10 Fun Facts About Minions Movie 2015

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Throughout the film we find that the minions speak several languages, such as when Stuart give his award perfectly says “Thank you” just as we hear the word “terima kasih” in Indonesia also means thank you. Besides words in French and Russian.

curiosities of the 2015 movie minions Bob

The little bob is an anomaly known as heterochromia ophthalmology, which makes the iris is a different color.

curiosities of the 2015 movie minions 2

The three little minions Kevin, Stuart, and Bob villan attend to, which is a reference to Comic Con which is a big convention where fans gather to comics, clear that this case is a convention of villains.

trivia movie minions March 2015

The time it takes the film is 1968, 42 years before they know Gru’s minions,

trivia movie minions April 2015

indeed when traveling to the US will go through the set recording of the moon, as you know there is a legend that the trip to the Moon was filmed on one set in 1968.

trivia movie minions scarlett 2015

It is the first film in which Sandra Bullock plays a villain, in this case Scarlett Overkill.

trivia movie minions May 2015

The song playing with Stuart crazy electric guitar near the end of the film is Eruption by Van Halen.

trivia movie minions nixon 2015

When Ne york minions arrive, you can see a poster that was used in a publicity for Richard Nixon, is that in that year of 1968, Nixon won the election.

curiosities of the 2015 movie minions beatles

In the scene where out of the gutter we can see a funny reference to “The Beatles” and the album “Abbey Road” where the mythical photography taken across the street sounds even one of his songs.


Television programs that are the minions were real is your time, we can find for example the television series The Saint, Bewitched and The Dating Game.

trivia movie minions professor Flux 2015

The name of the flux teacher, is a reference to trainer flow of the movie Back to the Future 1985, even with your machine can travel back in time to bring versions of himself and be his assistants.

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