13 facts about dinosaurs Tv series (Family Sinclair)

13 facts about Dinosaurs Tv series (Family Sinclair)

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Surely many like me, remember this sitcom called Dinosaurs, originally issued in the year 1991 by the ABC Television Network. (24 long years ago).


In this series we presented the daily life of a family of dinosaurs (which was actually a parody of our society) so had human features, was the mother who took care of the house, her husband was going to work, children attending the school, except the smallest stayed home. And had domestic things like television, refrigerator and etc.

Jim Henson created the dinosaurs series sinclair family

This series was originally designed by Jim Henson who is best remembered as the creator of the famous Muppets. Jim spent several years planning the series, he wanted something familiar and fun, but with a small change, the protagonists were dinosaurs, they could use the technology and were socially advanced, you will face everyday problems like any family today , work, school, education.


Unfortunately Jim Henson never saw his finished work, as he died a year before the project will be held on television, the then manager of this was Michael Jacobs and Bob Young.


That was how we were introduced to the friendly family Sinclair, composed of Earl Sinclair 40, the father of the family who works in a company that fells trees called “Because I said so” which lives up to its name since do what they want and is a monopoly of almost everything that exists. If you remember well, Earl calls himself likewise the great Megalosaurus, although in reality it is somewhat awkward, sometimes have problems in educating their children is loose at work and is terrified to ask for a raise his head. (Well I think all)


After Fran Sinclair is the housewife of 39, who is always concerned about their children.


Robbie Mark Sinclair, 15 and the eldest child attends school Bob La Brea High School. It is the rebel who challenges the traditions of the dinosaurs. (Because eating meat, or tradition of throwing the well to the elderly).


Charlene Sinclair, a very materialistic girl, always asking things his father Earl Sinclair

series-dinosaurs-bebe-Sinclair - el-nene-spoiled-baby-Sinclair--

And finally there was the baby Sinclair, the most remembered is safe, always refused to express affection for Earl Sinclair, instead of telling papa, mama told no. Hit him in the head or biting. Something that in those years was fun was spoiled his song baby, which can be found in the description.


The task for each of these works botargas was not an easy task, were animatronics, which were very expensive and to date, the truth they were pretty well done with expressions very well done, to liven most the characters were needed to 3 people.


For example Earl Sinclair was needed to a person who controlled the body, ie he got into the bottarga and it was in this case Bill Barretta, for movements of animatronic head, were controlled by Mak Wilson or sometimes by Dave Goelz, and for the voice of Earl Sinclair, was conducted by Stuart Pankin, who was a comedian. In Latin America the voice was performed by Francisco Colmenero.


Fran Sinclair’s voice was done by Jessica Walter, in latin america was Angela Villanueva. The animatronic head was controlled by Allan Trautman, who also worked in the film “The Return of the Living Dead Part II” as the famous Zombie called Tarman.

series-dinosaurs-Robbie-Sinclair-Jason-Willinger Leif Tilden ---

To Robbie Sinclair Jason Willinger was the voice in the united states and latin america was Yamil Atala, inside the suit Leif Tilden, who was also in the movie Donatelo the ninja turtles was.

series-dinosaurs-Charlene-Sinclair-voice-Sally Struthers ----latino-Patricia-Acevedo

Charlene Sinclair’s voice was in charge of Sally Struthers in latin america was conducted by Patricia Acevedo, which is well known for performing the voice of Lisa Simpson, sailor moon serena among many more characters.


Finally the Baby Sinclair, in this case was Kevin Clash, but not only gave voice to this hyperactive little baby dinosaur, also controlled the body and mouth. Also Kevin Clash, also did the voice of Elmo, in the US, in Latin America was María Fernanda Morales, who also performed the voice of Saori Kido, Sailor Venus among many more characters.

curiosities-string-dinosaurs-Family - family-sinclair-fun-facts

At first the concept would look like the stars of the show were something strange, especially Grandma Ethyl Phillips, in the end the indefinite cataloged species. This character was very funny because whenever you towards life miserable Earl Sinclair.


Something funny is that most of the surnames of families that appear in the series, are names of oil companies or companies fuel oils. As the company Sinclairs, which is the family name of the protagonist of the series, the Richfield, Hess, Phillips. Obviously because after extinguishing the poor became non-renewable fuels.

sitcom Dinosaurs

And speaking of extinction, the end of this series was very raw, to be a comedy series, the ending was so sad. Even in the United States before the final episode, a warning that the chapter could frighten children was launched.

Final changing nature dinosaurs series

The final “Changing Nature” is called and talks about an ecological catastrophe caused by the company where Earl Sinclair, her boss Mr. Richfield works, which sprays the entire continent with herbicide to end a problem they had with vines . But all they do is kill all plant life and turn everything into a desert.


Now, to make the plant grow back, it happens produce rain, for which (it occurs to them the crazy idea) to bombard the planet to create a cloud, but all he does with it are clouds of sulfur and soot that end up covering the entire planet, causing a wave of cold, ended by killing everyone.


Earl Sinclair finally apologizes to his family for support and participate in the ideas of his boss, his family forgives and undertake that whatever happens always remain united. The last thing you see is the presenter of the Howard News bye.


Now changing the subject, we can find other curiosities such as television programs that were parodies such as CNN, which presented it as DNN. MTV which was presented as DTV. There was also a parody of the barnie dinosaur, which was presented as Blarney.

Dinosaurs Cavemen series references ninja turtles

Another curios fact is that in this series of dinosaurs we see in Mark’s room Robbie Sinclair Cavermen one porter, a reference to the Ninja Turtles.


And do not remember if there was a program in the experiments and less called timmy were made, always ended badly and slogan at the end was. “I think we need another timmy”.


Also in the series appeared human (cavemen obviously) who were treated as pets, and were scoffed at and told that dinosaurs never evolve.

Jim Henson Dinosaur Series

This series was very special, because although it was comedy, each chapter always tried to give a moral, a teaching of life and make the public think, taught us to respect the environment, had episodes dealing drugs, social prejudice, including racism (showing rejection 4-legged dinosaurs).

Sinclair dinosaur family movie series

In this series it came to planning a movie, but for the money that was required and also by the low popularity was taking the series in Season 4, the project was canceled.


I always remember one, which is not my favorite but for some strange reason I stayed in memory, when the baby Sinclair gives a strange disease or something, which makes the head spin him as the apple of exorcist, brutal that chapter.

Have one chapter in particular that you remember? Share in the comments

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