13 Real Predictions Back to the Future 2 (2015)

Back to the future Predicciones 2015

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The future is here, and is perfect to have a look at some predictions of this excellent 1989 film is Back to the Future Part II / Back to the Future Part II.

flying cars back to the future

It seems that there was much optimism about the technology at that time, so begin by flying cars that according to the film many would have one or pending convert your old self in aircraft, for this October 21, 2015 would have enough models.

Terrafugia flying car-TF-X-Flying-Car

The closest thing we have to do, is the TF-X model of the company Terrafugia, which actually is a car-plane, private jet and part Sedan. It seems that the company successfully exploited this year to market this vehicle really so small you could fit in your garage and did not need a runway to take off, and you can do it vertically with its motor rotors located in their wings, of course the price is not cheap, about 362,000 dollares. But before buying’ll need to get your pilot’s license, otherwise forget it out to the skies.

Airmobile back to the future

But if this model is not to your liking, there Aeromobil company that has a futuristic design with your model AeroMobil 3.0. In the description you can find these cars in action.

Tennis Nike Air Mag 2015

Now what if you had to clothing and footwear, sure remember that scene where Marty McFly Nike tennis a fit and fasten standing alone, well the truth is that since 2011 these Nike Air Mag, were placed for sale as a limited edition to raise funds and help the Michael J. Fox Foundation in its research to cure Parkinson.Obviously they were just very similar to those of the film without laces automatic electrical designs.

Nike Air Mag universal studios

After Universal bag company studies the market for a new replica fans of these courts, but without the dove of nike brand, so the low price only $ 99.

nike-air Mag 2015

But this is the year that finally will go on sale Nike Air Mag sneakers with laces electric automatic.According to Nike designer, Tinker Hatfield implement this not be a problem, and had been expecting this year to match the film, to market the model, even the available quantity and the price is unknown.


But such smart clothing that fits the measure of his own and had automatic drying, good in this aspect clear that there smart clothing.


Some manufactured under nano structure that prevents clothes from getting wet or stained by liquid. Or even smart clothing that monitors our health. But nothing automatic drying.


And speaking of technology, we have more drone predictions as we saw in the movie which recorded the events which for news or walking the dog down the street, that was a prediction that today is a reality, clear they have better utility that walking the dog or even worse velicas utilities.

back to the future Jaws 19

For other Holograms say, as we would see in the advertisement for the film Shark 19, that we have him for a couple of years ago.

Predictions-back-the-future-2015 holograms

Just you have a look at concerts especially in Japan Miku, able to completely fill. And as recently extra information is working on prototypes capable of reacting to touch using ultrasonic waves, the description will find more information about it.

Predictions-back-the-future-2015 Mr fusion

Mr. Fusion, a machine capable of converting garbage into electricity, good homemade versions although there is not, there are some inventions developed capable of generating some sort of energy from natural waste. But nothing that allows us to generate 1.2 gigawatts driving our future.

Mr fusion Alien - Back to the Future Part II

By the way, we saw a similar pattern to Mr. Fusion, in the movie Alien, 1979


The locks with digital plates shown in the film, some years are a reality and even big companies marketed as the company Samsung.

Predictions-2015-Back-the-Future-2-Ipad tablets ---

Many speak of this scene where a person asks for donations to the clock tower, in which a kind of Tablet shown, well, today it is common this device, which practically have it from children age 7 to adult. What was also interesting to see that digital payments were made.

Predictions-2015-Back-the-Future-2-Hoverboard flying Skateboards

And what about the famous hoverboards, for nothing, it will still be a dream, because as we predicted the film would not exist.

Predictions-2015-Back-the-Future-2-Hendo Hoverboard

The closest is the prototype Hendo Hoverboard Arx Pax company which works with magnetic technology, and is only able to float on surfaces of copper or aluminum. In fact this product is for sale by 10,000 dll.

Predictions-2015-Back-the-Future-2-virtual-reality goggles-of-

And what about the futuristic glasses back to the future in which they could make video calls, good with google glass similar functions are performed. Although they have more like video games glasses of different companies now. Not to mention video calls presenting us that today that’s all an act.

Predictions-2015-Back-the-Future-2 Pepso Perfect

Someone said Pepsi? Remember that model, even good company does not say anything about a Pepsi perfect, but I do not let them escape the huge marketing opportunity that could make if taken out at least in a limited way this type of packaging.


Flat screen televisions placed on the walls, the ability to see multiple channels, and especially the influence of Asian business in united states (good, it already existed in the year in which the movie was filmed). But are currently no Japanese but Chinese who are in charge of large companies.


On the other hand not have robots in gas stations, to review the auto, oil and others, but is a matter of a few years to make things automated remove some jobs. There are some in China that are waiters and do their job very well.


Something that would be useful is if you rejuvenecieran us and give us more years of life as the doc, though apparently in the newspapers were still searching for the cure to cancer, that was not very encouraging.


Luckily still is not fashionable to go with pockets on the outside, use two ties at a time or galactic dress clothes.

Marty McFly chiken Gallina

Well now, yes, if your interested you can see the curiosities of the movie Back to the Future 2 , unless you do not have the guts and be a chicken. : P

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