hart family
And now good Melissa Joan Hart has three children and is married to guitarist Mark Wilkerson, there was a special in 2012 where Sabrina and Salem Cat, presented in the video channel Funny Or Die met. And in 2014 there was a special digital comic Sabrina called Monster Manual where all the monsters that appeared in the comic were shown.

Before and after any of the protagonists of the series Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Melissa Joan Hart sabruna 2015sabrina cat Salem Saberhagen 2015sabrina Mr. Pool (Paul Feig) 2015sabrina Drell (Penn Jillete) 2015sabrina Jenna Leigh Green Libby snotty 2015sabrina Jennifer Michelle Beaudoin Kelley2015sabrina Caroline Rhea Hilda Spellman 2015Beth Broderick Zelda sabrina 2015sabrina Nate Richert 2015

In this series personally episode I remember most is when Salem have the opportunity to return to his body, but in the interview mistakenly states that still want to conquer the world. That cat was gradually gaining prominence in the series due to his sarcasm and jokes.

Your remember any episodes in particular? In Mexico I remember the passing around 7 pm, in Spain I have understood that passed in the afternoon and “witch Things” was called.

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