100 Fun facts and Mistakes of the movie Titanic 1997 – 2017

fun facts and mistakes of-the-movie-titanic-Jack-dawson's nose-ice-under-the-nose

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100 Fun facts facts and Mistakes of the movie Titanic 1997 – 2017

Started with facts from the titanic movie
After finishing the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), James Cameron had the idea to make the film, after watching A Night to Remember (1958). He spent five years investigating what happened with the Titanic.




Obviously, the Titanic film is based on real events, so there are an infinity of real anecdotes about its crew and one of them is the one of Ida and Isidor Straus, this couple of elders, who died on the Titanic, were the owners’ of one of the biggest warehouses that were located in New York. In this movie we watch a little bit of their story, they died hugging each other on their bed while their room was flooding. Although, what really happened to them was different, Ida had the possibility of surviving because the crew gave priority to women and children to board the lifeboats, Ida was offered a seat, but she rejected it because she didn’t want to abandon her husband, she told them “We lived together, we will die together”, in fact, this scene was filmed, but the film director James Cameron decided to delete it, and chose to represent such an emotional moment with the main characters Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt, when Rose DeWitt said “You jump, I jump, remember?”.



fun facts of-titanic-history-of-Margaret-Brown

There are many characters that are based on real people who were on the Titanic like: Margaret Brown played by Kathy Bates, in this case the director James Cameron decided not to show what really happened with Margaret Brown because, in order to survive, Margaret and a group of women basically stole a lifeboat from Officer Robert Hichens.




The architect, Thomas Andrews, played by Victor Garber is another case of a real passenger on the Titanic, and many of the survivors labeled him as a hero. Thomas Andrews told to the Captain of the Titanic that nothing could be done, the Titanic would sink in two hours, so the architect Thomas Andrews assumed his responsibility helping as many people as he could to board the lifeboats. Finally, his creation sank and he had the opportunity to take a lifeboat, but he couldn’t live with that shame and be partly responsible for haven’t built a better ship because he bragged about how the Titanic was an unsinkable ship







The Captain, Edward John Smith, played by Bernard Hill, was one of the best captains that the Company White Start Line had, with an excellent trajectory, almost without incidents. When he realized what happened, he started giving orders in every moment without being nervous. Even though no one knows how he spent his last moments on the Titanic, some survivors assure that he locked himself in the control room, more or less as it was shown in the film



Joseph Bruce Ismay, played by Jonathan Hyde, was the millionaire that was in charge of the famous White Star Line company. He helped many people to board the lifeboats, but, facing those horrible circumstances, panic took over him and, even though there were still women and children waiting to get into the lifeboats, he board one of them and was one of the survivors, but labeled as one of the most cowards men in the history of the Titanic. Remorse led him to found an organization for missing people in the sea


The Officer Willian McMaster Murdoch, played by Ewan Stewart, was one of the few officers that assure that the boats were on full capacity. No one really know how Officer Willian McMaster Murdoch died, that fact is shown in the movie, was based on rumors. Obviously, the family of Officer Willian McMaster Murdoch were not very happy with the scene filmed by James Cameron



Finally, the music band, Wallace Hartley and his band is one of the legends of the Titanic.  As shown in the movie, the musicians kept playing despite the desperate screams of the passengers. No one really knows what piece they played, but rumors says that it was “Nearer, My God, to Thee


There are many characters that were based on real Titanic passengers, but this were some who had more importance in the film.




James Cameron confesses that the famous and expensive scene of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt on board of the Titanic was inspired in the movie Queen Cristina, where both characters had the rol of a strong woman who posed on the bow of the ship.




The scene where Jack Dawson tells Rose DeWitt that if she jumps he would have to jump behind her is a copy, or inspiration of a scene in the movie Mildred Pierce, where the main female character tries to commit suicide, but a police officer prevents it and tell her exactly the same words that Jack Dawson said to Rose DeWitt




Leonardo DiCaprio committed a lot of mistakes when he was following the script of this movie, one of them was in the scene where he prepared himself to draw Rose DeWitt, when he said “On the bed… the sofa”, the line in the script that he should have said was “On the bed… sorry, on the sofa” to make Rose Dewitt laugh and break the tension. James Cameron noticed that Leonardo DiCaprio was really nervous when they were filming that scene, he liked it so much and decided to save it for the final assembly of the movie Titanic.



facts and Curiosities-Titanic-when-kate-and-leonardo-met-Kate-winslet-le-teach-her-attributes-to-leonardo-dicaprio-to-break-tention-between-them-1

But Leonardo DiCaprio was not the only one nervous, the actress Kate Winslet upon learning that she would have to be naked in a scene in front of Leonardo DiCaprio was really nervous too. Minutes after meeting each other and established a conversation, Kate Winslet made him a Flash about her attributes and gave it to Leonardo DiCaprio to break the ice and lower the tension between them, because the scene about Rose draw was the first thing that was filmed in the whole movie



fun facts of-titanic-the-character-of-Rose-Dewitt-is-inspired-in-artist-beatrice-Wood

The main character, Rose DeWitt, was inspired by the life of the ceramic artist Beatrice Wood, while James Cameron was writing the script, he read Beatrice Wood biography and was fascinated with her life, that’s on the first scene we watch ancient Rose making pottery, in honor to the artist Beatrice Wood.


Also, they added part of her life in the fictional story of Rose DeWitt, like the bad relationship that she had with her mother and how she revealed herself to the society where she lived.



curiosity-titanic-jack-dawson-was-the-last-passenger-in-the-titanic-and-fur-the-last-in-the-sea-when-the-titanic- sink

Jack Dawson was one of the last passengers who board the Titanic, also he was one of the last passengers to enter the ocean when the Titanic sank.



Curiosities-of-titanic-in-this-movie-james-cameron-knew-her-fifth-wife-the-actress-Suzy-Amis-who-did-the-role- Rose-DeWitt

In this film, James Cameron met his 5th wife, the actress Suzy Amis, who played the role of Rose DeWitt granddaughter


film-titanic behind scenes 2017

For the final phase of the sinking of the Titanic, 100 acrobats were used to fall along the stern while a thousand extras were placed on the handrails with safety harnesses.


curiosities-of-titanic-paintings-of-picasso-and-of-monet-in-the-movie Titanic 1997

During the movie you can see how Jack Dawson claims to meet the painter Monet, when Rose DeWitt shows her paintings, in other scene Rose DeWitt talks about having bought some paintings to a certain Picasso, but in the real history the paintings of these artists were never found on the Titanic. Something that few people know is that James Cameron wanted to use original paintings from Picasso in the movie, but the Museum of Modern Art of New York, which protects the intellectual property of these artworks, did not allow him, nor did they let him show some copies of the work in the movie


But James Cameron ignored this, so when the paintings appear in the film he was denounced by the authors’ society, with a prosecution against James Cameron, the director end paying a fine, whose quantity was never revealed.

When the Titanic film was re-released in its 3D version, James Cameron again violated the agreement that had already been made and showed again the paintings. So James Cameron returned to court for another sanction.



In the final scene when Rose DeWitt dreams of returning to the Titanic, we do not find characters like Caledon Hockley, Rose’s mom, Molly Brown etc. This is because they survived the tragedy, only the characters who died are in this scene, this served to reunite Rose with the people she lost in the sinking.





In all recorded maritime history, no maritime ship has had an accident with an iceberg as in Titanic, it is the only one that has had very bad luck.



fun facts film-titanic-the-drawing-of-Madame-Bijou-is-inspired-in-the-photograph-that-realized-by-Brassai-titled-as-Bijou

The drawing that Jack made in Paris of the so-called “Madame Bijou” is not invented, James Cameron based on a photograph of 1933 taken by Brassai, titled like Bijou.



Titanic-fun facts Rose-Dewitt-says-the-word-Jack-81-times-to-all-movie-and- times

Throughout the film it can be counted that Rose DeWitt says the word Jack 81 times and, at the same time, Jack says the word Rose DeWitt only 50 times.



fun facts titanic-the-actress-kate-winslet-had-to-pee-in-the-great-pool-where-was-filmed-scenes-

The filming of the last scenes were exhausting and stressful, to the extent that director James Cameron threatened all actors not to leave the large water tank where the scenes of the lifeboats and the frozen corpses were recorded, that’s why many of the actors, including the actress Kate Winslet, confessed that they have no other than to pee right there.



Kate Winslet hates Titanic’s theme. Shortly before the film was released in 3D, she admitted in an interview with MTV that she really hates the theme of My Heart Will Go On. Whenever the song sounded close to her, friends, acquaintances and relatives kept staring at her and made jokes about the movie, she really end up hating the titanic theme.


fun facts Titanic-Lindsay-Lohan-audition-for-a-role-in-the-titanic-film-but-was-rejected

Lindsay Lohan, who was 8 years old at the time, was taken by her parents to audition in the film, she would be the girl we would see at the beginning of the film, but Lindsay was rejected because of her fiery red hair. James Cameron said that the viewers would think that the girl would be related to the main character Rose and with her mother Ruth because they were redheads too, so Alexandra Owens was the selected one to play the girl.



curiosities-of-titanic-the-pet of-leonardo-dicaprio-a-small-lizard

On the set of the Titanic film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s pet, a lizard, was run over by a production car, so for 3 days Leonardo DiCaprio had to be his nurse until his lizard was completely healthy.


trivia-de-titanic-for-the-role-of-rose-dewitt-the-actress-kate-winslet harassment the-director-James-cameron


To get the role of Rose DeWitt, actress Kate Winslet practically harassed director James Cameron, in her desperation Rose DeWitt sent him a rose daily with a letter signed with the phrase “your Rose” from England. Kate Winslet went to Los Angeles, California where she called the director by phone, saying, “You do not understand me, I’m Rose, I do not know why you’re seeing anyone else!” This anecdote can be found in the biography of Leonardo DiCaprio written by Douglas Wight



fun facts of-titanic-drawing-of-the-girl-French-of-a-single-leg-is-just-visible-in-a-frame-of-the-movie-Titanic

The one-legged French girl who Jack Dawson draw is visible in just 2 frames of the film, James Cameron, who drew those sketches, decided to cut the shot so that it could not be perfectly appreciate it, and the public will imagined it.



Morgan Robertson, American writer, published a novel titled The wreck of the Titan, on 1898. A science fiction story about a big ship, which crashed an iceberg, while it sailed the Atlantic Ocean, surprisingly the history of the book and the event with the Titanic has many similarities, even though the book was written 14 years before what happened with the Titanic.


Titanic-jack-Dawson-tells-that-is-of-Chippewa-Falls-because-James-Cameron-born in-Chippewa-Falls

When someone asked about Jack Dawson’s born place, the answer is Chippewa Falls. This is because of the director James Cameron, he grew up in a city called Chippewa, Ontario, Canada, near Niagara Falls.



One of many jokes played against the director James Cameron was a razor blade in the bathroom of his room, with a text that said “Use it in case the movie does not work”, that’s because the movie, many films analysts, and experts predicted that the movie would be a failure, and they had many reasons to say that, because Titanic was the most expensive production of all the times, it was crazy that the film recover the 294 thousands of dollars, but at the end it  obtained an outstanding figure for more than 2 billion dollars.




Before the script was written, the role of Jack Dawson was offered to the actor Johnny Depp, but he rejected it because he really did not have a clear idea of how important his character would be.



Titanic almost runs out of its music theme. “My Heart Will Go On” was the main song of the film, the song was composed by James Horner and sung by Céline Dion, but the singer, at first, did not like the theme song and refused to participate in the project, but was convinced by her husband René Angélil to record the musical theme; without wanting to do it Céline Dion only fulfilled recording a demo, the production time of the film was practically over, so the theme we hear in the middle of the movie Titanic and in the final credits was only a demonstration. In the VHS and DVD edition that part was corrected, recording the musical theme, and since then the singer Céline Dion closes her recitals with this theme, which had record of the most emitted song in the radios of the world.



Having fulfilled the punishing hours of shooting of the film and the rigorous schedule to which the actors were subjected, actress Kate Winslet, who played the role of Rose, told reporters that they would have to pay her a lot of extra money to work under the direction of James Cameron again. Leonardo DiCaprio also confessed that it was very exhausting to work under the direction of James Cameron, but would still like to work with him in an action movie.



When Jack Dawson sneaks onto the deck of the first class, we watch a boy playing with a spinning top while his father watches him. The father is played by Titanic historian and author Don Lynch, who worked as a consultant on this film, also the scene of children and the elderly people is based on a real photograph made aboard the Titanic.


fun facts titanic-photo-real-boy-in-the-boat-titanic-Robert-Douglas-Spedden

The photographer, Father Francis Browne, a Jesuit priest, left the ship when it landed in Ireland, so he escaped all the Titanic tragedy. Six-year-old Robert Douglas Spedden and his father Frederic O. Spedden survived the collapse, but the boy died three years later in a car accident in Maine, one of the first registered in the state.



In this film Jack is a third-class man who fortunately manages to coexist with the first-class members. In the real history of the Titanic, a passenger and survivor named Hilda Maria Hellström, really slipped into the first section without being captured, and in the sinking of the ship was one of the last people to board a lifeboat.


fun facts titanic-Millvina-Dean-survivor-of-titanic

Near the release date of the film, Millvina Dean was asked, as one of the survivors of the Titanic, if she would go to the premiere of the film, but she refused, saying that watching A Night To Remember (1958 film) had been quite painful for her.



fun facts of-titanic-cost-of-first-class-and-cost-of-third-class

Staying in the most expensive first class suite of the Titanic cost $ 4,350, to this day would be something like about $ 75,000.


fun facts titanic-the-scenes-of-titanic-was-filmed-in-a-big tank-of-water

The scenes where we can watch the corpses of the crew, was filmed in a large tank with a capacity of 350 gallons of water, and the actors, in order to look as if they were frozen, had use a special talc that crystallized with water, and on their hair they applied wax to create that moist and frozen look.



Remember the piece of wood Rose used to float after the sinking? Well the design is based on a genuine piece of real titanic wood which, along with many other objects, were rescued and displayed at the Atlantic Maritime Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.



The film studio Twenty Century Fox created Baja Studios Rosarito, in Baja California, Mexico, and paid 57 million dollars for 161,874 m² of land where studies and the Titanic boat on a real scale were created. It was a great source of employment for Mexicans because a lot of people were contracted to build the great ship, later these facilities became a tourist park but, to the present day, is no longer open to the public, although many things of the filming of the movie are still intact, as the dressing rooms of Leonardo and director James.


These studios have been used to record some special effects and productions of other Hollywood films, such as the James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies, Pearl Harbor movie of 2001, the mansion of Professor X, used in the film X-Mens.



For the final phase of Titanic’s sinking, 100 acrobats were used to fall along the stern, while a thousand extras were placed on the handrails with safety harnesses.



Many of the actors confess to having been really terrified in the final scene of the Titanic’s sinking, as 120 tons of water (three times what was originally agreed) were launched on the rooms where the actors were. It was impossible to rehearse this scenes with the actors



In the Oscars, the awards that the film won were both historical and funny at the same time, since James Cameron was involved in almost the entire film, it was something like directed by James Cameron, produced by James Cameron, script by James Cameron, film montage by James Cameron. There were a lot of awards won by James because all of the work that he realized


facts of-titanic-actress-Gloria-Stuart-old-and-young-photos

And speaking of awards, actress Gloria Stuart, who in those years was 87 years old, became the oldest actress nominated for an Oscar. Gloria Stuart was an actress who participated in more than 40 titles with the company 20th Century Fox, she had a great talent, however, for a few years she left the performance to dedicate herself to painting, years later she would return to the world of cinema, and one of the greatest achievements of her career was the Titanic’s film.


fun facts of-titanic-old-rose-and-Gloria-Stuart-died-to-the-100-years-to-so-only-a-year-less-than-rose-of-101 years

Gloria Stuart died in 2010 at the age of one hundred years, just one year less than the age of her character on Titanic, since Rose was 101 years old.



Poor rich girl is the phrase that Rose DeWitt used to refer to her situation, but it really is a reference to the film career of actress Gloria Stuart since she participated in the movie called “Poor Rich Girl” of 1936.


fun facts of-titanic-ones-jokes-put-a-substance-in-the-soup-of-clutches-served-to-the-actors-and-production-of-the-movie-titanic

On the last night of filming the movie in Nova Scotia a group of jokers (members of the production team) mixed a substance known as angel powder or peace pill over the clam chowder served at dinner. Although it was in small amounts, this phencyclidine substance is used as an anesthetic that leads to not very strong hallucinations, the joke did not go very well, since 50 people in the cast were hospitalized with hallucinations and 50 felt dizzy, including the director James Cameron, who decided to provoke himself vomits to avoid the side effects of the drug. After what happened several actors were really annoyed, no one never revealed the names of the culprits of that joke, but really was a bad idea.


fun facts Titanic-hired-people-of-low-stature-to-make-scenes-of-boiler-boat

For those in charge of the engine room, they contracted actors of short stature, between 1 and a half meters and 1 meter with 60 centimeters, this was to make the engine units look much larger.


facts and Curiosities-of-titanic-the-productore-Paramount-Pictures-Had-To-Send-Replacement-Copies-Of-Titanic-Because-They-Had-Been-Worn-The-Rolls

The Titanic film was so successful in its premiere that one of the producers and distributor Paramount Pictures had to send rolls of replacement to the theaters, since they had runned out of their copies to the point where the film no longer looked good when they projected it. The movie was on theaters for15 consecutive weeks, from December 19, 1997, to April 1998.

James Cameron was so fascinated with the history of the Titanic that he even respected the actual times of the 1912 event, the Titanic collision against the iceberg in real data lasted 37 seconds, and its sinking lasted for 2 hours and 40 minutes; if you take a look at the James Cameron movie, since the Titanic collided with the iceberg, until its sinking, you will find that it respects exactly two hours with forty minutes, there is a YouTube video created by the anniversary of this event, that shows with real data what happened in the course of those 2 hours and 40 minutes.


fun facts of titanic-real-Jack-dawson-Joseph-Dawson

While writing this film James Cameron intended that the main characters Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson were fictitious, but shortly after finishing the script he learned that there was a crewman named J. Dawson, curiously the same surname of the main character Jack Dawson, but in this case Joseph Dawson was a worker of the White Star Company, and his work in the Titanic was in the boilers. He was buried alongside other Titanic victims at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Nova Scotia, and since his tomb number 227 only has the letter J and the surname Dawson, in 1997 it became one of the most visited tombs because the fans of the Titanic film believed that it was the real tomb of Jack Dawson, the wanderer, artist and handsome guy whose story was about his love relationship with Rose DeWitt Bukater in the Titanic.


fun facts titanic-the-drawing-of-rose-dewitt-in-reality-made-the-director James-cameron

The scene where we appreciate how Jack Dawson draws Rose DeWitt, it was revealed several years later that the drawing was not create it by Leonardo DiCaprio’s hands, neither was a professional draftsman hired to make that scene, but the director James Cameron since, besides being a great director and expert in special effects, at a young age he developed an excellent drawing skill



fun facts Titanic-for-character the-Rose-dewitt-will-offer-her-Jennifer-Aniston-Vanessa-Angel-Nicole-Kidman-Angelina-Jolie-and-Milla-Jovovich

Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Angel, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Mile Jovovich were considered for the role of Rose DeWitt.




Similarly, Tom Cruise, Macaulay Culkin, Ethan Hawke, Brad Pitt and Jared Leto were considered for the role of Jack Dawson.



Curiosities-of-the-movie-titanic-the-director-James-cameron-erased 8-scenes-of-the-movie

fun facts about the Titanic’s movie: the director James Cameron deleted 8 scenes of the film.

Twenty Century Fox had the strong determination to deleted scenes to shorten the film, they considered it was a madness that the film extended to almost 4 hours, but James Cameron chuckled and said “Do you want to cut my film? You’re going to fire me! You want to fire me? You’re going to have to kill me!” However, when James Cameron’s fury subsided, he accepted and ended up deleting about 8 scenes, which would have been great to keep because they explain many things.




The last survivor of the real Titanic’s history was Millvina Dean, she passed away on May 31, 2009 at the age of 97. She never married or had children.


fun facts and curiosities-of-titanic-Kate-winslet-and-Leonardo-Dicaprio-are ashamed-of-their-performances-in-the-movie-Titanic

Although this film gave a lot of fame to Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the truth is that they are really embarrassed of their performances, both think that they could have done much better.


fun facts James-cameron-realized-the-drawing-of-Rose-Dewitt-the-actress-Kate-winslet-had-to-pose-in-clothes-interior

In order to create the drawing of Kate Winslet, James Cameron took photographs in various positions, but because they didn’t know each other, Kate Winslet wore a bikini and do not pose naked, so James Cameron had to use his imagination to draw Rose DeWitt.



The scenes made in the engine room were made inside the famous ship of the Second World War SS Jeremiah O’Brien, an American revolutionary warship. To this day it is a tourist boat that can be visited by all public.



The names of the people to whom Jack and Fabrizio won the Titanic tickets are Olaf and Sven, and curiously, in the Frozen movie, we have the two characters called Olaf and Sven.


fun facts the-movie-of-Titanic-was the most viewed film in South Korea

Titanic had the biggest box office record in South Korea, until it was ousted by the 1999 film Swiri.



During the Oscars, Kate Winslet was one of the most excited and happiest people because Leonardo DiCaprio won a golden statuette in 2016.



When Lewis Bodine tries to convince Brock Lovett that the old Rose was fake, he mentions that it is like the Russian Anastacia, which is a reference to the film Anastacia from the FOX production, filmed the same year that the Titanic film, and in which the characters look like Jack and Rose.



A little reference to the Twin Peak’s series in titanic film


And it’s because the sweet phrase that Rose DeWitt says to Cal Hockley belongs to the series Twin Peaks episode 16, season # 2. In that case it was said by Norma character. That’s curious because the Titanic actors Billy Zane and David Warner  participated in the episode of the series Twin Peaks where this phrase is pronounced.



Throughout the film James Cameron makes several cameos. Did you notice? Let’s see what they are

According to comments from the director James Cameron, he performed 12 cameos in the Titanic movie.






But in addition, James Cameron made a small scene for his pet Terry, who appeared in a small scene.



fun facts movie-Titanic-1997-cameo-jenette-goldstein-third-class passenger

But there is still more, the actress Jenette Goldstein, who participated in the film Aliens: The Return and in the film of Terminator 2, both directed by James Cameron, realizes a small cameo in Titanic, like a passenger of third class.




Film director Steven Quale, known for films as Final Destination 5, performs a small cameo as an engineer who tries to maintain electric power in the Titanic, but is electrocuted in the process.




The director and choreographer Anne Fletcher, also performs a small cameo in Titanic, curiously in the choreography of the polka dance.




Anatoly Sagalevich, The Russian explorer who was pilot of the submersible vehicle MIR DSV, used to capture the images of the titanic, and also makes his appearance in this film, he is very friendly with James Cameron and also performs a Cameo in the movie Avatar.


fun facts movie-titanic-historian-of-titanic-Edward-kamuda

James Cameron incorporated in the film all the people who had something to do with the Titanic, this is also the case of Titanic historian Edward Kamuda, who can be seen far away in the scene of Jack Dawson and Molly, and you can watch him walking on deck.




Bernard Fox is an actor who participated in the old Titanic film titled “A Night to Remember” 1958, he played the role of the man who warns the captain about a dangerous iceberg. He was the only actor who returned to play a role in this tragic story, in this version of 1997, he played the role of a first-class millionaire.




And what happened with the famous death of Jack Dawson? For years the fans claimed that he could have been saved if he had gone up, with Rose, over the piece of wood. As it can be seen in an episode of the program Mythbusters, they tried proved if Jack Dawson could have climbed to the wood with Rose DeWitt and survive like her. They proved that the only way was by tying Rose DeWitt’s vest under the piece of wood to increase buoyancy. Director James Cameron was on that show, and he told them that Jack Dawson had to die anyway for thematic issues. Though, James Cameron accepted that it would have been better idea to use a smaller piece of wood, so that the viewer would have been clear that Jack Dawson had no chance of surviving.




Do you remember the promises made on the boat Jack and Rose? Like get on a roller coaster, and that Rose DeWitt would ride a horse? If we pay attention to the last scene of the film, the photographs taken by the old Rose DeWitt that are shown in her dresser, are all the fulfilled promises and many more, such as riding a horse. It’s a pity that the only one they could do together was to spit… Something is better than nothing.




In an alternate ending that was discarded and not even included in the special edition of the film, Brock would find the old Rose DeWitt before she threw the Diamond Heart of the Sea, in this scene the old Rose DeWitt would show it to Brock before throwing it to the sea, Brock would understand how important it was to the old lady that the diamond was at the bottom of the sea next to the Titanic, along with all the memories of Rose DeWitt, so he would promise her that he would never try to recover that diamond, since it was in the place to which it belongs, in the heart of the sea.


fun facts Titanic-the-diamond-the-heart-of-the-sea-this-inspired-in-the-diamond-hope-the-has-a-curse

It is important to also say that this jewel is inspired by the Hope diamond, its strange color is due to the presence of traces of boron atoms in its composition, and it is legendary for the supposed curse that falls on the person who has it.


fun facts film-titanic-stars-in-the-sky-Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-and-James-Cameron

When Rose DeWitt is floating on the wood, she looks towards the sky where she appreciates a group of stars forming the necklace or medallion of the Heart of the Sea. Nevertheless, when the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson saw this scene, he communicated with the director James Cameron and told him that the configuration of the stars in the night sky was wrong, and gave him the data of how the sky really looked in the night when the Titanic sank. James Cameron did not do much case, since it was obvious that this scene of the stars forming the medallion was the result of the imagination of Rose DeWitt who was on the verge of death, but the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson insisted in this fact and kept telling director James Cameron about it, so in the 3D Re-edition of the film in 2012, was the only thing that was edited and put what was really in the sky, according to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Orpheus-fun facts titanic Orpheus-and-Eurydice


There is another detail, is not a coincidence that the band played the theme of Orpheus, since in the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Orpheus descends to hell to rescue his wife Eurydice, but before they can escape, Eurydice falls back into the underworld. In the scene where Mr. J. Bruce Ismay was coming down in the boat, it sounds like Orpheus, it’s as if Mr. J. Bruce Ismay was coming down to his personal hell, because if it were not for his insistence on putting the Titanic in gear, the ship would not have hit the iceberg, so he came to see pitifully as it slowly sinks.



ship TITANIC-2

The Blue Star Line Company will have ready a replica of the famous ship called the Titanic 2 on 2018. Although there are many mass cruisers nowadays, they trust that many people will want to travel aboard an aesthetically exact replica of the Titanic, but technologically it will be a very modern ship. It will sail from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai.


And do not worry about lifeboats, now you will have enough for everyone. So prepare your tickets, who knows? Maybe the girls will find their Jack and the boys will find their Rose, to draw her like a French girl.



Fun Facts and Mistakes About TITANIC MOVIE (1997) James Cameron


mistakes goofs and fun facts of-the-movie-titanic-the-crystal-that-rose-breaks-to-take-the-ax-returns-to-appear

Rose DeWitt to rescue Jack Dawson has to break the glass to take the ax, the glass falls completely and she takes the ax, but when they make a change of shot, the crystal reappears, when it was suppose that the glass already was not in the previous shot.



mistakes goofs and fun facts of-the-movie-titanic double-de-rose-dewitt-Sarah-Franzl

In several scenes it was used a double for the actress Kate Winslet, one of the scenes in which it is most noticeable that the actress is not our Rose DeWitt, is when she is running through a passage of the ship, if we pay attention to her face, we will realize, that the actress who filmed that scene is not about Kate Winslet, but her double call Sarah Franzl.



Curiosities-and mistakes goofs The-movie-mistakes-titanic-the-suspenders-of-Jack-dawson-disappear

In the scene where Rose DeWitt is already armed with the ax, we can see that Jack Dawson is wearing straps, when a change of shot is made, we can watch Rose DeWitt breaking the handcuffs, but the straps of Jack Dawson disappears from his clothes.



Trivia-Errors and mistakes-of-the-movie-titanic-the-lunar-of-rose-dewitt-change-of-place-to-your-right-left-left

It seems that the production did not decide in which side had to go Rose DeWitt mole’s because in some scenes it is in her right side and other times it disappears completely to move to her left side.



goofs and mistakes of-the-movie-titanic-part-of-set-a-focus-of-enlightenment-is-visible-in-a-jack-and- Lime

In the scene where Rose DeWitt and Jack Dawson are running away from Cal Hockley, you can see the part of the lighting set, this plus other types of data were digitally corrected in future editions of the video, as in 2012 version’s



fun facts and Mistakes-of-the-movie-titanic-blood-of-the-actor-hands-are-visible-before-being-struck

Another scene in when Rose DeWitt try to find help, she finds a man, and she ends up hitting him. In that scene you can see that the actor already brings stained hands with blood, and we he gets his hands to his face that give the effect that Rose’s blow made him bleed, but in the digitally corrected version of the film, if you watch the hands of the actor the blood stains were erased.




In the scene in when the Titanic splits in two, you can see the mechanisms the production used to pull the actors through the boat.


fun facts and mistakes of-the-movie-titanic-Jack-dawson's nose-ice-under-the-nose

Instant freezing, the scene where Rose DeWitt wakes up floating on the piece of wood, you can see the face of Jack Dawson, we see that under his nose was no ice, the shot focuses  Rose DeWitt’s face trying to wake Jack Dawson, when the shot changes again, if we pay attention, Jack Dawson’s nose ice has instantly appeared.



Many of the scenes where the Titanic is appreciated were computer generated, some 3D models of the Titanic did not match very well, like this one, before the light goes we can see many objects, booths and people. When the electricity goes off and the Titanic breaks, they show us the same angle of the boat, but many objects and cabins have completely disappeared.



fun facts and Mistakes-of-the-movie-titanic-the-recording-camera-is-reflected-on-the-glass-of-the-titanic-door

Before Jack Dawson crosses the door of the first class, you can see reflected the recording equipment, in this case the camera because it is the one that goes through the door, giving the feeling of being the first view of Jack Dawson .


fun facts and mistakes Errors-of-the-movie-titanic-the-railing-of-titanic-changes-constantly-of-design

There are several scenes where the design of the boat’s railing changes constantly, in some scenes the railing joints are separated and united only by one extremity, in other scenes the rails are closer but not united.



When Cal Hockley finds the drawing in his safe-deposit box, he holds it with everything and its folder, when the shot changed, the brown folder disappears instantly.


fun facts ans mistakes Errors-of-the-movie-titanic-can-see-lights-of-the-coast-of-low-california-in-the-scene-where- titanic

The scene where Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt are looking for a lifeboat, it can be seen on the horizon lights of the shores of Baja California, so they could practically swim there. That kind of detail was also corrected in the 2012 film edition of the year.



fun facts and mistakes Errors-of-the-movie-titanic-a-pillow-appears-and-disappears-in-a-room

When Jack Dawson is stopped in the crew tunnel in the distance you can see a room. Rose DeWitt comes in to help, seeing that she cannot do anything, the scene changes because Rose DeWitt is going to look for help, if we take a look at the back room, we can see how a pillow has appeared on the bed, there are only two of them and no one entered that room.


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